28 Dec 2007

The DollyCamp (IV): A night with Dusty Springfield

Debaser, Malmö 2007/12/28 - www.debaser.nu
En afton med: Dusty Springfield!

Debaser Malmö has payed homage to Dusty Springfield.

Dusty Springfield (April 16, 1939–March 2, 1999) was a popular British singer whose career spanned four decades (1959-1995). She achieved her most notable success during the 1960s, with a successful comeback in the late 1980s. Her most famous hits are:
"I only want to be with you" (1959), "Wishin' and Hopin'" (1964), "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" (1964), "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (1966), "Son of a Preacher Man" (1969) and "What have I done to deserve this?" (1987).

Titiyo, Niclas Frisk (from Atomism Swing), Nina Persson (from The Cardigans), Per Sunding (from Eggstone), Motoboy and Helena Josefsson have taken part in the concert. It also features Magnus Sveningsson
(Righteous Boy, The Cardigans) on bass, Nathan Larson on guitar, Patrik Bartosch (Eggstone) on keyboards and the strings of Aftonorkesten.

2007.12.28 EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - Debaser, Malmö - 3

"En afton med ..." is a project by Debaser Malmö, SVT and Monbio. www.enafton.com

Before the concert, people could watch Definitely Dusty, a documentary that includes the duo Dusty Springfield + Aretha Franklin in Stockholm gig (1968). And after the show the DJs Magnus Sveningsson and Johan Tholson played some dance music inspired in Dusty's hits.

2007.12.28 EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - Debaser, Malmö - 1

Sara Berg, from Sydsvenskan, interviewed Helena Josefsson about being Dusty for a night. Helena Josefsson chose "Look of love", the notable Bacharach-David composition, for the 1967 spoof Bond movie Casino Royale. Helena also loves another Dusty's cover: Breakfast in bed (1969). Helena says that she would like to cover Nick Drake, Kate Bush and Michael Jackson too. According to herself, an hypothetic "night with Helena Josefsson" would include music covers (like bizarre rap versions of her songs played by Timbuktu), coloured scenography, dance improvisation and ... many cakes!.

2007.12.28 EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - Debaser, Malmö - by Martin Lindeborg

LJdM has found a video from the show. Titiyo introduces Moto boy, that plays "You don't have to say you love me". After the song, you can see all the artists that have taken part. Helena wears a beautiful red dress.

Ola, a nice fan of the Cardigans, wrote a very interesting review in his blog.

Probably few music is so wonderful as old recordings by Dusty Springfield. Once a month Debaser, a night club in Malmö, dedicates a night to a famous artist: in October, we had "A night with Velvet Underground" and in November it was "A night with Joni Mitchell". Tonight it is a night with Dusty. I went with Emma and Kristian. Debaser was full with approx. 500 persons as audience. The film about Dusty's life was nice. After it, the concert began. The Aftonorkestern ( with Particle Bartosch from Eggstone on keyboards), the Duncankvartetten , musicians from the band Damm! and four backgroundsingers appeared on scene. Then all the artists played. I would mention Moto Boy's and Nina Persson's versions. Nina was especially handsome tonight. The DJs session with music by Donny Hathaway, Sammy Davis Jr or Ronettes was a good ending for an intense concert. In February we'll have "A night with Blondie".

Moto Boy - If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

Nina Persson - The Windmills Of Your Mind

Niklas Frisk - Just A Little Lovin'

Per Sunding - Anyone Who Had a Heart

Moto Boy - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Go to En afton med Dusty to hear the different songs from the Dusty Springfield tribute! (28.12.2007). You will find all the performances under "videos".
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

The Look of Love - En afton med Dusty

Breakfast in bed - En afton med Dusty

Have you ever tried Dusty Springfield? She has one of the very few feminine voices that I could listen to all day long. So emotional, so sensual, so heavy. With "Anyone Who Had a Heart", "You Don't Own Me","Yesterday When I Was Young", "In Private", and, of course, the splendid "The Look of Love" I have good reason to rely on her.

