28 Jun 2002

The beginning of Sandy Mouche's live sound (II): Sandy June - Stockholm and Malmö

After their May debut gig in a tent in the Lundakarnevalen, Sandy Mouche have played in two important clubs of Stockholm and Malmö. It is their first appearance on the demostage and the beginning of the Sandy Mouche's live sound.

  • Helena Josefsson: Vocals and keyboards
  • Martin Nilsson (aka Martinique Josefsson): Vocals and guitar
  • Ola Blomgren: Bass
  • Per Blomgren: Drums

* Nalen, Stockholm 2002 · 06 · 19
STOCKHOLM - Nalen Restaurang STOCKHOLM - Nalen

Nalen is an unique historical building (1888) in Stockholm that preserves all its original charm from its golden years (mid1930s to the late 1960s), but at the same time ideal for modern shows. According to a travel guide: "
A series of stages, some glitzy and some low-key, make up Nalen, a longstanding, much-loved venue housed in a renovated 19th-century building in Östermalm. It hosts everything from dinner dances to up-and-coming local bands and touring hip hop stars."

* Shindra, Malmö 2002 · 06 · 27
MALMÖ Shindra (Klubb) - Gustaf Adolf Torg

Shindra is a nice night club in Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö. Another new band from Malmö, Emerald, has played there this month. With a open stage, it becomes a good place to play small acoustic gigs after a good dinner (Royal India Restaurang, with chef Sanad Chowdhury). Two bands per night.

14 Jun 2002

P, C & C wanna be Ramones' boyfriends (VIII): Stupid world premiere

According to The Daily Roxette, Jonas Åkerlund’s feature film “Spun” premiered at the CineVegas Film Festival in Las Vegas, U.S., last weekend with a Roxette song in the soundtrack.

The movie included “Stupid,” as indicated in the end credits: Written by Gessle, performed by Roxette. However, it was not featured in a prominent position. “Stupid” was playing in the background during one of the scenes while the characters were driving, but you can hardly hear the music due to dialogue.

There will be much comparision by movie critics between this movie and “Trainspotting,” because of similar themes and subject matter. The film had a very grainy look, similar to the “Salvation” video that was shot by Jonas on Super 8 film. There are cameo appearances from porn stars, the lead singer of Judas Priest, and the lead singer of “Smashing Pumpkins.”

“Spun” is expected to be released in movie theatres this fall. Jonas is a good friend of Per and Marie.


The song "Stupid" was originally recorded by Per Gessle with Clarence Öfwerman, Chris Lundquist, Jens Jansson and MP Persson to the album The world according to Gessle (1997).

It seems there is no good opportunity to this great song, not even in a film.

By the way, it is said that since the last days of May 2002, Per Gessle has been recording some new songs in Swedish with MP Persson and Milla Andersson in the Tits&Ass studio in Halmstad.

The short film continues winning many international prizes in 2002.

Music for One Apartment
and Six Drummers

(2001; 9 min 31 s)

  • Produced by: Kostr Film, SVT and Film i Skäne
  • Directors: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson
  • Music: Ola Simonsson
  • Music productor: Magnus Börjeson

  • Aspen Shortfest 2002: Ellen Award to the Most Original Film
  • Bratislava Art Film Festival 2002: Silver Key
  • Sequence Short Film Festival Toulouse 2002: European Prize