25 Jan 2006

Helena Josefsson's Dynamo at AGM (I): the recordings of her first solo album

Brief news, but very important. Helena Josefsson begins today, 25.01.2006, the recordings for her first solo album at Aerosol Grey Machine Studio. The producer will be Christoffer Lundquist.

20 Jan 2006

Bad hair days for P, C & C (II): AGM Studio, Metro Jets and Montag Mania

Christoffer Lundquist's Aerosol Grey Machine Studio seems to be full every week. Magnus Börjeson has taken some pics from the Studio, where he recorded Metro Jets' last work. Montag Mania, a band from Stockholm, also recorded there its last album.

This might be fun to take a look at… I have collected some pics from AGM Studios , where much of the music released on Junk is recorded.
Magnus Börjeson (Junk Musik)
Magnus Börjeson - Junk Musik

Metro Jets’ film score “Rolling like a stone” will be released as soon as possible. We are working with the cover art at the moment, so you can look forward to listen to this EP any day now… This is not the cover for the next Metro Jets EP, recorded last autumn. But since we noticed that failures are fun, we decided to continue to post them here. Metro Jets new EP contains the score from a movie about when Rolling Stones visited Malmö in 1965. My thoughts about this cover were: apartment (yes its a bulb), film poster and confetti. It didn’t work out. No one understood what the picture showed.

2006.05 Metro Jets - Rolling like a stone

The cover for Metro Jets’ new EP is finished. It turned out nice, I think. But then Metro-Magnus listened closely to the master track and found that one guitar was missing, so the EP will first be released next week - with the correct number of guitars. We’re discussing something interesting: recording the new Metro Jets songs in a way that lets the readers of this blog follow the whole process – in audio and in writing. That would be something, wouldn’t it?
Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner

Montag Mania where formed in Stockholm three years ago when the singers, guitarists and composers Fredrik Blank (ex-Favorita) and Isabel De Lescano - after intense songwriting, improvisation , sound-collection, and producing - aquainted with the open-minded drummer Camilla Neideman and the experimental uruguayan percussionist Juan Romero and began the recording-sessions of the album "Piraya" that will be released the 30 of January, 2006.

Even though MONTAG MANIA's base is Stockholm, the music contains elements from many different places and times : the brazilian psycadelic sixties (tropicalia), the Barcelonian Mestizo-scene , punk, post-punk, alternative rock, rythm.... The music was recorded during three years at various places in Stockholm, Sweden and in Lima. Isabel and Fredrik spent their time in Peru hanging out with friends, recording sounds and writing almost half of the songs that are on the record.

2005 Montag Mania

The album was produced by Fredrik Blank & Isabel De Lescano, but the final recordings took place in the Aerosol Grey Machine Studio, in Skäne, during 2005. Christoffer Lundquist mixed and mastered the album.

Visit Montag Mania's space. They are the aquaintance between all these different worlds and cultures that exists simoultaneously, side by side all over the planet and in the still so segregated Stockholm. A meeting that still hasnt occured yet in Sweden like in other cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona, Paris or Recife.

12 Jan 2006

Bad hair days for P, C & C (I): Mazarin demos

By December 31, 2005 the album "Son of a Plumber" has sold 102,000 copies in Sweden.

Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider, Roxette, The Lonely Boys, Son of a Plumber and now… Bad Hair Day! Bad Hair Day releases a totally secret album today, on Per Gessle's birthday. The album is free and can be found for download, together with a printable sleeve, at Per’s official site. The album is "Mazarin demos" and that is exactly what it includes: the demos before the Mazarin album, mostly recorded at Tits & Ass Studio in Halmstad during 2004 with MP Persson and Milla Andersson as backing vocals. Just the last two bonus tracks were recorded at AGM Studio.

Bad Hair Day (2006) - Mazarin Demos

Bad Hair Day - Mazarin Demos (2006) - Tracklist:

1. Vilket håll du än går
2. Om du bara vill
3. På promenad genom stan
4. Gungar
5. Födelsedag
6. Sakta mina steg
7. Tycker om när du tar på mej
8. För bra för att vara sant
9. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)
10. Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet
11. Varmt igen
12. Mazarin
13 (Bonus track) Jimmy's gitarr
14 (Bonus track) Smakar på ett regn
15 (Bonus track) Spegelboll

“Mazarin demos” is reviewed as an actual album by Anders Nunstedt in Expressen, where it gets four stingers out of five. Nunstedt says that Per writes on sonofaplumber.com [and on TDR] that “I guess it’s basically for the hardcore fan,” but that it certainly isn’t. He compares this album with a “Mazarin unplugged” minus the audience background sounds and applause.