Adela Toplean - A_T_ blog

27 Dec 2007

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (VII): Sandy Christmas

Today was the 5th day in the studio. We started working on a song that I had written for my solo project at first but after trying it with Sandy Mouche it finally fell in to place. It´s an arena song. It´s almost impossible to play this one on a small stage. It could work but its real environment is on the big arenas. The first acoustic guitar was recorded here and after a few different angles on the mic plus a line in we found the sound we were looking for. We used the Akg mic here and Per Blomgren´s "Runesson" guitar and quite frankly we were amazed by the result. Since this is our first album that we record on our own we discover new things and sounds every session. It´s nice. This song is only about three minutes long and built like a mountain, you climb and climb all the way to the top and then you take the big leap from the cliff ledge...

Sandy Mouche - Spiderweb suit (New York Waiting OST)

Played by the Swedish band Sandy Mouche (vocals and lyrics by Helena Josefsson). This song is included in the album Sandy Mouche ... and poems for the unborn (2006) and in the film New York Waiting.


25 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!
I hope your christmas will be, it not white, cosy and full of rest and laughter! And that your 2008 will be filled with a lot of love and wishes that come true!

I have been recording so many demos now and I just can´t stop, I enjoy it so much-but now my throat is so tired that I have to make chrstmas food and candy, that is fun too :o)

Here comes a christmas-hug from me to you!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
Helena Josefsson - H.J.

Idag hade Hella o Martin öppet hus i sin nya lägenhet :D

Hanna Josefsson, from Malmö, SE

En Händig Man - River

So it's Christmas again... a year older, a year wiser... along with the truthserum: The 'En händig man'-project lives on another while with the unassuming but fresh medody 'Pratar med min m&ssa' ('Talking To My Cap') which together with Son Of A Plumber's unexpected spy-alarm 'Shopping With Mother' has become a 4-track single ('Pratar med min müsli [hur det än verkar] / Shopping With Mother'). Out now at e.g. your nearest recordstore in Sweden (if you manage to find one).

Aside from that during the year... well, the tour ('En händig man på turné') was fab, I know I have said this before. Time to say it again. And the 'En händig man'-album still feels strong and good. Heard 'Dixy' the other day in the meat department at ICA and it sounded hmmm... cool. And the book ('Att vara Per Gessle'), yeah, most people seem to agree that it's neat and heavy! No, shame aside, we've received a major response to it. Sven Lindström is happy, so I am happy. What more? Well, my blog is pretty paralysed for the moment. Got tired of myself one day and didn't find anything sensible to write about. Will start again when I have something important on my chest.

Thought of treating to an old demo from 3rd October 1985 as a Christmas present for all of you who are interested in yesterday, 'Lycklig jul' ('Happy Christmas'), which was written for my third Swedish solo album which never materialised (at the time). As you might know, I actually translated most of the songs into English and those translations formed the base for Roxette's debut album 'Pearls of Passion'. Mats MP Persson plays the guitar so one gets a sun burn in the middle of the winter, and I recall that we had bought some new rhythm box which we tested on this song. Yeah.

Regards from around the Christmas tree, vetja!
Merry Christmas from P.

Per Gessle

2000 Roxette Don't bore us (US)

Ring them bells… Ring them bells….
Hola out there in Roxette County! Just a quickie to wish you the merriest christmas of them all!!! Thanks, as always, for your endless support. See ya next year (one way or another…)
P&M, Stockholm


23 Dec 2007

HJ's 2007 Fall (VII): Meadow, a chillout tale

Meadow is one of the songs from Dynamo, the first album by Helena Josefsson. Jeffero has included it in his bootleg compilation. Meadow is one of the favourite songs of Helena. Helena said some time ago that Twin Peaks is one of her musical influences. Read Helena's lyrics.

Not far from home, there´s a forsaken meadow behind a hamburger bar, not far from the city glow. An oasis of flowers left to grow. There one can see ox-eye daisies, blackberries. If you keep your eye low to the grass, the town won´t show but the drive-thru sign shines like a fake rainbow. If I´m not at home when you´re knocking on my door, find my meadow. Find my meadow and that´s where you´ll find me. Find my meadow and you will understand me.

If you go there you become a millionaire in the currency of flowers so fair. And the homeless and the hounds can heirs. When dusk sets in the red majestic cat king is crying for love. Can you hear his rut singing? A shrill voice calls until morning. If I´m not at home when you´re calling on my phone, find my meadow. Find my meadow and that´s where you´ll find me. Find my meadow and you will understand me.

