27 Dec 2004

P, C & C have a party in their heads (I): new plans, good plans

The year ends and we can remember some old news related to Per Gessle, Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist.

The huge event was Gyllene Tider’s recording of a new album and 25th anniversary tour. This long-awaited reunion took Sweden by storm. Almost half a million people saw the boys back on stage, performing their evergreen songs to sold-out arenas and a multitude of new fans.

In October, Per received “Lyricist and/or Composer of the year” award at the Musikförläggarnas Pris (Music Publishers’ Prize) and “Best Nordic Male Artist” at the first Swedish version of Kids Choice Awards. Later that month Gyllene Tider won a Nordic Music Award as the “Best Swedish artist” and Per was awarded by the Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM) with a platinum STIM Guitar award for his career. According to Visa Kopu, from TDR, "probably the only award Per didn’t win this year was the “Halland Resident of All Time,” which went to “Beda Hallberg, the woman who came up with the idea almost a hundred years ago of selling small paper flowers on May Day to raise funds to fight tuberculosis.” I guess selling paper flowers to fight tuberculosis does beat selling Gyllene Tider DVDs to buy a new Ferrari."

During the last months, a new records company has been created in Sweden. The members of the project are well-known by LJdM: Christoffer Lundquist, David Birde, Jens Jansson (Brainpool), Magnus Börjeson and Anders Mildner (Beagle). They are trying to release digital music. We will have more news very soon. They could have their own website in Spring 2005. The first album by this record company was Brainpool's rock opera Junk, premiered in August.

SOAP - Album Pictures 07

Per Gessle has said in interviews with the Swedish press that he is tired and will release new solo material in 2006, but he told The Daily Roxette “there will be an album in 2005” because he just can’t rest. In fact, since a few days, P, C & C are in the Aerosol Grey Machine Studios again recording some new songs, probably in English.

He-he-hey!!! Just a quickie from jolly Halmstad to wish y’all a splendid 2005!! 2004 made us very happy indeed with a great album from Marie as well as a quite successful album/tour from the old fellas in GeeTee. You can always rely on homecooking! Hope all of you are making progress in life’s neverending goobledegook and that we might bump into each other some day soon. Who knows what 2005 will bring? Lots of luv and happiness from

P.H. Gezzle

15 Dec 2004

Sandy Mouche's White Lucky Dragon (IV): interviewed from Canada

Here is the info to the 20 online questions that I did with Sandy Mouche on the www.itsatrap.com website which talks about Scandinavian music in general.
It's a trap

Sandy Mouche is a breath of fresh air from the Swedish music scene. They've put out a few demos, a number of singles, an ep and an album called "White lucky dragon" which was one of my favourite albums of 2004. Sandy Mouche sing in both English and French, sometimes even in the same song. I asked them 20 questions that will hopefully explain what makes Sandy Mouche tick... we'll see if they consider themselves more "pop" than "rock", why they sing in French and what inspires them.

a little side note: vocalist Helena has also worked on Per Gessle's (Roxette) new project.

01. Where does Sandy Mouche come from? name? concept? meaning if any?

The name was born on a Greek island when Martinique, Helena and Per were there on vacation. They decided to start a band. Per played with the sand and came up with Sandy and Helena saw that all three of them had Mouches (brown Madonna dots in the face). The result was the band's name Sandy Mouche. We have realised that it's not just a name but a person as well. A person who lives in every member of Sandy Mouche and who helps them when time seems pointless and grey. We're all together on a journey to make the world a better place. (See website for fairytale version).

02. Do you prefer to be described as pop or a rock band and why?

Pop. Our music is a bit softer than standard rock and it's not all based on loud guitars.

03. What Swedish bands have most influenced you?

None. Only Fairytale music for films of the Swedeish writer Astrid Lingren.

04. What band (outside of Sweden) would you all agree is a big influence on the band?

The French singer Joe Dassin, France Gall, Cindy Lauper, The Twin Peaks music, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Type o Negative.

