29 Jun 2007

Ludde, Hella & Göken

According to Mikael Gökinan Myspace, Mikael Gökinan Trio, that played in Jazz i Malmö ( musikhuset Jericho, Malmö) last February 2006, has got a new name: Ludde, Hella & Göken.

Mikael Gökinan Trio (now Ludde, Hella & Göken) are:
  • Mikael Gökinan - acoustic guitar and backing vocals
  • Helena Josefsson - vocals
  • Ludde Wennström - contrabass and backing vocals.
Mikael Gökinan plays the guitar in many bands from Malmö: The Red, Oomaigoosh Tailfeathers, Markus Murevärn band, Evangelyn, Adrian ....

Ludde Wennström has been playing bass and contrabass with many bands too: HepCat Daddies, Ågrens Orkester, Max Magiska Cirkusvarieté, Stilleben, ...

Helena Josefsson has played with Sandy Mouche and Son of a Plumber.

They play soul and jazz, influenced by Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush and Kent.

We can listen to some of their songs and covers in Mikael Gökinan Myspace.

The producer is Christoffer Lundquist.

26 Jun 2007

P, C & C ... Who's the "Händig Man"? (V): En Händig Man på Turné 2007

We are ready for the new tour of Per Gessle and his band.

10 July Halmstad (preview) Leif's Lounge
11 July Halmstad Örjans Vall
13 July Linköping Stångebrofältet
14 July Sandviken Högbo Bruk
15 July Leksand Sammilsdal
17 July Borgholm Idrottsplatsen
19 July Helsingborg Sofiero Slott
20 July Västervik Gränsö Slott
21 July Göteborg Slottsskogsvallen
22 July Strömstad Strömsvallen
24 July Visby Östergravar
27 July Skövde Bolougnersskogen
28 July Christinehof Christinehof Slott
29 July Varberg Sa Fästningshörnan

1 August Jönköping Elmiafältet
3 August Karlstad Mariebergsskogen
4 August Växjö Evedal
5 August Malmö Mölleplatsen
10 August Västerås Lögarängen
11 August Örebro Behrn Arena
12 August Stockholm Sjöhistoriska

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According to the new Favorita Myspace:

Popsicle Webshop is the website/record label behind the release of Favorita’s album in North America and it’s owned and operated by Favorita’s fan Luke Jackson who is currently recording an album of his own featuring Favorita’s Magnus on bass, Jens Jansson on drums and producer/multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Lundqvist both of whom play in the band Brainpool whose last record, the sprawling double album rock opera “Junk” was recently staged for the first time in Los Angeles.
Favorita was the band of Magnus Börjeson in the middle 90s. The only album by this band from Lund, Sweden, was released last year by Junk Musik. Magnus has worked with Christoffer Lundquist, Brainpool and Per Gessle. Metro Jets (Magnus' duo with David Birde from Brainpool) has released some singles in Sweden.


In Mazarin, Per Gessle added the dates of when each song was written and also wrote who played what on each song and then he got tired of it. So on the last record there has been nothing of that. Americans have lists of names in the songwriting credits. Sometimes I think it’s politics. All those people haven’t written the songs but they have contributed in some other ways so you credit them on a song and give them a little piece of money to even things out. I think it’s rare that so many people write a song. I think it’s often an economical, political thing.

23 Jun 2007

HJ's spreading summer light (I): Midsummer 2007

I go straight to Halmstad where I will spend two weeks rehearsing with Mr Gessle for the tour www.enhandingman.se! It strikes me when I sing in Per´s band, how he and his music has become so popular and loved, while he is nothing but himself in a very honest and simple way. That is most inspiring!

Midsummer´s Eve, June 2007 (3) by Björn Folber

Midsummer´s Eve, June 2007 (2) by Björn Folber

In the weekend I and Martinique will go to a friend´s house and celebrate Midsummer´s Eve, and we will contribute with a strawberry cake, mmmm it will taste so sweet...!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Yet another grrrreat midsummer spent in Furulund with loved ones.
Björn eating the cake  Midsummer´s Eve, June 2007  by Björn Folbert

Since the Danes don’t celebrate midsummer like we do, I had to work and therefore me and Hanna showed up at around 18:30.