I am Jeffero, from Hungary. I have a music net-label named Slidin'tune Music Networks (S.M.N.) which includes a one-member group created by me when I started to remixing, mixing music. The Chillout Zone Massive now has more than 40 mix and compilation albums.

In the 90's my tracker music group was named "T.N.C. Label Inc". My favourite musicians are Future Sound Of London, Delerium, Chicane, Jan Johnston, Moby, William Orbit, Salt Tank, Oliver Shanti and Lush.

The Chillout Zone Massive presents
Slidin'tune Compilation vol. 41:

Chillharmonium 6 - A Journey From Dark To Light:
"Twin Peaks" and "Loving The Sun" Special (2007)

2007.12 Chillharmonium 6 (including Meadow, by HJ)

Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Easy Listening, Trip-Hop,
Indie, Folk Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Dream
MP3 VBR/CBR 192-320 kbps
| Time: 78'21'' | 133 MB RAR (5% RR)
compiled: 2007.12.02-08.; completed: 2007.12.23.

It's a non-mixed, simple compilation album with songs that sound like a mix, each one is connects to the next one in style or sounding.

The album contains "Twin Peaks" (the well-known David Lynch TV series) related tracks, "Loving The Sun" and "Loving The Sun"-style songs. Continuing the line of Chillharmonium 1-2., 5.


  • 01. Cinderella Effect - Call The Ships To Port
  • 02. Loving The Sun - Marathon
  • 03. Alphawezen - Into The Stars (Album Version)
  • 04. Elsiane - Mend (To Fix, To Repair)
  • 05. Julee Cruise - I Float Alone
  • 06. James Plotkin - Disease As A Child
  • 07. Antonelli - The Morning (Album Version)
  • 08. Loving The Sun - Go Away
  • 09. Ivory - Runaway
  • 10. Air - Sexy Boy (Etienne De Crecy and Flower Pistols Remix)
  • 11. Nico-Teen - Malka
  • 12. We And Lisa - When You're A Boy
  • 13. Mazzy Star - Ride It On
  • 14. Air - Cherry Blossom Girl (Hope Sandoval Version)
  • 15. Helena Josefsson - Meadow
  • 16. Emancipator - First Snow (Shortened Version)
  • 17. Manna - Sing For You
  • 18. Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough
Jeffero (slidintune), from Hungary

20 Dec 2007

Helena is writing songs for her second solo album (II); demo time

I have been recording so many demos now and I just can´t stop, I enjoy it so much-but now my throat is so tired that I have to make christmas food and candy, that is fun too.
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Helena's new 'wikiphoto'

Helena in Wikipedia

Helena Josefsson, Swedish singer, at Per Gessle's live concert in Helsinborg, Sweden on 19 July, 2007

Ilya Volkov (a.k.a. Kreecher)
Roxette House

12 Dec 2007

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (VI): a piano song

We started day four with a piano song. Per Blomgren came up with the great idea to dub the grand piano one octave higher. Came out sweet and crisp. This song I am singing alone. It´s a soft one for all of you who like to sit in the sofa with the one you love and with your feet off the ground. Maybe you have lit the fireplace too.

7 Dec 2007

P, C & C are shopping with mother (VII): Shopping With Mother - The Video

Aftonbladet runs an exclusive world premiere of the new Son of a Plumber video today. Watch "Shopping with Mother". You can watch it in youtube too. The video is directed by Jens Jansson, the drummer of Brainpool.

The fans reactions have been different. Some of them think that it's just a funny little melody for a comedy show! Nothing more and nothing less!

Other ones can't loose the impression that the "plumbers" all were DRUNK when they recorded "Shopping with mother". The song sounds really crazy.

According to http://www.hitlistan.se/, Per's third single debuted on 47th place.

The video reminds many fans of “Kix” because of the short clips repeating, although this time the director is not Jonas Åkerlund. The video has Son of a Plumber-typical retro sound “featuring” James Bond 007 and maybe it is the perfect theme for a TV-show.

I loved when Helena walks holding the candles down the stairs and the picture of Per with her mom.

It's a positive melody, with "Bonanza" theme song inside. It makes you smile.

