16 May 2001

Helena Josefsson is a bandstarter too (XVI): The Good Mornings - Live

The Good Mornings, the Swedish band leaded by Dan Bornemark and Helena Josefsson, have had some gigs this year after releasing their first album in late 2000.

Video by Mauricio Picasso

They played in the Stockholm Live Day 2001, on 13th May. The band included:
  • Helena Josefsson: lead vocals
  • Dan Bornemark - keyboards, vocals, music
  • Jens Ståhlstierna - gitarr, vocals
  • Rasmus Kihlberg - drums
  • Mauricio Picasso - bass

Other former members of "The Good Mornings" include:
  • Figge von Wachenfeldt - keyboards, vocals
  • Bosse Håkansson - percussion
  • Björn Gustavsson - bass