30 Apr 2003

Sandy Mouche EP (II): Promo in Malmö

Sandy Mouche are promoting their first EP in Malmö's clubs.

* Inkonst, Malmö 2003 · 04 · 30

MALMÖ - Inkonst
Situated at Bergsgatan 29, in a retrofitted warehouse in central Malmö, Inkonst is a hub for all sorts of culture (club, theater, bar, restaurant, and office). Sandy Mouche were also there in October 2002.

* Fashionshow, Jeriko, Malmö 2003 · 04 · 30
MALMÖ - Jeriko - Spångatan, 38 (2)MALMÖ - Jeriko - Spångatan, 38 (3)
Jeriko is, since 2000, a Jazz club situated in Spångatan 38,not far from Möllevången, Folkets park and Triangeln. It was an old church from 1923. Jeriko is run by the associations Jazz in Malmö and Mix Musik. In addition to jazz and world music concerts, Jeriko have hip-hop nights fo youngsters, discussion forum, theatre, dance studio and stund-up club.

23 Apr 2003

Sandy Mouche E.P. (I): release party

* Release party - KB, Malmö 2003 · 04 · 01
MALMÖ - KB Kulturbolaget (2)MALMÖ - KB Kulturbolaget (1)
The well reknowned KB was chosen for the release party of Sandy Mouche's first EP.

2003.06 Sandy Mouche, by Aftonbladet2003 Sandy Mouche EP

One of our closest friends Danyal Taylan hasrecorded this Ep with us in World Studios in Malmö. There has been a great feeling in the studio and we have felt that this is something really good. This is the first Sandy Mouche recording in a proffessional studio. Cherry Pie was recorded in Per Blomgren´s bedroom. We felt it was hard to beat the feeling that we had achieved there.



01. Matador (written by Martinique)
02. Cherry Pie (Helena)
03. C´est Pas Juste (Martinique)
04. Mother (Helena, Martinique)
05. Notes & Bills (Helena)
Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche

I had no friction with Sing / The Radio Dept but Sandy Mouche is very much more a band than anything else I've played with. And we are floating. So far, there have been new things and gigs that take us forward all the time although we had not even released a single. In the EP we got the feeling we want to. The songs can be sad, but there is nevertheless a happy sense of freedom when you listen to them.

From the beginning, Sandy Mouche has become more and more song-based. I quickly realized that this was a good deal of vocal resources, so why not take note of it? In many ways the band has a a "vocal sound". I have listend to French music since I was a child. I have relatives in France and I visited them every summer as a child, so I received French lessons for free. Lately I've been listening to a lot of music I have not listen to in years. I can get a strong feeling of melancholy when I listen to French music.
Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

13 Apr 2003

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (IV): Rigtheous boy's first single

Magnus Sveningsson ("Righteous Boy"), bassist of The Cardigans, has released his first solo single, Loved among friends.
  • Vocals - Magnus Sveningsson
  • Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards - Henrik Andersson
  • Drums - Jens Jansson
  • Piano [Grand] - Patrik Bartosch
  • Mixed by Michael Ilbert
  • Composed by Magnus Sveningsson and Henrik Andersson.
  • Recorded at Tambourine Studios, Malmö, Sweden
The full album will be released next month and includes Helena Josefsson's backing vocals.