27 Dec 2007

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (VII): Sandy Christmas

Today was the 5th day in the studio. We started working on a song that I had written for my solo project at first but after trying it with Sandy Mouche it finally fell in to place. It´s an arena song. It´s almost impossible to play this one on a small stage. It could work but its real environment is on the big arenas. The first acoustic guitar was recorded here and after a few different angles on the mic plus a line in we found the sound we were looking for. We used the Akg mic here and Per Blomgren´s "Runesson" guitar and quite frankly we were amazed by the result. Since this is our first album that we record on our own we discover new things and sounds every session. It´s nice. This song is only about three minutes long and built like a mountain, you climb and climb all the way to the top and then you take the big leap from the cliff ledge...

Sandy Mouche - Spiderweb suit (New York Waiting OST)

Played by the Swedish band Sandy Mouche (vocals and lyrics by Helena Josefsson). This song is included in the album Sandy Mouche ... and poems for the unborn (2006) and in the film New York Waiting.


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Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

This time the Sandy Mouche's album will contain only songs written by Martinique and Helena's second album will be ready soon.

My friend Mario thinks that the role played by Martinique and Per (the drummer) is more important this time. Helena is thinking about her second solo album and Martinique will be the singer in most of the songs - remember the last Sandy Mouche's single in Belgium: Evening wake, morning flake - Maybe Helena is too busy to do more. And that's Ok. Sandy Mouche's album will be great for sure.