30 Nov 2007

Helena Josefsson in Borlänge

Borlänge, Sweden - 2007/11/30
Helena´s trio (Helena + Martinique + Chris "the Triss")
warms up for
Kristofer Åström
and Christian Kjellvander!
Venue: S2; Address: S2 Stationsgatan 1, Borlänge.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After Borlänge, it seems there are no more upcoming gigs. Maybe it is the last gig from this long "Dynamo Promo Tour". Helena is working in her new album and in the new Sandy Mouche's album, so she has to work too much this Christmas.

Karin Hellström (karinbarin89), a Swedish fan from Borlänge, was there and recorded a small video:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Johanna Billingskog (Johanna.B), a Swedish fan, was also there and wrote an article in her blog .

28 Nov 2007

P, C & C are shopping with mother (VI): Shopping with Mother - released

According to SOAP's website and TDR, Son of a Plumber has released today the new theme song for Swedish TV program "Boston Tea Party", Shopping with mother.

The tune, "Shopping With Mother", was premiered in the season finale of the show two days ago. It has been released as a double A-sided single together with the slightly edited version of "Pratar med min müsli" (from "En händig man") and two remixes of the mother's song by Voz Vibrante: the Voz Vibrante remix and the Mother's Dub by Voz Vibrante.

On November 26, Per Gessle and the show-makers have the launching party for the new musical theme of the Boston Tea Party show - “Shopping with Mother”, about which Per says that “it’s better than 4 Roxette No.1’s put together”! Fredrik thinks that this song “can be considered a new chapter in Per Gessle’s musical career. I can’t place it in a certain genre, but it sounds as you have a crazy speedy limo ride in New York”. Already trying to imagine how it feels?

Shopping with Mother”, officially launched on November 28, 2007 is actually a Son of a Plumber project. It is an instrumental song, that can hardly be compared to other works of Per, and which is full of beautiful sounds - handclaps, drums, bass and acoustic guitars, saxophone, harp, tambourines; Helena Josefsson is bringing some opera to the song and “someone’s mother” laughter can be also heard. As we mentioned, the song has two other different versions - “Voz vibrante remix” and “Mother’s Dub by Voz Vibrante” (Voz Vibrante is Erik Hjärpe’s pseudonym, member of Damn!)”.

According to Thomas Evensson, from TDR, there will be a video for "Shopping with Mother," directed by Jens Jansson. Per Gessle has been kind enough to share some of his recording info:

  • Clarence Öfwerman: distorted wurlitzer, handclaps, celeste, timpani
  • Christoffer Lundquist: Gibson bass, drums, Gibson ES-175 el guitar, tambourine, maracas, acoustic guitar, saxophones, wah wah guitar, autoharp, solina string machine
  • Per Gessle: handclaps.
  • Helena Josefsson: operavox
  • Someone's mother: laughter

By the way, the new album of Eva Dahlgren has been released this month. Christoffer Lundquist worked in the album but the songs recorded at AGM Studios were finally re-recorded. Christoffer speaks about it.

Eva Dahlgren tried me but she wasn’t happy with the results. I thought it was actually great and honestly thought that what we did was better than what was released in the end. I thought it became a really boring album in the end. I think she strongly felt she hit home with that style, so that was right for her. We recorded two songs, I loved “Äventyr”, I thought we made a fantastic version of that song. I think it became quite boring. But it was very nice to work with her, we had lots of fun, it was nothing personal, she simply didn’t like the music. The album was a long journey. I think she even recorded a full album and scraped all of it, that’s a bad way to make music, you lose spontaneity, recording the same song for 3-4 times. But I think she’s a great artist and has a wonderful voice. I think the collaboration with Anders Glenmark was great, they really complemented each other.

22 Nov 2007

P, C & C are shopping with mother (V): Clarence 50th b-day and SOAP as a challenge to your ears

Boston Tea Party, the Swedish TV show, continues. In the show broadcasted on November 19, Fredrik and Filip reach the studio exactly when Per Gessle is threatening to commit suicide! In one of the darkest rooms in his studio, Per is sitting on the floor with a gun in his mouth terrifying the people around him. Even the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet is writing about this episode, under a malicious headline “Per continues to make a fool of himself in the Boston Tea Party show”.

Ivanych (a.k.a. pei99), remembered in R2R forum that this Thursday Clarence celebrates his 50 th b-day.