I’ve got boxes and drawers of so many songs & ideas & rubbish lying around my house and I just felt like sharing all this with you guys out there! I guess it’s basically for the hardcore fan, but still, it’s kinda interesting if you’re into the mesmerizing enigma of songwriting….. I start with “Mazarin” because I made lots of demos for that particular album. However, a few songs were written in the studio so no demos exist for the two colourful and epic statements “Smakar på ett regn” & “Spegelboll”… Yeehaa! Wait! I have it! I found this on a, believe it or not, worn-out old fashioned music-cassette with chewing gum on it! This low-fi recording was made in the middle of the night minutes after the song was written in the kitchen at the Aerosol Grey Machine studio, late January 2003. It was extremely cold outside but Christoffer’s and Ylva’s cat was purring and we all needed another uptempotrack on the record…. so this idea came up (I re-wrote the chorus the next day)…
Per Gessle

Sandy Mouche... and poems for the unborn (I): second album released in Sweden, 2006.01.04

New album: “... and poems for the unborn”
(released in Sweden by Playground Music)

(Sweden 2006 · 01 · 04)

“It took us 10 days to complete our second album. We had a great time during these days and we managed to create the album we would have bought ourselves. Most of the takes are live takes with the whole band. In the booklet you can read exactly what is recorded live and what is not. Thanks again to Christoffer Lundquist who pushed us into doing our best and breaking limits.”

01. Une Histoire (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “I wrote the intro on our piano and the rest followed. The strings on the recording opened up the song in a great way. ”

02. In The Sand (Helena)
Helena's comment: “This is about the love you can feel for a friend. And how hard it is to say that you don´t feel the same way anymore. About being the bad person who creates sadness because you really must. You must be tough sometimes to be able to develop. I just wanted to put my head in the sand until the worst storm would be over. Like an ostrich! ”

03. Spiderweb Suit (Helena)
Helena's comment: “We thought this was a song with a lot of instruments so it took us eight hours to forget about that and change it into this minimalistic yet powerful version. It was recorded live and in the end we were very tired but we felt right away that this take was the magic one. I want to sing as good as Cyndi Lauper but someone said it sounds like young Michael Jackson, now that is a fine compliment! I want to make a suit for my love to protect him from all that is bad, sometimes even from myself. When I get paralyzed from problems in my life and my family, I get so difficult to handle. I just wish that he will be brave and I also want to save him from accidents, confusion, cold and violence. I took sewing classes, but still I do not know how to make this kind of suit. Maybe if I was a witch I could get my hands on some dew and a piece of the rainbow!? I suppose I just have to learn that I can not save him from hard things, I need to trust that he does it himself. ”

04. Fat (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “One sunny morning in 2002 i wrote this song. 22 years old. It was too good to leave behind. ”

05. Fish Tale (Helena)
Helena's comment: “This song was written in year 2000. It is about my younger sister Sofia who had a big problem with her eczema. When she went to the Mediterranean she would get better, swimming in the sea and swallowing the sunbeams. Her wounds would heal. I thought maybe she was turning into a mermaid, and when she did she would be able to live life happily. In the same time I got sad because how could I see her then, when she would live so far away? I thought I would have to visit her in the ocean, as she was jumping and diving into the waves, like a dark silhouette in the horizon. ”

06. Baby Can't Stop (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “The song is written on our piano. It had a tango-feel which we blended with some power drums and 8ees beats. I wanted it to sound a little like the song "Words don´t come easy", a great tune. ”

