19 Mar 2001

P, C & C order room service (V): The centre of Roxette's heart

EMI releases today the first single of the new Roxette's album, Room Sevice. The first single is The centre of the heart (is a suburb to the brain) and includes some mixes.

According to Sven Lindström:
"TCOTH was considered as a single but ultimately left off the Have a Nice Day album (1999); it was revived during the Room Service sessions in the autumn of 2000. Completely re-recorded in a speeded-up tempo, adding the bizarre synth sounds of a new team member Jimmy Monell (aka Shooting Star) from Swedish band The April Tears. Marie's original vocal track was digitally pitched to fit the new tempo."

Gessle talks in Room Service about this song and about the new album, that will be released next month. Then we could listen to the last work of Per and Marie with Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and the full team.

Today we want to remember old times. It's 2001 and 20 years ago, in 1981, the Swedish symphonic rock group Overture released its first - and last - album: Ansikten. Overture was founded by pianist Clarence Öfwerman in late 70's and included Mats Ström (vocals), Mats Reiniusson (bass and guitar), Bengt Lundberg (guitar and vocals) and Hans Alsing (drums).

Btw, what happens when six drummers invade a small apartment while the owners are out walking the dog? Four amazing jazz cuts with found objects. Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Magnus Börjeson have recorded a short film (10 minutes) about it. It will be shown in many festivals and we could show it in our blog in September.

Music for One Apartment
and Six Drummers

(2001; 9 min 31 s)

  • Produced by: Kostr Film, SVT and Film i Skäne
  • Directors: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson
  • Music: Ola Simonsson
  • Music productor: Magnus Börjeson (Beagle / Favorita)

TCOTH was written five years ago. The first version was recorded in Spain for the album Have a Nice Day. It was a totally different version, much slower. We made a disco song out of it. A little bit like Frankie goes to Hollywood meets G. Moroder. It's fun.

The forthcoming album will be a classic pop record, shorter than the previous one. That one was almost an hour. Not even I myself was able to listen to it until the end. This album is much like Joyride sunshine, twelve songs and 42 minutes playing time. If the album sells well, it would also be nice to go on tour.
Per Gessle