Midsummer´s Eve, June 2007 (1) by Björn Folbert

By then the rest of the gang had already been at I for a couple of hours, but we soon caught up.

21 Jun 2007

Helena's 2007 Dynamo Tour (IX): I believe in brownies - Of Ghosts and Brownies

Mario, a Spanish fan, has posted an hilarious topic in the Helena Josefsson's Forum.

The Off-topic is called I believe in brownies and connects very funny things with the original song Ghosts, by Helena Josefsson.

In that song, Helena says that at night, when the candles are out, she can feel all the shadows, the sounds and the energy moving around. Then she wake up and hide every part of her under the quilt because of a dreadful witch, the fairies, the ghosts and the brownies.

According to Mario, perhaps the brownies Helena believes in are not a kind of elves or tomtes, but strange cannabis little cakes. That could explain Helena's reactions in this great song.

When the candles are out, I am going to bed and the flat seems as big as a candle. I can feel all the shadows that wake up at night and the sounds and the energy moving around. I believe in ghosts, I believe in fairies, I believe in brownies, I believe in love ...

I would like to breathe. I would like to stretch out my body just like a cat. No I can´t, no I can´t. I have to hide every part of me under the quilt, even the nose.

There´s a dreadfull witch who lives under my bed since I don´t know when. She comes when you´re gone. She wants to climb into my bed and tear off every body part sticking out.

I don´t know which language you ghosts speak. Please don´t show yourselves to me. Aaaa Aooooooo! I believe in ghosts, I believe in fairies, I believe in brownies, I believe in love ...
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
Helena Josefsson - H.J.

In American cooking, a chocolate brownie, also known as a brownie or a Boston brownie, is a small, rich, chocolate, baked cake-slice, named after its brown color. Brownies are sometimes covered with fudge and may contain nuts or chips (chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, etc.). The first known mention of a brownie is believed to be in the 1897 Sears catalog. Brownies often have an icing, popular flavors being chocolate icing or a sugar based icing flavored with either vanilla or mint extract. There are many different recipes for brownies, and simple versions often serve as an introduction to baking. Brownie mix is available at local supermarkets or grocery stores. Blondies are brownies made without cocoa, and with brown sugar; they may contain white chocolate, chips, or nuts. Marijuana's brownies are ... I can't remember what they are ... The QUESTION: Does Helena believe in marijuana's brownies?

It seems nobody believe in brownies. What do you believe in? I believe in Gessle's hairdresser , don't I?

Mario (aka Sleepyhead),
from Alcalá de Henares, ES

Per Gessle, the man who gives Elvis a run for his money as the Hair God of Pop. Check out Per's mane on the video for "Neverending Love" (1986), the first video of Roxette.

Great video, Ricardo! 20 years ago!
Video killed the hairdresser star.

It was not the video: the fast food (and the brownies) killed him Very Happy Read this crazy article about "Listen to your heart", from Uncyclopedia.

"Listen to Your Heart was a heart-health public awareness campaign sponsored by the Cardiological Institute of America. A heart-wrenching song for the campaign was composed and performed by the Swedish pop music group Roxette.

Listen to this heart, but don't look at it, since it can cause epileptic attacks

The campaign and song were initially discredited by experts because it caused many hypochondriacs to demand an immediate heart examination by the nearest available cardiologist. Ultimately, the song's effect was a general paralysis of the public health care queueing system, which could not be fully alleviated until additional Federal funding was granted by the United States Congress (P.L. 47-273.22), allowing 1,255 new Cardiological Physician posts to be recruited throughout the U.S.

Nevertheless, in recognition of the musicians' contributions to the welfare of cardiologists, the Cardiological Institute awarded Roxette the 1997 Certificate of Merit and honorary cardiologist licensure.

This, unfortunately, led to tragedy when the members of Roxette, realizing the best and most lucrative years of their musical careers were already behind them, decided to open a heart-surgery clinic in downtown Stockholm. Before they could be stopped, and their licenses revoked, a total of 17 heart-disease patients were killed in what has been called the "worst series of open-heart surgery disasters of our times." The incident is still under investigation, but a spokesman for Roxette recently announced that the group was "really very sorry" and hopes to "make amends soon" by releasing their "best album ever," just in time for next year's Grammy nominations.

