7 Dec 2007

P, C & C are shopping with mother (VII): Shopping With Mother - The Video

Aftonbladet runs an exclusive world premiere of the new Son of a Plumber video today. Watch "Shopping with Mother". You can watch it in youtube too. The video is directed by Jens Jansson, the drummer of Brainpool.

The fans reactions have been different. Some of them think that it's just a funny little melody for a comedy show! Nothing more and nothing less!

Other ones can't loose the impression that the "plumbers" all were DRUNK when they recorded "Shopping with mother". The song sounds really crazy.

According to http://www.hitlistan.se/, Per's third single debuted on 47th place.

The video reminds many fans of “Kix” because of the short clips repeating, although this time the director is not Jonas Åkerlund. The video has Son of a Plumber-typical retro sound “featuring” James Bond 007 and maybe it is the perfect theme for a TV-show.

I loved when Helena walks holding the candles down the stairs and the picture of Per with her mom.

It's a positive melody, with "Bonanza" theme song inside. It makes you smile.


Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

Crazy video! I like it. Waiting for a new SOAP album.

LJdM said...

I am still in love with this melody ... It makes me smile. :D