Clarence Öfwerman: Born: 22 November, 1957. Producer, keyboards and backing vocals. First produced Roxette's album 'Pearls Of Passion' and has been involved in every Roxette album since as producer and keyboards player. Responsible for most of Roxette's string arrangements. Played in groups Uvertyr, Raj Montana Band and Passagerarna.

Clarence is 'guilty' of the sound of LJdM's editor favourite album, Son of a Plumber.

I have always try to explain what I feel listening Son of a Plumber's album. Just today I have read an interesting topic in Son of a Plumber's Official forum. You can visit the forum and add your opinion.

2007.06.08 SOAP

"The nice Kai", from Berlin, thinks that Son of a Plumber's album is different from most albums you can buy in the shops these days: it is a challenge to your ears and maybe too hard for the average music listener. Anyway, according to him, you need to listen to the album very carefully to hear every single detail and to understand the story of the songs. He suggests that we should try to listen to the songs and all the background sounds carefully. I have done it and he is right: we can lose many details if we don't listen to the album again. It's worth indeed.

Other members of the forum seem to have done it too. For example, Christel Johansson (aka Chrissie78 or Baby-C),from Sölvesborg, SE thinks the same: the main problem with SOAP is that the "average listener" don't take the time to listen carefully to any kind of music nowadays. It could be the reason why SOAP is misunderstood: people just don't take the time to sit down and really listen to, and analyze, new music.

But, what make SOAP become such a great album?

René H. Jepsen (aka RJ1976), from Denmark / Flensburg, DE, says in TDR forum these days that he loves Helena Josefsson's sweet voice in SOAP. As other fans, I really
believe that Christoffer (Lundquist) really complements Per work in such a great way! My fave song is still I have a party in my head.

Heyoka (aka Akoyeh from Poland) says that SOAP is the best Gessle album since this time. She is sure that with some good promotion it could be a success in Europe. She has taken an hilarious picture of her "soap" ("Per lives in her bathroom"). I have read many bad comments about the album so I wonder: should some Gessle's fans clean their ears with this soap before listening to the album. Heyoka also speaks about the future of Gessle & Co.:
"I am sure about a new SOAP album in 2008, and I feel the good vibrations because the winter is coming, SOAP was made at the same time and I have the strange feeling that the new album will have this same sweet winter melodies inside, little dreamy, romantic and Christmas climate...I would like to hear something like this, it's the best what Per could do now. EHM was made mainly for the Swedish summer tour and now it's time for winter songs, delicate sounds, for cold winter days near by the fire."
We will keep on waiting for a new album, the second challenge to our - your? - ears.

My father did kind of the same things that I do, he played piano, jazz, and got into producing Swedish artists and later from all around the world. He always said to me “don’t become a musician, it’s very difficult to make a living on it”, he thought I should study economy, because he actually wanted to do that but never succeeded. He once produced an album with Toots Thielemans and he came down to Rotterdam and they hung out one night together, which was great!

Influences when I was younger? Beatles to start with. We actually had a Beatles night yesterday, we listened to three albums in between the sets. I actually saw the Beatles live in the stadium in the sixties, when I was six. I however don’t remember anything, except all the girls screaming. You couldn’t hear the band, they only had small guitar amplifiers back then. They couldn’t hear themselves, so they stopped I think in 65. But yeah, everybody in this band grew up with the Beatles.

I started to play in bands when I was a teenager anyway. I started playing guitar, then I met a guy who was a lot better than me playing guitar, so I switched to piano. I think that was around 73, 74. I don’t play the guitar now. I only help my daughter to learn some chords. That’s about it.

20 Nov 2007

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (XX): Swan Lee - The complete collection

Swan Lee was a trio based in Copenhagen (Denmark). The members were Pernille Rosendahl on vocals, guitarist Jonas Struck and Emil Jørgensen on drums. Originally no record label would sign them, so they created their own, Gogo Records. Their debut (Enter, 2001) received an impressive 6 DMA nominations (Danish Music Awards) in 2002, and Swan Lee also won The Danish National Radios P3 Prize, the main prize awarded every year to Denmark´s most outstanding musical artist.

The second album, "Swan Lee" (2004), was even more successful and turned the band into one of the biggest in Denmark. It was partially recorded in Malmö, with Helena Josefsson as background singer.