05. Besides music, what influenced the band to start making music? movies? books? media? sex???

Some movie music is just great. We have all grown up with fairytales and music to the fairytale movies and that is very powerful. Besides that it's the fact that we just love to create music and play together. We have always had a dream about music being our daily job.

06. What movie would best describe Sandy Mouche if you had to pick one?

Astrid Lindgren's "Bröderna Lejonhjärta"

07. Why did you choose to sing in French and English? Is it popular in Sweden to sing in your native tongue nowadays? why not sing in Swedish? Did you make a conscious decision to sing this way?

We like both the English language and the French language so we do a combination of the two. French is beautiful. Martinique has relatives in France and he went there every summer when he was a little boy. So he has great memories and inspiration from that time. We want our music to fly over the borders of Sweden and reach the whole world so therefore we don't sing in Swedish. But if you want to break in Sweden, Swedish is probably the best way.

08. How has technology influenced the band?

We can do simple demos at home very easily thanks to computers, so that is great.

09. Do you prefer analog or digital? for recording, gear and aesthetics?

"White lucky dragon" was recorded in an analog studio. We liked it. But it's not a must for us. I think you can create magic digitally as well. When were playing live it's a mix of vintage and digital stuff.

10. How does Sandy Mouche fit into the Swedish music scene? Are you considered underground or outsiders?

Hmmm... We think we fit in perfectly but we need more money (for promotion) to break through the fog of all mainstream radio hits that torture the Swedes every day. At the moment we are somewere between underground and overground we think.

11. What are the other cool bands in Sweden these days?


12. Describe an average Sandy Mouche fan. What kind of person would dig Sandy Mouche?

Maybe a person who needs a little more love in life? Maybe a really macho guy with bad self-confidence. Or maybe the average person with a 9-5 workday that enjoys life. Hmmm, I think all kinds of people actually =)

14. How does art affect your daily lives if at all?

As in paintings it doesn't affect but maybe plays at the theatre or ballets. Everything that makes us react.

15. If you would describe the band in only 3 words (no more no less) what three words would they be?

White lucky dragon (It has nothing to do with rasism I assure u =)

16. In your opinion, who is the most famous swedish person? (alive or dead, musical or non musical)

Abba or Alfred Nobel maybe?

17. What is the coolest places in Sweden that most Swedes don't know about?

An island called Valö with orange cliffs and a big bird.

18. What does the future hold for Sandy Mouche? (keep in mind these questions where answered in December 2004...)

We have just finished the video for the song "Papillon" and it will be out in Sweden in the beginning of January. In February we return to the studio to do our second album. We will try to get a deal with a major company here in Sweden so that they can help us reach other countries.

19. Since I'm from Canada... what do you think of when you think of Canada?

We think of a calm beautiful place where you can speak french and where there is snow. Calm in the sense of more calm then USA where it seems that everyone must own a gun to feel safe and so on. Maybe a place more down to earth. Icehockey! We like Canada =)

20. Since I'm French I have one last little question: What would be your favorite French word or phrase? (each member please list at least one)

Helena: Tarte au pomme

Martinique: Planche a voile

Per: Révolution

Ola: Amour

Marc Xavier Leblanc, DJ Bones

30 Nov 2004

Sandy Mouche's White Lucky Dragon (III): Promo Tour 2004

White Lucky Dragon's Promo Tour 2004.

* O-Baren, Sturehof, Stockholm, 2004 · 09 · 15

* Releasespelning KB, Malmö 2004 · 09 · 17

With their friend Malin Nilsson, a magician from Malmö

* Releasespelning Klubb Gump, Göteborg 2004 · 09 · 16
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3, Göteborg

* Folk å Rock, skivsignering och spelning, Malmö 2004 · 09 · 25
"We played a few new songs at the record shop Folk & Rock"

Photos by Hans Hagman

* Folk å Rock, skivsignering och spelning, Lund 2004 · 09 · 25
"We played a few new songs at the record shop Folk & Rock"

Photo by Gustav Nilsson

* KB, Malmö 2004 · 10 · 02


* Klubb UFO, Malmö 2004 · 10 · 30

* La Couronne, Malmö 2004 · 11 · 08

Södra Förstadsgatan 36, Malmö
The owners of the restaurant are the band Eggstone.