A new policy since enacted by the Cardiological Institute stipulates that no Swedes may ever be allowed to practice cardiology ever again, anywhere, or at least not until a newer and sexier pop group is found to produce an equally-successful international smash-hit single for the Institute.

An MP3 version of the song was recently made available on iTunes, reportedly containing subliminal messages exhorting the listener to consume vast quantities of butter, bacon, and fried chicken."

Mario (aka Sleepyhead),
from Alcalá de Henares, ES

I trust Roxette to sing, not crack my chest open and carve at my heart with scalpels!

WOW!!! They have finally found water on Mars, look!!!
I am indeed the Cookie Monster.

I believe in water on mars!! :D But ... what kind of brownies or mars have you eaten, Rachel? I won't give you the cookies ... after midnight ;)

I don't know, I just bought them from this guy, y'know? ;)

I love baking brownies. It´s so simple. But the way I make them, they are not allowed for children, because of a half bottle of brown rum in it! Drink I can smell the alcohol in all of my rooms. But you can´t taste it after baking. They are yummy! Wink I have to bake it and invite all of you! I´ll send brownies to everyone who wants one! I´m sure, we won´t eat all of them!

15 Jun 2007

Helena's 2007 Dynamo Tour (VIII): Hultsfred 07

For the first time, Helena sang at Hultsfredsfestivalen, yesterday in Hultsfred.

Alexander Frydahl took this pics:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And Jerry Boman took this photo:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


What an eventful past few days it’s been! Hultsfred was a blast… so much so that it’s going to take me the rest of the week to describe it in full. Luckily it only rained one day out of the three, though Swedish nights are very cold (I seem to forget this, though, every time I go to Sweden). Today starts my round-up of the acts that I saw at the festival: Helena Josefsson.

I was not all that familiar with Helena’s music before seeing her, but I had heard a few songs and was pretty impressed, so I decided to stop by. I felt a bit sorry for her at first because there didn’t seem to be much of a crowd, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she was a bit crazy, lurching around the stage and singing about air hostesses. The same couldn’t be said for her stoic background singer, who rarely moved (but sounded great). It was funny because at several times during the performance Helena put her hand on the background singer’s shoulder and tried to interact with her, but the girl didn’t seem to notice or care. It was all very entertaining to me. Best bit: The frantic operatics of The Moon Is A Grain Of Sand.
Nick Ellensburg (Hits from Another Planet)

My 6 years old dream about playing at Hultsfred came to life last week! I want to thank my booker Blixten & Co for making it come true, and of course my fabulous musicians!!

Then I went straight to Halmstad where I will spend two weeks rehearsing with Mr Gessle for the tour www.enhandingman.se! It strikes me when I sing in Per´s band, how he and his music has become so popular and loved, while he is nothing but himself in a very honest and simple way. That is most inspiring! In the week end I and Martinique will go to a friend´s house and celebrate Midsummer´s Eve, and we will contribute with a strawberry cake, mmmm it will taste so sweet...!

In between the strawberries, spongecake, and the rehearsals I will squeeze in gigs in Borlänge, Malmö and Gotland with my own music and it will be both trio, quintet and septet settings, different from spot to spot depending on the circumstances. But thank God Martinique is in all of the settings so I get to see my beautiful muse! I think this summer will be one to remember! And I am grateful for every bit.

See you soon!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

13 Jun 2007

Helena's 2007 Dynamo Tour (VII): Record Collection

Yesterday Helena Josefsson was DJ for a night at Debaser www.debaser.nu , the outdoor bar in Malmö.

