17 Nov 2007

HJ's 2007 Fall (VI): Copenhagen

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Helena Josefsson
Huset, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2007/11/17
Open 20.00 - Show 21.00

Johanna Molander (a.k.a. gessloholic), from Borgholm, was there. And this is her story (and her photos):
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The 17th november I and my friend (Billys friend too) Erik went to Copenhagen ... We had some problems to find the place, well we did find the place but not the place at the place (confusing). Then we met helena and she told us where to go. Then we waited some hours. While we were waiting Helena came and talked to us and gave us the record and free drinks in the bar. I don't even drink alcohol. As usually, there were about ten persons there to watch Helena. They started to play about 21:30. She sung "Ghosts", "By your side", "The moon is a grain of sand", "Where does the unused love go", "Never never", "Into the woods", "Waterlily love", "Sleepyhead", "Meadow" and "The pirate king". It was so good, "The pirate king" was really cool live. It would have been worth to go to Copenhagen only to hear that song. Helena thought they made the best version of "The pirate king" ever :) After the show, Helena spoke to us, we discussed Pers voice. Then we went to the hotel and slept. I think I smiled the whole night.

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Helena Josefsson's fans keep being active.
  • We have a new group in Facebook: The Helena Josefsson Society. Christoffer Strandell and Louise Rees are the president and co-president of this great society.
  • Emma Sonesson ("Billy"), from Sweden, has updated Helena Josefsson's Unofficial Fanclub Portal. It has been a hard work since last summer. The Fanclub has now some very interesting sections: Forum, Merchandise, Guestbook ... Some others seem unavailable today: Blog, Calendar, Photoalbum, ...But the most interesting section is the LINKS, with official sites, Swedish interviews, members' spaces and videos.
  • The fans from the HJ Official Forum. have chosen Helena's best background-vocals song: Son of a Plumber's: Hey Mr. DJ.
  • Emma Sonesson has also worked in the new merchandise.
  • And finally, Le Journal des Mouches has been included in the list of links in Helena Josefsson's website.

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By the way, our editor, Alberto Fuente, has made a new map of the world with the members of the the official Helena Josefsson Forum.

Billy; roxetteadina; Stoffe; gessloholic; and Stina (Sweden) ; Nicole; Heike; NightPearl; Kiwein; angeleyes; crashroxer; Kerstin; Michi; and Sverige29 (Germany); Arlanda (Switzerland) ; Iza (Poland); Kreecher (Russia) ; whateveriam (England, UK) ; welshroxer (Wales, UK); marc xavier leblanc (Canada) ; sarah (Netherlands); roxer1986; and spyboo (Belgium) ; Sleepyhead; MissMisery; and Lantartida (Spain); RicardoGCE (Venezuela); Raëlian (Argentina)

He does not want to forget other marvelous fans that write in other pages and forums:

Papillon; and Lina (Sweden); Dominic; and MeMaMi (Germany); María Fernanda (México); Sister of Night (Brazil); Bevispain; and javier (Spain); Frantisek (Czech Republic); Kamila; and Standa (Poland); ...

If you are not "listed" here it does not mean that you are less important. Just tell us and we will include you. And visit the the official Helena Josefsson Forum and the other websites.

I have created a new open group in Facebook, The Helena Josefsson Society. Louise Rees is the co-president and I am the president. Inspelningar till det nya albumet pågår!!! Yiiiiiiiippie!!! Fans are welcome to join the Helena Official forum too. My favourite song is Sleepyhead.

Christoffer Strandell (aka Johnny Pierce; aka Stoffe),
from Jönkping, SE - The Helena Josefsson Society

Hello it's nice to see other fans of Helena on facebook, I look forward to getting to know you all.

Hey! We're after a long time up again, fresh and new!

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We will send out News-mail when something important is coming through.

Drawings of Per Gessle and Helena Josefsson.

Hey Mr. DJ, by Son of a Plumber, has been chosen by
HJ Official Forum members as the best song of Helena Josefsson as background singer. The list of songs (only one song per album) was made by Alberto Fuente:

  • Air Bureau - Had it with you
  • Andreas Johnson - End of the world
  • Doug Wyatt - Where you lay
  • En händig man (Per Gessle) - Pratar med min müsli
  • Fredo - Teenage monster
  • Gyllene Tider - Jag borde förstås vetat bättre
  • Hideki Kaji - This is Still OK
  • Junior Senior - Rhythm bandits
  • Justin Winokur - Fly away
  • Mazarin (Per Gessle) - Här kommer alla känslorna
  • Metro Jets - Jingle jangle christmas
  • Righteous boy - Straight song
  • Sebastian Karlsson - Words and violence
  • Son of a Plumber - Hey Mr. DJ
  • Stockfinster - All becomes music
  • Swan Lee - I don't mind
  • The Ark - Disease
  • The Margarets - A farewell to arms

BiLLY (Emma Sonesson) has developed lots of new designs with merchandise about Helena Josefsson. Now we have two related links: the 'old' Merchandise and the 'new' one. You can buy it if you are in Sweden ...

Helena Josefsson has updated her links in the Official website. Now the page includes Sandy Mouche's website, Mikael Gökinan's space, Helena's Official International Forum, Helena's Fanclub and LE JOURNAL DES MOUCHES!!.

It was not expected. I did not even ask Helena Josefsson for it. I am much obliged to you, Helena. I know this blog is not perfect and I will keep on working. Thank you for being one of our few - but marvelous - readers.

I was thinking about changing the black colour in Le Journal des Mouches, but then I read a mail about Blackle, the black version of Google. So we will keep this page.

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Alberto Fuente, aka "
Lantartida" (LJdM's Editor)


billy said...

Hey, i will soon make so that everyone, even you abroad, can order the things that you want. this in the new merhcnadise. :) i'll try to get that done in the end of next week. nice, ha?
today i am in the best mood of this week, so i wish everyone the best =)

"Lantartida" said...

Thank you, Billy! Have a nice day!