* Access All Areas Festival, Nalen, Stockholm 2004 · 11 · 24


The "Independent Sweden" compilation from US/Spanish label Fork Series is finally done (18.10.2004), almost a year after it was first announced. Here's the tracklist:

01. David & The Citizens - "New Direction"
02. Niccokick - "Wasted Love"
03. Björn Kleinhenz - "Let's Try"
04. Thomas Denver Jonsson & The September Sunrise - "24 Seven"
05. Ane Brun - "Humming One Of Your Songs"
06. Adria - "Your Shift" *
07. Studio - "Down By The River"
08. Now - "Chin Up" *
09. Kid Commando - "Urban Bushman"
10. CDOASS - "Autovision"
11. Menteroja - "Ho Chi Minh Style"
12. Dr Higgins - "Jag Dansade Ett Liv" *
13. Laakso - "Fight The Fight
14. Celestine - "Beneath Your Sight…" *
15. sandy mouche - "Carkeys" *
16. Homeland - "Flood" *
17. Boy Omega - "I Might Not Be Real" *
18. Lemko Hall - "Those Are The Sundogs"
19. The Flu - "Little Friend" *
20. Det Gamla Landet - "Tolv Under" *

* Previously unreleased

2004.10.18 Independent Sweden
2004.10 Fork Series - Independent Sweden

"The compilation kicks off with Sweden’s hottest exports, David & the Citizens and Niccokick, with their excellent vocalists and angst-ridden storytelling. The latest singer-songwriters come next: Thomas Denver Jonsson, with a cut from his new album, Gothenburg’s Björn Kleinhenz and also Ane Brun’s “Humming One Of Your Songs”. Then follows an exclusive cut from Adria, with their intimate guitar work and electronic vocals contrasting the edginess of Now’s “Chin Up” and the bass-heavy Studio. Kid Commando kick the listener back into action before art-funksters CDOASS and new hip hop talent Menteroja take over. Dr Higgins is up next, before Laakso’s surging “Fight The Fight” takes off. Newcomers Celestine and Sandy Mouche show how warm and romantic Sweden can be, while Homeland (members of Lemko Hall, Det Gamla Landet, David & the Citizens and others) come up with “Flood”. Boy Omega is next, then Lemko Hall give us a great cut from their last album, then The Flu’s piano-driven “Little Friend” brings things to a close before the wonderful Det Gamla Landet rock you gently to sleep."

Fork Series is a label of Absolute Distributor, SL, Barcelona, Spain, something of a new direction for their Blue Moon catalogue. This new label was born with the intention of doing the same for rock and electronic music, as Fresh Sound New Talent does for jazz: provide a platform for new and interesting bands.
It's a trap

Martiniqueprod is the Martinique Josefsson's graphic design one man new company. You can visit his website:

1 Oct 2004

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (XII): Swan Lee - In your life

The Danish trio Swan Lee (Pernille Rosendahl -vocals-, Jonas Struck - guitar - and Emil Jørgensen - drums-) release today the third single of their second album. "In your life" (2004) was produced at the Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden, by Per Sunding (Eggstone), featuring Helena Josefsson (vocals, background).

23 Sep 2004

Sandy Mouche's White Lucky Dragon (II): Released in Japan, 2004.09.23

White Lucky Dragon
(released in Japan 2004 · 09 · 23 by Philter Records)

Japan-version of the White Lucky Dragon album also includes two extra songs:

14. Mother (Helena, Martinique)
Helena's comment: “Martinique made the chorus and I made the verse. My mother has always supported me with a firm hand. She never overprotected me, she always trusted me. And if I did wrong, she just showed me how to make it right again! I love her and I am happy that she knows how to accept it. ”

15. New York (Helena, Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “Danyal fell in love with a girl. The only problem was that she lived in Paris and he in Malmö.”

Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche

20 Sep 2004

Sandy Mouche's White Lucky Dragon (I): Released in Sweden, 2004.09.20

White Lucky Dragon
(released in Sweden 2004 · 09 · 20 by Magpie)

" “Sandy Mouche went to Christoffer Lundquist in Vollsjo to record their debut album. I took place between late summer 2003 and spring 2004. 15 songs were recorded (two of those is only available on the Japan-version). We loved to be in the studio with Christoffer and are very pleased with the album. It's a warm sound (only analog equipment) and Christoffer helped us doing the best we could. Thanks!.” "

01. Sandy Mouche (Helena, Martinique)
Helena's comment: “I had the verse in my notebook and then Martinique just spat out the chorus! It became a sweet popsong! It is a manual of how to spend one of all the rainy days in a great way. ”

02. Cloette (Helena, Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “Cloette's best friend is in love with her but she doesn't know it yet. ”

03. Cherry Pie (Helena)
Helena's Comment: “I'd do anything to travel into the past. Just to visit one day of every year of Martinique's life since he was born! Unfortunately, I do not know how to. But if I was the moon, I could have touched his face with my light through all times, and I would see him as a child- he must have been a wonderful one! ”

04. Executioner (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “For a long time I had a big stone in my chest. A girl that I adore helped me throw it away and Executioner was born. This was the last song written to the WLD album. ”

05. White lucky dragon (Helena)
Helena's comment: “I made this one a few weeks before I was married, in the summer of 2003. My husband-to-be had a big stone in his heart that I didn't know of. It was so heavy it almost tipped us over. But love conquers all you know! And we smashed the stone between us until it cracked into dust, and so far no new stones have come. ”

06. Matador (Helena, Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “We don't like bullfighting.

07. Le rat blanc (Helena, Martinique)
Helena's comment: [i] “Martinique and I went into a pet shop and the birds were screaming, it sounded like crying. Maybe because there wasn't enough space in the cages, and maybe they felt homesick. A couple bought a rat, but they didn't like the white one. ”

08. Formule 1 (Helena)
Helena's comment: “Sometimes Martinique worked the night shift at the printing press, where he's been the last three years. He made milk- and juice cartons. His working mates joked and said that he wasn't always present even though his body was there- one of the things I imagine him doing is dreaming about the Formel 1 cars he wishes to drive, instead of the machine. In the chorus we find him walking home at dawn. He wears his new Formel 1 shoes, they are red like real love. All the birds sing a heavenly song in the silent air around him. ”

09. Neons (Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “I wanted to write a song with a groove so first I came up with the rhythm guitar and the rest just followed. ”

10. C'est pas juste (Helena, Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “One of the early sandy songs. It makes me dance every time. ”

11. A Year (Helena, Martinique)
Martinique's comment: “I wrote it 3 years ago on a Roland Juno 60 synthesizer. This was the song I made Per and Helena listen to during a trip to Greece. It became the first Sandy Mouche song and it's about living like there was no tomorrow. ”

12. Papillon (Helena, Martinique)
Helena's comment: “This is about how I try to ignore my dad's worried face- he is afraid I won't survive in this tough world, as a musician. I got my passion for music through my mum, but my stubbornness comes from him- and it's an extremely tough combination to break! Maybe he just doesn't know me? Because if he did, he wouldn't waste so much time trying to stop me. ”

13. Notes & Bills (Helena, Martinique)
Helena's comment: “This song was born after a drive when I heard a r'n'b tune on the radio. Martinique wrote the cosy bridge. It is often like that, I know I want to sing and record but there is a big gloomy pile of everyday musts and useless words between me and the future dream. I just want to ignore the pile but it's hard. This song helps me sink into the dark red velvet sofa which is the gravelled road to the Sandy Mouche village. ”
Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche

17 Sep 2004

P, C & C find GT's five errors and Brainpool's long-running soap opera (VIII): Johnny Ramone loses his battle against cancer

According to TDR, Johnny Ramone, the guitarist of the influencial 70’s punk band The Ramones, died Wednesday afternoon at the age of 55. His wife and Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s John Fuschiante were at his bedside when he died.

John Cummings (his real name) had suffered from prostate cancer for five years. He is the third founding member of the band to pass away. Singer Joey Ramone died in 2001 of lymphatic cancer and bassist Dee Dee Ramone died of a drug overdose the following year.

