15 Oct 2009

Malin Nilsson & Helena Josefsson, magic and music (I): an exciting fusion

According to her own website, Helena Josefsson will take part in a Magic show with her friend Malin Nilsson in November 2009 and in Spring 2010.


Both Helena and Malin were interviewed by Yvonne Erlandsson in Skånskan.se. The cooperation started when Malin Nilsson was invited by Sandy Mouche at KB in Malmö some years ago in a gig of Helena Josefsson’s band. Helena “wanted someone who created a fabulous atmosphere and Malin fitted exactly”. Malin is used to music in her performances. Malin loves Helena’s music and says “it’s so cool that Helena could think so much in pictures”. “We both want to do something new, something bigger than ourselves. Art, that’s why you get up in the morning”, says Malin. According to Yvonne Erlandson, Helena began to study for becoming optician but gave up because she needed to be musician to feel alive.


As it is said in Malmö Lokaltidningen, Malin Nilsson is going to work in the United States (New York and Los Angeles) this winter. In Spring 2010, Malin and Helena will join again for some gigs together. You can follow Malin's stories in her blog.

The duo combines pop and magic and will premiere at Teater 23 in Malmö, 13 and 14 November, and will continue in March. The singer and actor Emil Jensen says to Efterarbetet.etc.se that it was an opportunity to see the best magician and the best singer together: "Bästa sångerskan och bästa trollkarlen på en och samma scen. Allt borde kunna hända. Och kommer nog att göra det."


I am playing with my friend Malin Nilsson, who is a magician (www.malinnilsson.se) and I will be a guest at her show in November!

Malin & Vänner / Malin and Friends
Malin Nilsson (magician),
Helena Josefsson (singer) and Hans-Inge Magnusson (piano).
Guests: Thorsten Andreasen, Jonas Södergren and Helena Kågemark

Fre 13 nov kl. 20:00
Plats: Teater 23, Djäknegatan 7, Malmö
Arrangör: Trollkonst: Stage Art & Production
Tillgängliga biljetter: 88 (av 140)

Lör 14 nov kl. 20:00
Plats: Teater 23, Djäknegatan 7, Malmö
Arrangör: Trollkonst: Stage Art & Production
Tillgängliga biljetter: 91 (av 140)

Håll dig uppdaterad på www.trollkonst.com

And in spring we will make our very own show, with her magic tricks and my popmusic in an exciting fusion! It is so much fun and it is a dream coming true to me.... When we rehearse dwith the pianist Hans-Inge Magnusson I felt like we were a band.

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

14 Oct 2009

Helena's new single in Swedish (V): Fen & Jag

I have recorded a song and made a video with my family and friends, it is called “Fen & jag”!

While waiting for my second solo album to get released, I have made this song together with Martinique and Per Blomgren from my band Sandy Mouche in Per's garage studio, just for the fun of it and to give something to you who wait patiently! I wrote it and they produced it for me.

It is about how I met a fairy one day who said she could give me a new life, to live my life all over again, so I could erase my mistakes and get released from the sadness I have gone through. But my answer to her is, that I now understand that all the tears and the laughter would lead me to where I am today, and I don´t want to change a thing. It was all worth it. Now that I have managed to get a child and my own, new family. When the vocals were recorded, my baby boy was sitting on the floor playing. You can actually hear him in the song, too! At 1.17!

The new single “Fen & jag” has a cute cover made by Martinique and you can download it at CDBaby.com. Unfortunately my homepage is dead at the moment, but just wait a couple of days and it will be back!

This song is not on the album, it is just a present for you! And some amusement for myself, because I needed to have a little fun instead of just waiting. The video crew is my sisters Sofia Josefsson (photography) and Carolina Josefsson (assistant) and my friends Annette Lindqvist (script) and Jens Jansson (cut)! Recorded in Skanör, on the very south edge of Sweden.

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments from the fans:

Per Gessle posted on his Twitter the lastest Helena Josefsson’s video called “Fen & Jag”. Suprisingly, her official website is no longer available, so we know nothing about the release dates. I really like the song, though I expected the second album would be in English as the first one was. But this time she decided to record sthg in Swedish. Sounds fresh, interesting and much Helen-ish!

Tomas Wysocki, from Warsaw, Poland
tomos85 MySpace

Hej Helena, I've just seen your new video. It looks so lovely in comparison to those clips which we get from MTV. The sea, sand and you having fun on the beach without unnecessary nudity or strange dancing figures. Love it. It's a pity that I don't understand the lyrics but still I'm glad to hear you singing in your native tongue. As far as I can remember once I asked you if you would ever consider singing in Swedish and here's my reply. :) Nice treat after a hard working weekend of mine. Thanks.

What a great new song. :)
Greets, Heike.

Köpte den där redan för några dagar se =) Blev lite förvånad när jag hittade den att köpa.

Have already downloaded the song from CDBaby a couple of hours ago. The cover is great, can't wait to listen to the whole album!!! Wow, how cool!!!! Your new song is fantastic, amazing, SPEACHLESS!!!!!! ))) Thank you very very much for keeping on, working, dreaming, shearing! All the warmest regards for this October weekend to you, M. & CD! Kram, Ilya.

Ilya Volkov -(a.k.a. Kreecher)- Roxette House

I love your new song! Martinique did a great cover! I have also seen the video on youtube. Nice beach there! Many hugs,