According to Helena:
"The music my mom played at home was a mix of Kate Bush, the '80s David Bowie, The Temptations, Enya, all the soul queens, Bruce [Springsteen] and a record that was on heavy rotation for 15 years was Jane Fonda's aerobics vinyl with everything from The Jacksons' 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' in a disco-soul version and Jane cheering on. It never gets old! I've always sung, if I am to describe my music it sounds like my maternal grandparents were Kate Bush and Michael Jackson, and my paternal grandparents were Madonna and Nick Drake!"
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDebaser, Malmö

Helena played her favourite music - "Min Musiksamling" ("My Record Collection) - for 4 hours. Emma Sonesson, a fan from Helsinborg was there. According to Emma:
"Helena was at Debaser Bar in Malmö playing her "music collection", and that was her mom's vinyls she got from her. I used to like that. I mean I listen to The Beatles, Tom Petty, CCR, ... Cos it is what my parents have played."
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo by Emma Sonesson

11 Jun 2007

Helena's 2007 Dynamo Tour (VI): A new HJ fan forum - Never ever stop spreading light!

Nicole, from Germany, has created a new forum about Helena Josefsson. It is a good place to speak about Helena. Thank you, Nicole. Never ever stop spreading light!


Lantartida - Joined: 11 Jun 2007

Here are some Links, where you can find more informations about Helena: User

If you have more links, we should know about, please tell us GO!
If you want to link our forum, than please use this banner:

Thank you!

P, C & C ... Who's the "Händig Man"? (IV): En Händig Man, the album

2007-06-13 En händig man (CD)

"En händig man" was released today, at least online. "En Händig Man" is – like "Mazarin," Gyllene Tider’s "Finn 5 Fel!," "Son of a Plumber" and most recently Roxette’s two new tracks "One Wish" and "Reveal" – recorded in The Aerosol Grey Machine down in the heart of Skåne. It is also recorded with (mainly) the same band and the same producers.

CDON has a bonus track named "Ett perfekt ägg," another instrumental, while iTunes has both "Ett perfekt ägg" and "En händig man (demo)." But wait, that's not all! Telia has yet another bonus track named "En händig man (blåser)." CDON's and Telia's tracks are copy protected. On Wednesday the physical CD of "En händig man" hits the stores. The vinyl edition will be out in about three weeks from now. This morning, Per's new video was presented on SVT in all secrecy…

EHM booklet 1

01. En händig man
Per Gessle: "Was written on the balcony on a sunny day in Halmstad last summer. The title and the main idea for the lyrics came first. We recorded 2 versions in the studio in Skåne.
The first one (which we now refer to as "En händig man (blåser)” /btw. ”blåser” means “to blow”/ sounds totally different with a quite a big intro and with a… that's right, a brass-section, with horns. Clarence and Christoffer wanted to try out a brass and a string section. But I felt my voice sort of disappeared in the arrangement. I had a completely different route planned for this song. I didn't really like it, it felt like the original idea got lost in the shuffle and my voice sort of disappeared in this big mess… so we made a new, more “primitive” take and that one became the opening track and the first single! The version you hear on the album and single is more or less the way I wanted it to be. But you know, you have to try different things all the time otherwise everything would sound the same at the end of the day."
LJdM: "A nice mid-tempo track, it sounds really smooth and relaxed"

02. Pratar med min müsli (hur det än verkar)
Per Gessle: ""Pratar med min müsli" has got a killer organ-intro! Did an acoustic demo in Tits & Ass last summer that turned out really cool. When I played it for C&C (Clarence Öfwerman & Christoffer Lundquist) totally new things popped up in their amazing minds. Suddenly we had a "Doors organ", a rattling drum beat in the choruses and The Lovely Helena (Josefsson) blessing the middle eight. I was overjoyed of course! The lyrics, I’m sure you know, are about a lonely sod sitting by himself talking to his breakfast about how great everything will be… maybe… eventually…"
LJdM: "The Doors' frisky sound. According to TDR, Per says this guy is having a conversation with his breakfast cereal about this girl he wants. He feels they have a future together even though they are total opposites. Well, his breakfast has a beautiful female voice: Helena Josefsson's!"