But then, suddenly, it was all over. On 25 September 2005, Swan Lee broke up.Today, more than two years later, they release a greatest hits album. All of the members are busy with new careers.
  • Emil Jørgensen runs his own label, Whiteout, and is chair of DUP (Danish Independent Record Companies).
  • Jonas Struck is releasing a newly composed soundtrack on DVD/CD for the Asta Nielsen silent movie "Mod Lyset" ("Towards the Light") on Whiteout on 19 November, along with the "Tranberg/Hyhne/Struck/Jørgens" album. He also composed the symphonic score for Ole Christian Madsen's feature film "Prag" ("Prague") and is a member of the band Bugpowder.
  • Pernille Rosendahl is currently recording a new album in the USA with her band The Storm, alongside Johan Wohlert. The CD is due to be released in February 2008.
The three members of Swan Lee personally selected the material for this tasty collection, which consists of not only the two albums, but a wealth of bonus tracks, including live recordings, remixes and cover versions that have only previously appeared on various benefit albums and compilations – such as the live favourite "Blue Monday".

18 Nov 2007

Ludde, Hella & Göken - Demo CD

Johanna Molander (a.k.a. gessloholic) and her friend Erik, got a demo CD from Ludde, Hella & Göken in Copenhagen, after the Helena Josefsson's gig at Huset. The CD includes these songs (recorded in AGM Studio):

1. Wuthering heights / Kate Bush
2. Disarm / Smashing pumpkins
3. När det blåser på monen / Kent
4. Grace / Jeff Buckley
5. I'll be seeing you / Sammy Fain / Irving Kahal

Ludde, Hella & Göken (a.k.a. Mikael Gökinan Trio) are:
  • Mikael Gökinan - acoustic guitar and backing vocals
  • Helena Josefsson - vocals
  • Ludde Wennström - contrabass and backing vocals.
Mikael Gökinan plays the guitar in many bands from Malmö: The Red, Oomaigoosh Tailfeathers, Markus Murevärn band, Evangelyn, Adrian ....

Ludde Wennström has been playing bass and contrabass with many bands too: HepCat Daddies, Ågrens Orkester, Max Magiska Cirkusvarieté, Stilleben, ...

Helena Josefsson has played with Sandy Mouche and Son of a Plumber.

They play soul and jazz, influenced by Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush and Kent. We can listen to some of their covers in Mikael Gökinan Myspace and talk about them in HJ Official Forum.

Comments by fans:
When I saw Helena in Copenhagen I got a record with the songs. I really love Wuthering Heights, it made me cry the first time I heard it

Check out Ludde, Hella and Göken, a project featuring Swedish musicians Helena Josefsson (lead singer of Sandy Mouche, backing singer for Per Gessle), Mikael Gökinan, and Ludde Wennström. They have done some kickass covers (Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights", Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm", Billie Holiday's "I'll Be Seeing You", and just added "Grace" by Jeff Buckley.

17 Nov 2007

HJ's 2007 Fall (VI): Copenhagen

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Helena Josefsson
Huset, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2007/11/17
Open 20.00 - Show 21.00

Johanna Molander (a.k.a. gessloholic), from Borgholm, was there. And this is her story (and her photos):
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The 17th november I and my friend (Billys friend too) Erik went to Copenhagen ... We had some problems to find the place, well we did find the place but not the place at the place (confusing). Then we met helena and she told us where to go. Then we waited some hours. While we were waiting Helena came and talked to us and gave us the record and free drinks in the bar. I don't even drink alcohol. As usually, there were about ten persons there to watch Helena. They started to play about 21:30. She sung "Ghosts", "By your side", "The moon is a grain of sand", "Where does the unused love go", "Never never", "Into the woods", "Waterlily love", "Sleepyhead", "Meadow" and "The pirate king". It was so good, "The pirate king" was really cool live. It would have been worth to go to Copenhagen only to hear that song. Helena thought they made the best version of "The pirate king" ever :) After the show, Helena spoke to us, we discussed Pers voice. Then we went to the hotel and slept. I think I smiled the whole night.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Helena Josefsson's fans keep being active.
  • We have a new group in Facebook: The Helena Josefsson Society. Christoffer Strandell and Louise Rees are the president and co-president of this great society.
  • Emma Sonesson ("Billy"), from Sweden, has updated Helena Josefsson's Unofficial Fanclub Portal. It has been a hard work since last summer. The Fanclub has now some very interesting sections: Forum, Merchandise, Guestbook ... Some others seem unavailable today: Blog, Calendar, Photoalbum, ...But the most interesting section is the LINKS, with official sites, Swedish interviews, members' spaces and videos.
  • The fans from the HJ Official Forum. have chosen Helena's best background-vocals song: Son of a Plumber's: Hey Mr. DJ.
  • Emma Sonesson has also worked in the new merchandise.
  • And finally, Le Journal des Mouches has been included in the list of links in Helena Josefsson's website.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