Per Gessle is a big fan of the Ramones: he released a cover version of the Ramones’s hit “I Want To Be Your Boyfriend” a couple of years ago with Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and Jens Jansson. One of the new songs of the last album of Gyllene Tider was also an homage to The Ramones: Ande i en flaska (Gabba gabba gabba come on come on karma karma).

14 Sep 2004

Sandy Mouche is looking for a White Lucky Dragon (III): Fans waiting for the new album

Sandy Mouche are releasing their debut album "White Lucky Dragon" on the 20th of september! (For the peeps that go blank now...Sandy Mouche is the band in which Helena Josefsson is singing) . The album is recorded in the now famous Aerosol Grey Machine studio, owned by Christoffer Lundquist who also produced the album together with Sandy Mouche.

They have completely renewed their website, http://www.sandymouche.com/, really nice stuff there! Have just listened to a couple of songs and seen some video material and have to say that I can't wait for the album...really like it! The pictures section has some pix of the recording sessions as well...

Saar (aka Sarah den Rara),
from Alkmaar, Netherlands

I´ll order the Sandy Mouche album too! Can´t wait to hear it! For those who want to spend some more money: There´ll be a Sandy Mouche Tour in November! I´m thinking of going to one concert!

Nicole Breuer - HJ Official Forum

Oh my, have seen this only now and OF COURSE I'm gonna get the album. Can't wait. And HOW I wish for a tiny little Sandy Mouche concert in November, in Malmö, on a Saturday...

Heike Lohrengel - HJ Official Forum

Hej SM! =)) I'm so happy to hear about your album is released at last! Can't wait to hear that beautiful voice we've heard on Gessle's Mazarin Sommarturne! =)) Helena, you're great!!!!!! =)) Your Russian fan, Ilia

Ilya Volkov -(a.k.a. Kreecher)- Roxette House

27 Aug 2004

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at AGM Studios (VI): Winokur's 13 songs about love

Justin Winokur, from California, spent years in heavy/rock/punk/industrial bands like Mortal and Spitkiss sitting on a not-so-metal secret: he wanted to write love songs. Not just wanted to; he couldn't help it. No matter what he tried to write, just about the only thing that ever came out was a sad love song.

After years of shelving those songs, he gave in and sold everything he had to fly to Sweden to record his first album, "Thirteen Songs About Love," with his hero producer Christoffer Lundquist at the Aerosol Grey Machine Studio.

Justin has been recording at the Aerosol Grey Machine Studio in Sweden from November 2002 through March 2003. The new album will feature Jens Jannson (Brainpool, Righteous Boy, A Camp) on drums and Christoffer Lundquist (Brainpool, Roxette, Per Gessle, Ulf Lundell) on a variety of instruments. Additional players include select members of Malmö's Philharmonic Orchesta and vocalist Helena Josefsson, from Sandy Mouche.

Thirteen songs about love (2004.08.27, JWC Records)
No Truth Anymore; Shooting Star; Blue Eyes; Lullaby; I Loved You More; Just Be In Love In My Dreams; Fly Away; Never Go Back Again; Just Go Out With Me; You Took It All Away; Celestial; I Run Away; Every Day Is Roses

Thirteen songs about love is the new album by Justin Winokur. He recorded it at the Aerosol Grey Machine Studio in the winter 2002-2003, with Christoffer Lundquist, Jens Jansson and Helena Josefsson.
"This album features Jens Jansson (Brainpool, Righteous Boy, A Camp) on drums and Christoffer Lundquist (Brainpool, Roxette, Per Gessle, Ulf Lundell) on a variety of instruments. Additional players include select members of Malmö's Philharmonic Orchesta and vocalist Helena Josefsson"

25 Aug 2004

P, C & C find GT's five errors and Brainpool's long-running soap opera (VII): Junk - A Rock Opera - The Story

LJdM is impressed by Brainpool's Junk - A Rock Opera. You can follow the story of the opera here in some of the official videos and reading Junk - Lyrics.