EHM booklet 2

03. Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke
Per Gessle: ""Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke” became just as good as I had hoped for. That’s probably my favorite track of them all. Was everyone's favorite in the studio from day 1! It's one of those songs that makes you smile while you're writing it! It has happened a few times over the years and I was lucky to experience it even as a 47 year-old!!! The title came first, I've had it in my big black book for ages. We saved this song to the very end since we wanted to get some experimentation out of our systems recording other songs first. Cos this song needs almost nothing. Our main job was to hold back. A few acoustic guitars, some backup vocals and a bassline McCartney would have been proud of. Glorious. Probably I would choose "Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke" as the next single. I think it can be really really powerful live. It’s got that semi-religious feel to it, hallelujah, have a beer and a smile, you know what I mean?"
LJdM: "A mid tempo track that just hits my heart. Great lyrics and a relaxing melody. It stays in your mind"

04. Fru Nordin
Per Gessle: "Well, my wife's name is Nordin so everyone assumes it's about her. And that's… so funny. Well, maybe it is… come to think of it…! I wrote it in the studio in Skåne last winter and knew immediately that it needed some frenzy, some "The Who-inspired guitars" and kinky drums that Jens (Jansson) plays so good just after breakfast. Didn't like my lead vocals so I re-did them late at night just before the final mix in April. It's so much better now."
LJdM: "Some more noisy guitars and distortion! In my opinion, it could have better been a Gyllene Tider's song".

EHM booklet 4

05. Dixy
Per Gessle: "Was also written in the studio in Skåne last winter, both lyrics and music at the same time. It took about 2 hours. When I was done I played it for C&C and we did a take immediately. I had the capo on the 9th fret (my old Martin) and someone thought it would be funny to have a clarinet playing some free-form notes, almost Dixieland-style that we know nothing about. Said and done, Christoffer fetched an old dusty clarinet and did the overdubs before dinner! What a guy! Especially considering this was the second time ever he held the instrument. What would I do without these guys???"
LJdM: "Chris playing the clarinet? He is a genius. And Helena with the "Sha-la-la-la-la-la…" It is one of the hidden pearls of the album."

EHM booklet 8

06. När Karolina kom
Per Gessle: "Yepp, wrote it in the studio in Skåne! The verse has a sort of summer vibe to it that's very appealing to my ears, the chorus is really just finishing up the verse and takes no space at all. It's the verse that's the whole thing, you know… The core in the lyrics is about… no one you know… we're talking about my childhood and the '60s… hence the line "himlen var full av astronauter" ["the sky was full of astronauts"]… They landed on the moon in 68, right?"
LJdM: "Childish love. Karolina seems to have been a neighbor of Per's in the late '60s! Per means a 7-year old girl."

07. Hannas kärlekspil
Per Gessle: ""Hanna" pops up here and there. She’s so funny. Don't remember much about this, I know I was listening to The Kinks a lot when I wrote it and it does sound a bit like an old Kinks-song from, say '65. Nice saxophones in the middle eight which C&C recorded while I was looking away."
LJdM: "Hanna is back, Hanna from "Henry, dansa inte disco" and "En händig man." Another '60s flirt, an up tempo track. It seems GT meets the Beach Boys - clap your hands everyone!"

08. Om du kommer ihåg
Per Gessle: "I like this one a lot. "Om du kommer ihåg" I’m very proud of. It has one of those very intimate lyrics and melody lines that just pops up in your head. In my head anyway… hard to put my finger on it. I wrote the melody and the lyrics at the same time in my library here in Stockholm, in front of the TV in my living room in August last year. They fit rather good together. And my fingerpicking is of course out of this world, ha ha ha… It's hard to be this simple and hold on to it, anyone who writes songs knows this."
LJdM: "One of our top songs. A reminiscent of "Tycker om när du tar på mej" mixed with some "På promenad genom stan." Acoustic, very smooth. Helena provides the necessary background atmosphere…sounds like dreaming away. Simple, direct, touching lyrics".

09. Om jag vetat då (vad jag vet nu)
Per Gessle: ""Om jag vetat då" was written as "If I'd Known Then (What I Know Now)" for Roxette 2002, but there wasn’t any time, Marie was ill so we had to concentrate on just one track. So we chose "Opportunity Nox" instead. Rox never recorded it so I wrote some Swedish lyrics to it that's been in the drawer ever since. Gyllene was scheduled to record it for "Finn 5 fel!," but the song didn't fit the concept. Everyone in the band liked it but we felt we needed another type of material for that particular record. But for this album, it was perfect. Its time is now!!! I like this one very much. It has a lovely '60s aura around it. And Christoffer added some groovy Beatles-inspired 12-stringed acoustic guitar licks in the verses that are top notch in my book! Awright."
LJdM: "It’s really a beautiful song, strings & chimes and all. Very powerful chorus, a beautiful duet Even better than it would have been with Roxette I think".

