29 Nov 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at AGM Studios (XIV): Jingle Jangle Christmas, by Metro Jets

Here it is: Metro Jets wonderful X-mas release, ”Jingle Jangle Christmas”! We’re so happy about this, and I can tell you one thing: you don’t want to miss this fast & fun & Spectorish snow flake audio dream! The song features Norwegian singer Vibeke Saugestad & Helena Josefsson from Sandy Mouche on vocals and was recorded at Christoffer’s AGM studio.In Sweden, this song will be played a lot the following weeks, since it’s the lead theme to the comedy show Hipp Hipp, that will start this Friday (hence the cover). We are still waiting for the single to show up on iTunes, in the meantime you can check it out over at CD ON and Megastore. More info about this coming up soon.

Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner - Junk Musik

8 Nov 2006

Helena's first single (III): HJ is by your side - Promo and Video

Helena Josefsson is promoting her first solo single, BY YOUR SIDE.

Inkonst, the known club in Malmö, has been the central place for the promotion.

* Inkonst (Doc Lounge) in Malmö 2006 · 10 · 09
DJ: Lotta Wenglen and Erika Rosén
+ Helena Josefsson (releasing her single By your side)

* Inkonst (Folkhemmet) in Malmö 2006 · 11 · 07
Fairfield + Helena Josefsson (releasing her single By your side)

She has also released a video of the song.
By your side - Youtube -

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5 Nov 2006

Sandy Mouche's poems grow up abroad (VI): poems in France, Switzerland and Cafe Pause, Tokyo

“... and poems for the unborn” ,
released in France by Martingale

(France 2006 · 11 · 02 )

“"Sandy Mouche ..."and poems for the unborn" was released in France by Martingale.”

The reactions of the listeners have been really good. For example, read the words by Claudia Warzebock - (aka Lili im Licht), from Lyon,FR: "Hallo The Sandy's! I really felt in Love with your song Papillon. First time I saw the clip it was at M6Music from France at 4 o clock in the morning. We hope that Ur music find a great success here in France!". Nicomüc, from Paris, FR says: "Salut les Sandy Mouche! I heard from you a few weeks ago on French tv. They showed a short bit of the Papillon video. I think that song is brilliant and the album is very good too. We will play some of your songs on the French Rock'one Webradio and talk about the album. I really hope you it will be a success in France!"

November 8th it will be release in Switzerland! All the Swiss fans can buy the record at www.cede.ch

Hi... i am Marc Xavier LeBlanc... aka Bones... I'm a radio show host and DJ from Canada and i'm a big fan of Helena and Sandy Mouche.

On 4th November 2006 there was a "Nudie Cafe Party" at Cafe Pause in Tokyo (2-14-12-1F Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo). Contributors were Hideki Kaji, Embee, Hird, Hej Musik, and Marc Xavier LeBlanc (Bones), and all music was 100% Swedish.

Jean Snow, a Tokyo-based writer, is the gallery manager of Cafe Pause (access), and produces events and parties there as well. The cafe is also home to the PauseTalk series of monthly talk events, aiming to create a forum where Tokyo-based creatives can get together and discuss their own projects, as well as cultural currents of the city. The cafe has its own site, and its own blog as well (in Japanese).

I didn't actually dj at the event in Tokyo ... but i did make 5 mixes for the event and they ended up using 3 of the 5 mixes during the exhibit and which played during the entire exhibit. 1 of the mixes had a track
(The moon is a grain of sand) by Helena Josefsson from the forthcoming album and i also put a Sandy Mouche song (Une histoire) on one of the other mixes that wasn't used.

2006.11 Cafe Pause, Tokyo (songs played there)2006.11 Cafe Pause, Tokyo (songs played there) 2

I've been a fan of Sandy Mouche for quite a few years (from 2003 almost) and also did a little interview with them on the www.itsatrap.com website which talks about scandinavian music in general. Here is the link to the "20 questions I had with Sandy Mouche" back in 2004. I hope you enjoy.

Always in photo and music,

marc xavier leblanc... aka bones...
host of (((la photo sonore))) radio show
and dj of ((Indie Pop Night)) events

... moncton nb canada
Marc Xavier Leblanc, DJ Bones