Junk - Disc One

1. Overture
2. How to Find a Decent Sushi Bar
3. Here Comes the Man
4. Penthouse Party

5. Junkyard Commercial Spot

6. This is Junk
7. Metro Jets Premiere Concert

8. Working With My Hands
9. And the Wall
10. Designer Dream
11. Cottage Cheese
12. Orange Peel
13. Anybody Home
14. No Sunny Days

Junk - Disc Two

1. World Going Wrong
2. Hostile Takeover (2nd Overture)
3. What Have I Done And Why Did I Do It?
4. Metro Jets Premiere Concert Pt. 2
5. Do You Really Think That You Deserve All the Money That You Earn? (The making of the suit of armour)
6. All Free Agents
7. Skyscraper
8. Who's That Man?
9. Martina Says:
10. Junk

11. Keyboard Wizard
12. Glycemic Index (How To Find a Decent Sushi Bar - Reprise)
13. Here Comes the New Man
14. Los Reyes De La Musica Rock Progresiva

Our previous commercial success might be to our disadvantage since we keep comparing our present more moderate success to that, even though what we get to do now is absolutely amazing. We’ve been able to spend four years on recording a double album and do it exactly the way we wanted it, which is quite fantastic. And even more incredible is that we’ve been allowed to perform it on stage with an orchestra and one of the world’s best conductors! But at the end of the day, we’ve always tended to view all our achievements as major disasters!

We may only be a footnote in Swedish pop music but in that case we want to be a damn weird footnote! It sould be unpredictable and take a long time to read!
David Birde (Junk Musik)
David Birde - Junk Musik

24 Aug 2004

P, C & C find GT's five errors and Brainpool's long-running soap opera (VI): Junk Opera presented live

According to Judith Seuma, from The Daily Roxette, Brainpool’s latest project “Junk: a Rock Opera” is out in the stores since last Thursday, August 19th. The double CD – which has also been presented live with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra (MSO) during the Malmö Music Festival on the same day – contains a total of 28 songs in English. The band, consisting of Jens Jansson, David Birde and Christoffer Lundquist, celebrates its 10th anniversary with this release, which is the first since 1999 when they released “You Are Here.”

In 2000, Brainpool left Epic and began working on Junk, a sweeping two-disc rock opera set in a not-too-distant future where international megacompanies own everything, including Brainpool. The biggest of these is Junk, Inc., which is gradually taking over the world one piece at a time in order to push its forgettable, disposable products. The company buys out Brainpool and recasts them as Junkpool, house band of a legendary rock club also recently bought by Junk and revamped in the name of profit.

David Birde, who was working at an advertising agency when he wrote the story, isn’t afraid that the album might be too political; the band describes the album as a criticism of modern consumption- crazed society, which “produces junk, talks crap and stinks like trash.”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The live version of Junk with the MSO naturally differs considerably from Brainpools CD-version, which is being released by Playground Music. The group has worked on the recording off-an-on for about four years, in between other projects. Most recently, Lundquist – who has played with Roxette – co-produced Gyllene Tider’s “Finn 5 Fel” album. Some of the songs from “Junk” are available to listen to on the band’s official website.

The Junk Opera concert performed with Sweden's Malmö Symphonic Orchestra (directed by Anders Eljas) and some singer friends (Robert Jelinek, Freddie Wadling, Helena Josefsson) and musicians (Fredrik Blank, Magnus Börjeson and Clarence Öfwerman) has been broadcast on Swedish National Radio and television, featuring 60 classically trained musicians and 10,000 people in attendance. The 9 p.m. news was even postponed as Junk aired.

I would’ve found it very difficult to write “Junk” about something that I didn’t find important. It would’ve made it harder to be bombastic and sincere if one found the subject matter, trivial or a work of fiction.