10. TomTom
Per Gessle: "Was written ten seconds too late to be included on "Mazarin." The problem with songs collecting dust is that you forget, or get tired of, them. I had forgotten about this one, but C&C reminded me! I seem to recall that I was going to write a whole streak of songs featuring TomTom, but this is as far as I got. I'm sure he'll be back."
LJdM: "Nice intro and relaxing song with easy lyrics. Another song with Gessle's summer sound"

11. Våldsamt stillsamt
Per Gessle: "This is how I sound when I put on my dark skinned mask! Ha ha ha! The balcony in Halmstad again! It was time for some '60s R&B and this is how white I sound when I wear my James Brown-mask, ha ha ha!!! I got the title and the rest came all by itself. This kind of song doesn't need too much “weight” in the lyrics. If it does then the lyrics take over and they shouldn't. They should just support."
LJdM: "Blues feeling. Lonely Boys? Lots of energetic drums, Hammond organ, saxophones ... and cow bells. Very Gyllene Tider, but with a twist."

12. Trött
Per Gessle: "I seem to recall this was born just after the end of the GT25 tour in 2004. I love these great neanderthal guitar riffs (my best since "Come Back Tomorrow (And We Do It Again)" from the Plumber album!!!) and this one has some Led Zep in it. We stress this even further with an electric piano that dubs the riff. Can become very cool live…"
LJdM: ""Fast, heavy Gyllene Tider sound. One can almost see Micke Syd play this one. And in the second verse you get a gorgeous angelic background choir!"

13. Samma gamla vanliga visa
Per Gessle: ""Samma gamla vanliga visa" has that lovely '70s pop feeling that I adore. Sort of like "Hjärta utan hem" from "Finn 5 fel!." Another idea that's been with me quite a while. Wrote the verse in the studio in Skåne and finished it off down in Halmstad. The idea was to write a summer song without muscles but with a spark in the eye. One of my favorites from the EHM-sessions. I love Helena’s middle-eight. Such a great girl."
LJdM: "Shalalala song. "Samma gamla vanliga visa" is a title Per has been wanting to use for a long while now."

14. Min hälsning
Per Gessle: "Wow! I wrote this when I was 19 in 1978. There are some old rehearsal demos by Gyllene Tider from 79 but GT never recorded it. I rewrote some lines in verse 1 that were really stupid, otherwise I kept everything intact. I was looking for old demos and tapes that looks "vintage" and worn and can be shown in the forthcoming PG-book and I ran into this old cassette. I had totally forgotten about it. I remember I liked the song a lot at the time, but it didn't fit into the concept of the first GT album. Sorry to say…. I've forgotten who the song was about… such a shame… "Min hälsning" became an unexpected winner. It's recorded completely live in the studio with vocals and all. We didn't know how to arrange it so we wound up doing a real old fashioned live recording in the studio. I sang and played the guitar, Clarence strummed another acoustic geet while Christoffer grabbed an electric Gibson ES-175 jazz guitar. It sounded fab after just one take, we couldn’t do it any better. Then we added a bass guitar and an organ and Helena paid visit with some splashes of her technicolor magic. Hallelujah."
LJdM: "Finally we get a ballad as the end of the album and side B of the LP. A very old GT song – beautiful in its purity. Almost country sound"

EHM booklet 9

EP1. Hon vill sväva över ängarna
Per Gessle: ""Hon vill sväva över ängarna" from the EP is also excellent in my book. Another one of my favorites. Wrote both the lyrics and the music down in the studio in Skåne. It felt perfect as the opener of the EP. Recorded it in two different keys but we chose the "highest." I love love love this chorus."
LJdM: "It is another Gyllene Tider sounding up tempo song with a great bass line."

