19 Apr 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (VII): sunny forest

Look at the forest outside the studio, full of white wooden anemons! This is the view from the kitchen door in the studio.

And then I wrote a bridge to a brand new song out in the back. Can you see the little blue cottage? It is where Christoffer´s daughters like to play sometimes, isn´t it sweet?

The sun is here oh how lovely it is!!Oh I am so grateful for this life, for music, for love, for nature! I wish everyone could feel it…

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

You know Helena Josefsson is recording her second solo album at Christoffer Lundquist's AGM Studios in Vallarum, Skane. If you've got a few minutes to spare you could always drop her a line here, in her Official website or in the HJ Official Forum.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Comments by fans:
Hi Helena. The biggest hug on earth from Berlin;-) Cheers to Martin. de dom

Dominic Schimmelpfennig, from Berlin

Good luck with the recordings, Helena. I will keep on reading your stories. A big hug!

Hoppas på en signering i samband med nya albumet ;)
Och en spelning i Malmö??!

Emma Sonesson (aka BiLLY) - HJ Fanclub Portal

Can you feel the sunlight? Yes, I can. New songs coming soon … Life is beautiful!

Mario (aka Sleepyhead),
from Alcalá de Henares, ES

17 Apr 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (VI): La la la la love to sing!!

The next session was singing-time! Eight songs including backing vocals, on three days- Jippppiiii! I had four different microphones to choose from and a “puff-skydd” you know the thing that makes sure the s´s and the p´s aren´t too noisy. I call it a Piff and Puff skydd, it means it protects me from chipmunks. They appear all of a sudden and then they bite my nose…
No, but the piff and puff skydd is good ´cause it stops me from going to close to the mic. And that is what I normally do, just stand closer and closer because then I hear better :o) But it´s a big no-no! After all this singing (you know I love backing vocals, it has to be a LOT of it!) my voice was not in a very good shape :o) I think it is because of all the breathing, it dries the throat out! But a couple of days and cups of tea later, it was back to normal.

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

14 Apr 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (V): Hooray things are being done!

First I want to send you a big hug! Thank you for remembering my birthday!

It feels great to be an adult. Now I know even more that it is up to me how childish I want to be!

That night, when I turned 30, I woke up from the regular intimate noises from the couple in the flat above... She has such a loud voice, she should do something creative about it not always sing the same tune like she does at 5.30 in the weekend mornings, when her postman boyfriend´s natural clock wakes him up and then he always wakes her up and then... The concert begins! But he never makes any sound though! Only the whole wall is shaking :o)

Well this night I felt, I had had enough, now I am a grown up for real, and I don´t have to listen to this all the time, and I went up to their door and talked with a soft but firm voice, through the mailbox: " Can you please please keep it down! Please!" My neighbours could never be real indians, living a whole family in a tipi, caring about each other not only about themselves.

It felt really good that I stood up for myself! Like a proud indian :o) I´m not so used to that. I have to practice in small situations, like this, to listen to what I really need to feel comfortable, and then act by it.

I hope you also get great birthdays, I wish I knew when they are but I congratulate you in advance now :o)

Just some thoughts from me here in the studio, I am waiting for Christoffer Lundquist who is at a cat-funeral. One of the five kittens, born a week ago, didn´t survive and now he is out with his family mourning.

Then we will keep working with the new songs, and tomorrow it is time to sing...!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
- Video:
Päron the studio cat at Aerosol Grey Machine Studio in Skåne. Video by Alistair Campbell, from Australia. August, 2007

9 Apr 2008

MOUCHETOUBE - April.08 : Sandy Mouche's playlist // Tingsek - Too Many Feelings at the Same Time

  • Sandy Mouche's playlist

Magnus Tingsek, the musician from Malmö, releases today his third solo album: Too Many Feelings at the Same Time. We still remember Tingsek (2005) and World of it's own (2006) and, ten years ago, his forgotten band ewing.1, including Helena Josefsson.