By the way, our editor, Alberto Fuente, has made a new map of the world with the members of the the official Helena Josefsson Forum.

Billy; roxetteadina; Stoffe; gessloholic; and Stina (Sweden) ; Nicole; Heike; NightPearl; Kiwein; angeleyes; crashroxer; Kerstin; Michi; and Sverige29 (Germany); Arlanda (Switzerland) ; Iza (Poland); Kreecher (Russia) ; whateveriam (England, UK) ; welshroxer (Wales, UK); marc xavier leblanc (Canada) ; sarah (Netherlands); roxer1986; and spyboo (Belgium) ; Sleepyhead; MissMisery; and Lantartida (Spain); RicardoGCE (Venezuela); Raëlian (Argentina)

He does not want to forget other marvelous fans that write in other pages and forums:

Papillon; and Lina (Sweden); Dominic; and MeMaMi (Germany); María Fernanda (México); Sister of Night (Brazil); Bevispain; and javier (Spain); Frantisek (Czech Republic); Kamila; and Standa (Poland); ...

If you are not "listed" here it does not mean that you are less important. Just tell us and we will include you. And visit the the official Helena Josefsson Forum and the other websites.

I have created a new open group in Facebook, The Helena Josefsson Society. Louise Rees is the co-president and I am the president. Inspelningar till det nya albumet pågår!!! Yiiiiiiiippie!!! Fans are welcome to join the Helena Official forum too. My favourite song is Sleepyhead.

Christoffer Strandell (aka Johnny Pierce; aka Stoffe),
from Jönkping, SE - The Helena Josefsson Society

Hello it's nice to see other fans of Helena on facebook, I look forward to getting to know you all.

Hey! We're after a long time up again, fresh and new!

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We will send out News-mail when something important is coming through.

Drawings of Per Gessle and Helena Josefsson.

Hey Mr. DJ, by Son of a Plumber, has been chosen by
HJ Official Forum members as the best song of Helena Josefsson as background singer. The list of songs (only one song per album) was made by Alberto Fuente:

  • Air Bureau - Had it with you
  • Andreas Johnson - End of the world
  • Doug Wyatt - Where you lay
  • En händig man (Per Gessle) - Pratar med min müsli
  • Fredo - Teenage monster
  • Gyllene Tider - Jag borde förstås vetat bättre
  • Hideki Kaji - This is Still OK
  • Junior Senior - Rhythm bandits
  • Justin Winokur - Fly away
  • Mazarin (Per Gessle) - Här kommer alla känslorna
  • Metro Jets - Jingle jangle christmas
  • Righteous boy - Straight song
  • Sebastian Karlsson - Words and violence
  • Son of a Plumber - Hey Mr. DJ
  • Stockfinster - All becomes music
  • Swan Lee - I don't mind
  • The Ark - Disease
  • The Margarets - A farewell to arms

BiLLY (Emma Sonesson) has developed lots of new designs with merchandise about Helena Josefsson. Now we have two related links: the 'old' Merchandise and the 'new' one. You can buy it if you are in Sweden ...

Helena Josefsson has updated her links in the Official website. Now the page includes Sandy Mouche's website, Mikael Gökinan's space, Helena's Official International Forum, Helena's Fanclub and LE JOURNAL DES MOUCHES!!.

It was not expected. I did not even ask Helena Josefsson for it. I am much obliged to you, Helena. I know this blog is not perfect and I will keep on working. Thank you for being one of our few - but marvelous - readers.

I was thinking about changing the black colour in Le Journal des Mouches, but then I read a mail about Blackle, the black version of Google. So we will keep this page.

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Alberto Fuente, aka "
Lantartida" (LJdM's Editor)