EP2. Signal
Per Gessle: "Didn't really know where this song should go. I always felt that the lyrics should be in the front row. I liked that. Christoffer thought it sounded like an old Fleetwood Mac-song so I guess we started thinking along his lines. The “pom-pom” vocals in the outro are very much L. Cohen, don’t you think?"
LJdM: "We truly love the verse and bass line."

EP3. Solen kom från ingenstans
Per Gessle: "Was the ending track of the album until we recorded "Min hälsning." I like the lyrics and Helena sings as wonderful as ever. There's an instrumental version as well, called ”Vet du vad jag egentligen vill?” but I guess you know that."
LJdM: "Solen kom från ingenstans" is the vocal version of "Vet du vad jag egentligen vill?" from the single "En händig man," and it's just lovely. "

EP4. Du kommer så nära (du blir alldeles suddig)
Per Gessle: "Exists in two different versions. This, which ends the EP, was recorded in the Tits&Ass studio in Halmstad last summer. Stripped, only acoustic guitars and some beautiful hi-pitched pling plong on the piano and a mini synth. It felt good. But it’s such a sad lyric."
LJdM: "All acoustic guitars and an organ humming in the background to end the EP."

In our opinion, "En händig man" does not beat "Son of a Plumber" or "Mazarin" but there are some really good songs inside it. The voice of Per sounds better than ever and Helena Josefsson helps a lot to create a marvelous sound.

I have to shape up on the next record! All in all, I’m REALLY pleased with the album. It turned out just the way I wanted it. All 18 tracks have passed every test in my book. Hope you’ll enjoy them!
Per Gessle

By the way, today, Helena Josefsson recommends us to listen to Karin Turesson music.
Wow! Well done, Karin! What energy and what fine lyrics! Hurrah!
Karin Turesson has been working at Christoffer Lundquist's Studio. Karin writes about her life and her music:
My life is and always has been music. Playing the piano all started as we were then living in Germany, and continued when we moved to Sweden. I formed my group in 2000 consisting of voice, piano, string quartet, bass (Ulric Johansson) and drums (Mats Persson, from Roxette). Maybe you've seen us at: Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Umeå Jazz Festival, Malmöfestivalen, Mejeriet in Lund. I've been playing with Annalena Brundin, Agnes Berg, Nina Persson (Cardigans), Robyn, Tingsek, Hello Saferide, Ebbot (Soundtrack of Our Lives)...

Karin Turesson has recorded a new video, Fel eller Rätt, directed by David Giese. Karin sent to LJdM's editor the link to the video (Watch the video here) and wrote about it:
In the film I'm a "cleaning woman" reflecting about what is right and wrong in life, and if those who have been evil to us will get an evil end when life is ending.
Kind Regards

I am Mariette Hansson (MaryJet), an up-and-coming young performer from Halmstad, Sweden, who has been a part in numerous musical groups in the past years. I am now working on my first solo album, In the skin, which is expected to be released in the winter of 2007. Most of the material is written by myself, and to back her up during recording are some fantastic musicians, as well as producers Mats "MP" Persson and Rickard Bengtsson.

This is MaryJet band:
  • Mariette Hansson - vocals and guitars
  • Fredrik "Gix" Johansson - bass
  • Mats Johansson - keyboards and backing vocals
  • Mats MP Persson - acoustic guitars
  • Jaime Salazar - drums and percussions
  • Tony Levin - Chapman Stick
  • Linnea Olsson - cello and backing vocals
  • Margareta Sköld - violin/viola
  • Fredrik Davidsson - trumpet/flugelhorn
  • Therese Allbjer - backing vocals
  • Ralph van Manen - vocals
  • Sandra Holmgren - backing vocals
  • Soundengineers / Producers/ Heroes: Rickard Bengtsson & Mats Persson
  • Graphic Designer: Johan Augustsson

Me and MP worked in his studio (Tits & Ass, in Halmstad) since April. It's really great working with him! We're only at the beginning of this project but I already sence a feeling that this is going to be something like magic! TK gave me his first prototyp of his newly-constructed "fet-boost" guitarpedal! It's love across all borders!

Mariette (MaryJet)
Mariette Hansson, from Halmstad, SE - MaryJet