According to his space, it has been two years since we last heard new music from Magnus Tingsek. Too Many Feelings At The Same Time is the new album and it is a large step forward – both musically and lyrically. Two years in the making it proves that the Swede from the southern town of Malmö has created his very own musical signature. In a cottage remotely situated in the depth of the “Skåne” countryside Magnus has with the help of his trusted brother and musical ally and brother Anders Tingsek (from Loosegoats), created the third chapter in the ongoing saga that is Tingsek. The revealing title hosts 10 tracks that are as deeply personal and equally unique as they are elevating and stirring. The album is the result of a tumultuous year for Magnus; a year filled with let downs and doubts, but also filled with hope and love – a year of many feelings. Tingsek’s musical expression has since the self-titled debut via 2006 years World Of It’s Own been as consistent as it has been unique. The soul and the disco are never far away but the acoustic folk-rock, doused with a sprinkle of Brill Building, shines through every now and again.

2008 Tingsek - Too many feelings at the same time

The song writing process differed this time around – instead of writing a bunch of songs – Magnus concentrated on an intense wave of creating, in many instances together with Anders. The isolation in that cottage made him lock himself in for 14 hours a day in the pursuit of the perfect musical surroundings for the new songs. He now instinctively knows what works best for his own songs; a skill that has made him chose to play most of the instruments himself this time.

Older brother Anders has always been important in Magnus creative process not only as a sounding board but as a committed song-writing partner and editor of ideas. Let is shine is the first single, a mix of soul and blues. Both You Amaze Me with it’s 80’s groove and the suggestive I’m Not Supposed to Be Like This started as Anders’s musical etches that Magnus reworked into songs that are both highlights on the album. Too Many Feelings At The Same Time is when all is said and done an album that works on many different levels, something that manifests itself with emphasis on many songs – from the exciting March Moon, via the declaration of love on Love Story to the achingly beautiful string filled soul ballad Coming back In from the Cold. It is an album that houses as many feelings as strong songs and confirms Tingsek’s position as one of Sweden’s most talented and original artists.

5 Apr 2008

2008 World According to P, C & C (V): TWATG 2008 snippets, Florian Horwath and The Mothers of Scandinavia

Today we have some snippets of Gessle's 2008 world and a new album.

Florian Horwath's new album, Sleepyhead,
will be in stores on April 18th! This time, Mom & Dad (Jens Jansson & David Birde from Brainpool) won't be his band in the forthcoming tour. Florian will play with "The Mothers of Scandinavia":
  • Florian Horwath - vocals
  • Jens Jansson ("Mom") - drums
  • Magnus Sveningsson ("Righteous Boy") - bass
  • Gerald Votava - guitar
  • Kyrre Kvam - piano
The first single, Baby You Got Me Wrong with Nina Persson (The Cardigans, A camp), released on March 28, has been well reviewed. You can listen to it in Florian Horwath Myspace. The brand new video is now online in the "Video" Section of Florian Horwath Website.

2008 Florian Horwath - Sleepyhead

These are the dates of the German-Austrian Tour:

  • 06.04.2008 Berlin / Roter Salon with Simone White
  • 08.04.2008 Berlin / Lido - Release-Concert "Sleepyhead" (cancelled!!)
  • 09.04.2008 Köln / Gebäude 9 with GET WELL SOON
  • 10.04.2008 Dortmund / FZW with GET WELL SOON
  • 29.05.2008 Hall In Tirol / Kulturlabor Stromboli (Austria)
  • 30.05.2008 Klagenfurt / Volkshaus (Austria)
  • 31.05.2008 Kleinreiflingen / Seewiesenfest (Austria)
  • 02.06.2008 Wien / WUK (Austria)

Snippets of some of the new songs are now available on gessle.com.
  • 2008 Digital Remastered: Stupid, Reporter, T-T-T-Take it, There is my baby, Always breaking my heart, Blue umbrella
  • Demos: Every day outside my window, Detective Jones, Beautiful things terrible things, Elvis in Deutschland, B-Any-1-U-Wanna-B.
The remastered and extended version of "The World According to Gessle" will be released May 9 in Germany and May 14 in Sweden.
Thomas Evensson (TDR)