07. Laisse Les Anges Te Proteger (Helena)
Helena's comment: “I have sung in a choir since I was seven years and I miss it! Standing in the middle of 30 pure girls´ voices, a unit where nobody is a soloist. We were all as important as one key on the piano, everyone was heading for the same goal. I will not experience it again because when you become a woman your voice isn´t so light anymore. We would sing a little too high up sometimes which I think is very beautiful! This song is inspired by Alice Tegnér, a lady who wrote songs for kids ( "Sov Du lilla Videung" ) and Benjamin Britten ( "A Ceremony of Carols" ). Sisters, mother, girlfriends and choir friends joined us in the studio one summerday to record this. And I am sure I will write more music for a choir in the future because it was so exciting even though it is not easy to write the notes correctly. ”

08. Le Mistral (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “You walk on the beach in Saint Tropéz and you hear the waves, the sky, the wind and the sand. I remember it from way back when i was little and spend many summers there eating pizza and playing foozball at the foozball table. ”

09. Chimney Hole (Helena)
Helena's comment: “We recorded it live, Martinique and I sitting on different sides of the same microphone. The song was a little scary to record because of the difficult rhythms, we are just a pop group after all you know, but it became great I think. I wanted to stop the listener from thinking about what it is and just feel the music. That is why I chose the different rhythms. This song is about longing, it is a bit erotic I think. You know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and the warmth is spreading? I asked Martinique to sing it since I think the lyrics get even more interesting that way. And I can truly imagine him making friends with a squirrel, because he is always kind to animals. Julianne is a beautiful name, but Martiniques big high-school love was Juliana. Therefor I think the song is a little about falling in love for the first time, and in a way many animals and plants fall in love for the first time every spring I believe. Me too, even though it is the same person every spring Surprised) ”

10. Evening Wake, Morning Flake (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “Just a happy song that i enjoyed singing. ”

11. Faires & Elves (Helena)
Helena's comment: “This is the song I am most proud of on this album. It was exciting for me and very emotional. I never believed in luck before but now I am starting to. Martinique is a dreamer, and I am told I am naive. But sometimes the everyday neutral faces, routines and habits just do not satisfy me. I have to find something else in everyday things to feel happy. For example I do not enjoy asphalt so I have to look for the sparkles in there, sometimes you can see them. I love gravelled roads, they sound and smell wonderful. And one day I walked home on the sidewalk, listening to The Cure. Why do we not look at those we meet? We are curious but we don´t want to show it. That day I thought that maybe all the people I met were fairies or alves but they just don´t show it. Since the day when I was a child and I saw a little puck outside in the snow, I do believe that there is more than the eye can see.
I also thought about the senile persons I have met ( I worked at a home for old people before ). There was a gardener who was always quiet. Sometimes we found him removing "weeds" from the plastic flowers. In summer, we would sometimes drink afternoon coffee in the garden among flowers in the sun. Then, all of a sudden, he would start laughing very loud and for long! I just find it so beautiful that maybe the heart never forgets what it loves even though the head doesn´t remember. That showed me that the most important things in life can be enjoyed no matter how senile you are.
Gunhild played the harp on this recording and it was fantastic for me! She was very pregnant and very positive, and at first she made some wonderful sounds. I thought, this must be as beautiful as it can get. But then she did another thing with the harp and it was even better. My chest started hurting and I got very moved by her playing so. ”

12. Angel On The Ground (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “One day i drove my mothers car with my mother in the passenger seat. I passed a car in a stupid way and nearly smashed into a lorry. It could all have ended right there but it didn´t. There was a day when I almost lost the love of my life. We thought that we had gone in different direction. It could all have ended right there but it didn´t. The song was originally much longer including a second verse but we liked this short version. ”

The new website has arrived - 11.01.2006

Behold the new website! Thanks to our dear friend Björn (Björn Folbert) we now can update the site ourselves. So prepare yourselves for a site that constantly is updated. It´s really nice for us and you will be able to follow the Sandy Mouche saga in a totally new way. Welcome!
Sandy Mouche

Sandy Mouche - Baby I can't stop
Folk a Rock, Malmö, Sweden on 7th January 2006

The new album is out!!

"...and poems for the unborn" is the name of it.

The album was released january 4th and has been recieved

well by the press and media.

We had a cake party for everyone that were involved

in the creation of the new album.

See some pics from the party HERE

Ola taking his first piece.

Martinique and our pianist Chris the triss.

2006.01.07 Sandy Mouche - Folk a Rock, Malmö

Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche