31 Dec 2006

P, C & C in a Rox-Plumber-Box (VII): Gessle's Demos, new plans, Metro Jets' sessions and Brainpool's TV

Do not lose your time! LJdM has got for you all the news from the last days of October in a single post. Per Gessle's demos, Metro Jets' sessions and Brainpool on the US TV.

Perhaps as a reply to the fans' demands, on October 30, Per Gessle started to publish old Roxette demos weekly on the Roxette website. All the demos that are being aired were recorded at Tits & Ass studio.
  • "One Wish" (Tits & Ass demo, May 20, 2006)
  • "Crush On You" (Tits & Ass demo, July 30, 1998)
  • "Dance Away" (Tits & Ass demo, February 9, 1988)
  • "My World, My Love, My Life" (Tits & Ass demo, December 28, 1999)
  • "The Centre Of The Heart" (Tits & Ass demo, autumn 1997)
  • "Fool" (Tits & Ass demo, December 27, 1999)
  • "Dangerous" (Tits & Ass demo, February 1987)
  • "Stars" (Tits & Ass demo, July 9, 1998)
  • "It Hurts" (Tits & Ass demo, August 1995)
LJdM loved "One Wish" demo. It has a different style, closer to Son of a Plumber sound. A couple of days ago, Per Gesle spoke at Radio Halland and said he is thinking about a new solo project. Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist and Clarence Öfwerman (P, C & C) have been recording new songs for a Gessle's album since September 2006 at Aerosol Grey Machine Studios.

According to Anders Mildner, from Junk Musik (and former Beagle drummer), the lost album from Favorita is finally released on 21/11/2006. Songs from the unreleased Favorita-CD has been spread over the Internet, via fans and p2p-networks. But for most people, Favorita remains a secret.

In 1991, Magnus Börjeson, Calle Håkansson, Anders Mildner, Benjamin Peetre, Jakob Peetre and Daniel Sandström, from Lund, Sweden, formed the indie pop band BEAGLE. They signed a record contract with Polar in Stockholm and released 2 albums in all Europe and Japan. In 1992, Beagle was nominated for best new popband in Swedish Grammies and The things that we say became a hit in Sweden. They had many gigs in 1992 and 1993. In 1994, Beagle transformed into Favorita and starts recording. The leader, Magnus Börjeson (bass and vocals) and Benjamin Peetre (keyboards) decided in 1994 to transform Beagle into a manic & wild & fast & loud new pop group, Favorita, with 4 members: Magnus, Benjamin, Fredrik Blank (guitar) and Conny Stade (drums). Favorita signed a contract in 1994 and played support for the famous band PULP in their gigs in Sweden during 1996. They also released their first single, Seven Comforts, but never released an album. Magnus talks about it: "The album was recorded over a very long period. Label negotiations dragged on and on. When the album was finished and the record deal was signed, the label was dropped by the mother company." The Favorita band members moved on to other projects (guitarist Fredrik Blank is in Montag Mania for example; Magnus Börjeson is in Metro Jets and works with Per Gessle and Brainpool). Now, 12 years later and thanks to Junk Musik, the long lost Favorita album is finally released in Internet. We are very happy about it. Visit: Magnus Börjeson, Beagle and Favorita Web and Favorita Myspace.

Read about Metro Jets and Jens Jansson experiences with frogs and deaf rabbits too.

More than a year ago I wanted to try out the built-in microphone on a PowerBook that I used at the time. Just wanted to hear what it sounded like. I did it using DPs multitracking wündermachine “Polar”. A kind of plug-in that helpes you multitrack very fast. In a loop. The microphone picked up the fan in the computer and it sounded almost like an effect. So I tracked an accoustic guitar and another one. Then sang some gibberish over and over again.

Now it’s a final recording. ‘Cause David has decided it is. That’s one of his fortes. Decisiveness. It’s not one of mine.

Of course we had to poke around with it a bit and add some stuff. But we started with that PowerBook recording. And you can listen to what we started with in the player to your right. Ah the wonders of technology. Same working title as a 1 1/2 years ago: AluBook.

And just now Apple announced upgrades of their MacBook Pro line. Did I hear anyone say synchronicity? I certainly did.

Magnus Börjeson (Junk Musik)
Magnus Börjeson - Junk Musik

Let´s see… Metro Jets has written a couple of things on the blog and posted three pieces of music (you will find the player in the right column). But what are the sessions like? Are these two songs all they are working on? Are they writing new songs as they go along? What have they been doing since the last time we heard from them? In this project it is up to me – and all of you – to ask these questions. So go ahead: ask.

Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner

We have started working on a third song as well; a Hi-NRG-number with no title so far.
David Birde (Junk Musik)
David Birde - Junk Musik


If you hate tech-stuff, don’t read this!

So Ableton’s Live is a thrill to track and improvise in. Absolutely super! Until strange things start to happen, i.e one strange thing. A synth that plays to it’s own beat. Anyway, I knew that we were going to have to move the whole project to DP for mixing sooner or later. So I did that sooner, to get out of the rocky boat. Little did I know that we were climbing into another. After importing all the files to DP everything sounded hmm…different. And different in DP is often good, but not always. The upfront feeling of the tracks seemed to have faded and after tweaking and tweaking it just sounded…tweaked. Oh no! “You’ve just entered the digital-summing zone!” Do different DAW’s sound different? Many believe they do, and I’m one of them. Something is going on under those shiny GUI’s when a mix comes out? But what? Pan laws, summing algorithms, flawed A/B tests, imagination. You can read your eyes red in the audio forums around the net. And I just did. You’re calling me obsessive? I have nothing to add to that…

The escape route came in the form of a 30 day trial of Logic 7. I own both Logic 5 and 6 Pro and fear them equally! They were not designed for humans. I swore to myself never to open Logic again. But come on, give yourself some slack, we’re having a digital-summing-crisis over here! Ten minutes after downloading the crisis was over. The track was back! Uhh, Logic is still ugly compared to the beautiful DP interface. So now we may be in for a GUI-shock but we’ll deal with that later… Let’s make some music… Track in DP 5 and Live 6, mix in Logic Pro 7. There’s a certain…logic…to that. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

Speaking of technology and music, if you’re in the Malmö region, don’t miss Junior Boys at Inkonst 21.00 tonight. It’s a Pink Flag arrangement. Should be good!

Magnus Börjeson (Junk Musik)
Magnus Börjeson - Junk Musik

Junior Boys was brilliant! For many reasons… Thanks for the beer Magnus!
David Birde (Junk Musik)
David Birde - Junk Musik


I’ve been playing with a man called Peter Von Poehl for a while and we’ve been supporting the nice members of Phoenix all over France. The tour is now over, but I’m still here… Well, now I’m in Lausanne in Switzerland on my way to Zürich.

The most memorable thing about yesterdays show was the two girls that came up to me afterwards asking for a baguette. This confused me at first since I don’t think I look like a baker, nor a waiter. They led me to the stage and pointed at the drumsticks and so I learned the double meaning of baguette in French. I gave them two. Voila.

In a week or so we’ll be joining Phoenix in Paris to do some more shows with them. I’ll try to learn something there as well…

All best from Switzerland

Jens Jansson (Junk Musik)

Jens Jansson - Junk Musik


Ok, as you may well know, Metro Jets (the Nick Gilder tune) has served as our guinea pig in all this. It’s been dragged through different applications and computer crashes etc. It came to life in a Miami marina, moved to a Glasgow dorm, but soon it became apparent that it’s true calling was to be a smooth running Swiss watch. While we’re polishing gear wheels you can listen to where it’s at right now (in Junk Musik website), in it’s “raw” state. It’s listed in the player under the superspectacular name “MJ8”.

The other week we found something in a folder. “Robbie W’s bästa låt” (Robbie W’s best track, in English), What is that? When was that recorded? These kind of findings in the abandoned corners of you computer certainly raises questions. And we hadn’t hit play yet… And when we did, the questions really started to fly, like the birds in Hitchcock’s movie. Aow, can we do this? Ooops, but this sounds fun! Ouch!, does artistic consistency really matter? Or is it just another relic of what once was “the music biz”? Who cares? We? Anders, Jens & Christoffer? No one? I guess we’ll find out as we go along. In meantime hear for yourselves in the Player.

Magnus Börjeson (Junk Musik)
Magnus Börjeson - Junk Musik

According to Junk Musik, Florian Horwath, the Austrian songwriter and singer that tours backed by Mom & Dad (David Birde and Jens Jansson), is recording his second album at the Aerosol Grey Machine Studio.

Jens said on 20th November: "Today we’ll start recording a new album with Florian Horwath who is sleeping in my sofa at the moment :-)"

David also wrote some words on 24th November: "Work is going fine here in the countryside. 14 great tracks down in four days! Cardigans-Magnus is cooking great food and serving wine as well as playing mean bass lines. At the moment we are however experiencing some technical fuck-ups but Christoffer is on the case."

Christoffer Lundquist, Mom & Dad (that's, Brainpool), will be in the recordings. Florian (where is his long hair??) has a new member in his band:

"Ja! We are recording at Christoffer Lundquist's in the fantastik birch forests of Vallarum, Sweden, and we happily welcome Magnus (his other band is called The Cardigans) as new member and magic hand on our wooden caleidoscopic band carousel"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Magnus Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Mom & Dad

Magnus is Magnus Sveningsson (Righteous Boy). The "German Cat Stevens" (although he is not German and he is no cat) has got a great band. It seems the Mom & Dad project is delayed and Florian's will be out soon. A nice band. And they enjoy it.

  • Florian Horwath - vocals
  • Jens Jansson ("Mom") - drums
  • David Birde ("Dad") - guitar
  • Magnus Sveningsson ("Righteous Boy") - bass
  • Christoffer Lundquist ("Chris") - ? ... what's needed

You can listen to Florian's music in his myspace or in his website:


With David Birde rockin’-out in Vallarum (with Florian Horwath and Jens Jansson) and me trying to catch up on all the mundane stuff lying around, last week was slow even compared to Metro Jets standards. Some progress was made though. We’re getting there. With a tune in our heads and a beat in our hearts;-) In the player to your right (in Junk Musik website), “Alu with a beat”. OK, I may be partial but… I think this can turn out magnificent :-)
Magnus Börjeson (Junk Musik)
Magnus Börjeson - Junk Musik


Brainpool is going sitcom. We're supposed to be in two TV-series, One Tree Hill and something else which we can't remember. Just our music though, not the actuall us.

We have no idea what kind of shows these programs are, but we hope they're good. Otherwise we apologize...

Hope you're all fine!


Last week I played with Peter Von Poehl at the famous festival Transmusical in Rennes. We were some kind of residence act and spent the whole week in a nice venue situated right beside Rennes airport playing four shows to a very happy crowd.

France is a great place when it comes to venues! They’re always in top condition and no one has even thought about writing their band name on the wall. The staff gives you cigarettes and provides you with coffee and more coffee. It’s all very charming.

After one of the shows some one told me that the airport next to the venue is crowded with deaf rabbits who lives in the grass between the runways and that the deafness has developed over generations due to the noise from the aeroplanes. Maybe this is a well known fact and applies for most airports, but to me it was new information.

I didn’t see any rabbits though.

Jens Jansson (Junk Musik)

Jens Jansson - Junk Musik


Busy fall? Some TV and radio promotion, but not so bad no. It used to be worse. Traveling around is not as fun as it used to be. Sometimes it's good, when the full band is with us. When in a hotel bar in Berlin for instance. Press and TV isn't fun. I wish it was. Same kind of questions. Lately lots about Marie's sickness. It's very tedious. Nothing about music at all, just about Roxette's past success. I just don't know why. When I make solo albums or Plumber, they all talk about music and influences, but when it comes to Roxette all we talk about is US #1s but never music.

Roxette Hits album will be released in January 2007 in th US, believe it or not. I'm going over there to do some promotion and to release "Son of a Plumber". Our music is played a lot, more than ever actually, especially "Listen to Your Heart" and "It Must Have Been Love," but do they remember Roxette? I doubt it. I don't know why I end up in the US all the time, it's a big and impossible country… But then again, it was the last time as well so…

Nothing really about Roxette's future right now. The slate's clean. It's a possibility but Marie can't decide now what to do next fall for instance, she takes one step at the time. I'm old and gray too now, but I don't need that much heads up. We do need at least six months in the studio to make a Rox album, maybe six months to prepare.

I am writing for two new projects: one in Swedish and one in English (a continuation of the Son of a Plumber project). I can't say which one will be released first. It depends on several things, I can't answer that right now.
Per Gessle


From all of us at Junk Musik: Thanks for listening, reading, buying & watching Junk! We love you! Still thinking about the playlist for tonight? Here are some of my fav songs from 2006. Take Care & have a great evening!
  • The Boom Boom Bap by Scritti Politti
  • Flying Down Juniper by Lindsey Buckingham
  • Saving Grace by Tom Petty
  • Black Swan by Thom Yorke
  • Perfume by Sparks
  • Too Late For Us Now by Roger Joseph Manning Jr
  • Western Skies by Roddy Frame
  • River Duet by Madeleine Peyroux
  • Accustomed To The Clearness by Jules Shear
  • Ever Thought Of Coming Back by Kelley Stoltz
  • La Costa Blanca by Josh Rouse
  • Visit From The Dead Dog by Ed Harcourt
  • Ain’t Talkin’ by Bob Dylan
  • Spark by The Bird And The Bee
  • I Made My Excuses And Left by Pet Shop Boys
  • One Last Dance by Badly Drawn Boy
  • … and of course Jingle Jangle Christmas by Metro Jets.
Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner

26 Dec 2006

Sandy Mouche's poems grow up abroad (VII): Belgium and Paris Record Shops this Christmas

First single in Belgium
( 2006 · 12 )

“"...and poems" will be released in Belgium February 15th. First single "Evening Wake, Morning Flake" is on radio rotation now!”

So "... and poems for the unborn" is now in the record shops in Paris. Oui!

We are on the record shop shelves in Paris, jihaa!My cousin sent me pictures of two known record shops in Paris: Gilbert and Fnac. To my joy they had put our record on the shelves and not behind a pile of other records! Thank you good people =) See for yourself!

J'adore Sandy Mouche! vous faite de la super belle musique. continuez à nous enchanter avec votre superbe musique!

Saar (a.k.a. Sarah den Rara), from Alkmaar, Netherlands, has made a top 10 of her favourite songs of 2006.

1. Sandy Mouche 'Spiderweb Suit'
2. Laleh 'Invisible (my song)'
3. Pete Murray 'Opportunity'
4. Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks 'Dreams'
5. Kleerup feat. Robyn 'With Every Heartbeat'
6. Scissor Sisters 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing'
7. Snow Patrol 'Chasing Cars'
8. Helena Josefsson 'By Your Side'
9. Lisa Miskovsky 'Mary'
10. Jenny Wilson 'Let My Shoes Lead me Forward'

My mother tongue is French and i'm from Canada... when i discovered Sandy Mouche's music back in 2003 i think... i totally fell in love with their mixture of French and English in their music cause our province here in Canada is officially bi-lingual (French and English) and a lot of people here mix French and English quite regularly. I heart Sandy Mouche.
I told them that their music would be very well received in Canada cause we are a bi-lingual country ... i've been a fan of theirs for quite some years and have been playing them on my radio show here in the east coast as well as a few times on national radio where I do freelance work! I'd be one of the first ones to buy their album if it was released in Canada... that's for sure.

I am the host of (((la photo sonore))) radio show, that is every thursday nights from 7 to 9pm (Atlantic Standard time) - CKUM Radio J 93.5fm - and available online. On 23rd November 2006, I have played 28 songs. Number 13 was "Cloette", by Sandy Mouche.
Marc Xavier Leblanc, DJ Bones

Martinique´s mother is Polish and she moved to Sweden as a young woman. His aunt moved to France, so Martinique´s summers were spent there, playing with his French cousin and his sister. And I read French in school .

It is a very beautiful language and we know some of it so the language gives us a lot of inspiration when we sing it!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

18 Dec 2006

Helena's first single (IV): Helena Josefsson on P3

According to Thomas Evensson, from Ljusdal, SE - from TDR, Helena Josefsson's new single, By your side, is a contender at the radio show Tracks on Sveriges Radio P3. Please help her make the chart. Only Swedes can vote... The single and album are released by Elevator, Per Gessle's company.

Updated: The final top 3 of the week at Tracks were:

  • 1. U2 & Green Day - The Saints are coming
  • 2. Markus Fagervall - Everything changes
  • 3. My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade

15 Dec 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Malmö's studios (VIII): Fredo - Remack

Fredo is the solo project by Mitsunori Matsuno from Tokyo. He's the resident DJ and the organizer of one of the highly popular party in Tokyo "Freaky!" at Shinjuku Oto. His first full length album, Smack which was produced by Tatsuki Hasimoto (Strauss) was out in June 2005. This album features Bastian (Dutch track maker/producer) and Helena Josefsson (Swedish singer from Sandy Mouche). Helena sings in the song Teenage Monster.

Now he releases a remix album, Remack, with eight track. The Teenage Monster remix is made by his friend Yoshitaka Morino (Handsomeboy Technique), from Kyoto. You can listen to a snippet here.

Panora, in Malmö, is one of the few places in all Sweden where you can listen to this song. Sometimes Panora becomes oo-e j-club for Japanese parties with DJs Iensu, MyMelody and Neo-Toyota. "DJ Neo-Toyota blood type A" played Teenage Monster last 18 March at Panora. By the way, Handsomeboy Technique and Halfby were also at KB club in Malmö on 22 March 2006. Is there a Japanese music fever in Malmö?

1 Dec 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (XVIII): Sebastian & Helena - Words and violence

Tonight, December 1st, at TV4 Swedish Idol 2006 Final, we have seen a special guest artist. Sebastian played his new song, Words and violence, with Helena Josefsson at backing vocals.

Sebastian Karlsson, or Sebastian (born 2 January 1985), is a Swedish singer and performer, best known for his participation in Idol 2005, where he came in second place after Agnes Carlsson.

His first studio album, Sebastian, produced by Peter Kvint and released on March 1, 2006, sold 30,000 copies (IFPI Sweden Gold), with two singles: Do what you're told (Swedish Chart Nr. 1 in February) and Indifferent (Swedish Chart Nr. 38 in May).

Now he is recording his second album, The Vintage Virgin, that will be released in 2007. It is a more personal album, composed by Sebastian and Peter Kvint, with Helena Josefsson as background singer. Words and violence is the first single of The Vintage Virgin.