We started this about four years ago. “Junk” is all about our consumer society, something that we too are very much a part of. It’s very difficult for anyone to defend themselves against it. And we are certainly not in a position to pass judgment on other people’s consumer habits. We’re just as bad as everyone else!
David Birde (Junk Musik)
David Birde - Junk Musik

The perfect scenario would be if someone in, say Berlin, Boston or whatever, decides it would be fun to stage our rock opera. Then we could arrive at the premiere, drink some champagne and then go home again.
Jens Jansson (Junk Musik)
Jens Jansson - Junk Musik

19 Aug 2004

P, C & C find GT's five errors and Brainpool's long-running soap opera (V): GT25 - Sommarturné 2004

2004.07 Gyllene Tider Tour

Le Journal des Mouches misses Mazarin but GT25 Turné has been a huge phenomenon in Sweden this summer. A post-tour advertisement appearing in several newspapers reads “Thank you all who made GT25 the biggest tour in Sweden through all time!” The ad goes on to proclaim a sold-out tour, (492,242 tickets!!) and that “Finn 5 fel!” has sold more than 210,000 copies so far, and “GT25” (Greatest Hits) more than 65,000.

According to TDR, under clear skies, a capacity crowd of some 32,000 people gathered in Stockholm’s Stadium to see Gyllene Tider’s triumphant return to the venue that was the highlight of the Återtåget tour in 1996. For some, it’s a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane. The concert set list is full of songs that take Swedish adults back in time to when they themselves were teenagers. But new teenagers also were there. It seems everyone in Sweden this summer loves Gyllene Tider.

“This is the biggest thing that ever happened in my life, after my children being born” said Göran Fritzon to Aftonbladet at Ullevi. “I don’t really know what to say. I’m speechless,” added Per Gessle. “It was really hard to keep the tears in the first couple of songs,” confessed Micke “Syd” Andersson, “my voice trembled when I sang the backing vocals.” After the show the band went to the VIP area to celebrate the record with their families and friends who had come to support the band.

When The Daily Roxette came to Örjans Vall it was pouring cats and dogs, the rain started trickling at 5 and escalated to a downpour at 7, when The Latin Kings entered the stage. TDR had a little talk with Per Gessle at 7:45 (see below). During the interview, Mats “MP” Persson allegedly got sick of the rain and told the others that he would stop it. So MP sticks his hands in the air and shouts. The rain stops immediately. When TDR comes out from the interview at 8 the rain is gone! While the setlist didn’t contain any surprises, the concert itself did. Gyllene Tider’s members became “honorary citizens” of Halmstad 2004 for being such great ambassadors for the town for so long.

After the concert Sweden’s Princess Madeleine came backstage and congratulated Gyllene Tider on a great show. Then the Golden Lads entered the semi torn down stage and had cake and champagne before the press. Anders sprayed the photographers with champagne… All in all… a great end to a great tour, by a great band.

  • 18/08/2004 Örjans vall Halmstad
  • 17/08/2004 Jogersö Oxelösund
  • 14/08/2004 Torget Skellefteå
  • 13/08/2004 Park arena Sundsvall
  • 11/08/2004 Sundbyholms slott Eskilstuna
  • 10/08/2004 Gränsö slott Västervik
  • 07/08/2004 Ullevi Gothenburg
  • 06/08/2004 Elmia-fältet Jönköping
  • 04/08/2004 Eiravallen Örebro
  • 31/07/2004 Mölleplatsen Malmö
  • 30/07/2004 Värendsvallen Växjö
  • 28/07/2004 Karstorps fritidsområde Skövde
  • 25/07/2004 Lugnet Falun
  • 24/07/2004 Stockholms stadion Stockholm
  • 23/07/2004 Stockholms stadion Stockholm
  • 21/07/2004 Rottneros park Sunne
  • 20/07/2004 Idrottsparken Norrköping
  • 18/07/2004 Sofiero slott Helsingborg
  • 17/07/2004 Pinneviken Lysekil
  • 15/07/2004 Örjans vall Halmstad
  • 14/07/2004 Örjans vall Halmstad

By the way, today it is an important day. Don't forget it! Tonight it will be the premiere concert of Brainpool's rock opera, JUNK. Christoffer Lundquist, Jens Jansson and David Birde have been working on it since 2000. LJdM will review the concert very soon. Helena Josefsson, Clarence Öfwerman and Magnus Börjeson are going to take part in the concert.