28 Oct 2005

P, C & C lay down some harmony (VI): weird music from AGM Studio

Like The Daily Roxette reported, due to technical issues the new album "Son of a Plumber "has been delayed for one week; the new release date is November 23. There are plans for the upcoming album to also be released as a vinyl record – both double – with a bonus track not available on the CD version.

Per Gessle has videoed most of the time during the recording process of the album “Son Of A Plumber.” So far it is not decided whether the material will be included as bonus material on the album or not. Per and the band has spent two days down in southern Sweden shooting. Today Musikbyrån SVT2 will visit Per Gessle, Clarence Öfwerman and Christopher Lundquist in the Aerosol Grey Machine studio and we’ll get a first preview of the new Son of a Plumber album.

The album goes in so many directions that it has been hard to find a single but it will be released two weeks before the album: it will be - in good old Gessle-fashion - a double a-side featuring the tracks “C’mon” and “Jo-Anna Says.” The album has been fully mixed and mastered during September and October with the help of Magnus Börjeson.

Magnus Börjeson and David Birde (Metro Jets) have been lately working in the soundtrack of a movie about the Rolling Stones.

Soap in tha house

This is the most beautiful and important album I’ve ever done. It is original and weird, many people will probably think it’s weird. It’s sort of a homage to the music I grew up with 1968-1972.

It actually wasn't my intention to make a double album, but we had so much material, and then I asked EMI if I can release a double album for price of one. They said yes, so I thought, 'Shit, that's great! Let's make two albums, 30 minutes each!' It's actually 60 minutes, and you could put it on one, but it was nicer to make it like this, more of an LP feeling.

A tour? It will depend on how the album will be received. A small club tour would be great, don’t you think?
Per Gessle

How much do I contribute to Per Gessle’s songs? That’s so difficult to tell. It’s an organic process, very collaborative, it’s always the three of us in the same room working. I think people who listen to the songs can tell better. I don’t really know who does what when we work.

I really prefer recording an album without demos. I think it’s a lot better in many many ways. If you make demos, the chance is you are going to listen to them many times, and then your mind is sort of set, you cannot take off from that, then you start to like things from the demos, arrangements, little details, vocals, and then you want to recreate that, so your hands are tied. It ruins a lot of the creativity. So when I get demos I listen to them once or twice and then throw them away.

I believe in the first impression, somebody sitting on the sofa in the control room and playing you the song. And then you go from there with the inspiration. Some fans love demos, that’s fine, they can listen to them, but not me. Haha! But actually, often demos are even better than the final song. That is because that’s the first time the artist records the song, so for him that’s almost the birth of the song, and I like to save that for the record. That shouldn’t be on the demo, because demos aren’t meant to be published.

The first time Per Gessle recorded without demos was Son of a Plumber, it was the same way of working. That was really really creative. He was sitting in the kitchen writing while we were recording in the other half of the building and so on. That was like a boiling pot.

Malmö, Sweden, 1965. Some kids having a party. New found friends arrive: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Brian Jones. 40 years later: The movie “Like a Rolling Stone” by Magnus Gertten & Stefan Berg shows footage from the party and tells us the whole story. Coming VERY soon: A NEW JUNK RELEASE – the Soundtrack EP from this movie, written & produced by METRO JETS (Magnus Börjeson + David Birde).

I just got the new Metro Jets EP! It’s funny to listen to a soundtrack when you haven’t seen the film yet – you get all kinds of pictures in your head. I can tell you one thing for sure: this music is going straight to my iPod, it’s a p-e-r-f-e-c-t soundtrack for november.

Check your paper for “Rolling Like A Stone” if you want to see the movie. Check this page for more info about the release of Metro Jets EP. It’s really just the mastering that is left before we can release it. Christoffer Lundquist is hiding/working/going crazy/recording/etc in his studio, but as soon as he can push some buttons for us, this music will be all yours.

Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner

13 Oct 2005

Sandy Mouche's Junk singles (II): In the sand

In the sand ( 2005 · 10 · 18 )
Second new single for an upcoming album

“Available for download. Martinique came up with the photo idea (Photo: Hanna Blomgren)”

01. In the sand (Helena)

Anders Mildner from Junk Musik has interviewed Sandy Mouche today:

Q: Tell us about the recording of your new album, from which the new single, “In the Sand” is taken.

Martin: We recorded the album in ten days. We mostly worked weekends.Most of the recordings were done live, so we managed to finish it off in less than two weeks.Ola, Per, Helena and I played almost all instruments, but we got some help – with harp and strings for example – from some really good musicians that we know.

Q: Your two singles released here at Junk, “Une Historie” & “In the Sand” are really different from each other. What will the album be like?

Martin: All songs go their own way, in some sense, but the album still fits together.It feels like we have found a Sandy Mouche sound, which allows us to take each song as far as possible – in any direction. One thing that is different from our first album is that me and Helena haven’t written anything together this time.

Q: When will the album be released?

Martin: January 2. If everything works out…

Q: On some songs you sing in french…

Martin: I have a cousin in France. I spent all my summers there as a kid. I learned French and got a lot of impressions that surface now that I’m older.We tried French on some songs and liked it. Some songs f-e-e-l french and sometimes everything falls into place when you try this language in a song.

Q: Helena, you’re taking part the much talked-about Per Gessle-project “Son of a plumber”. Any news about that?

Helena: The first single is released soon. I hope there will be many fun gigs after that! That’s about all I dare to say at the moment…

Autumn 2005 Göteborg Gig
in Ullevi

* Ullevi, Göteborg 2005 · 10 · 12

Ullevi or Ullevi Stadium, formerly named Nya Ullevi, meaning New Ullevi, to distinguish it from Gamla Ullevi, is a stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, the biggest stadium in Scandinavia. It has an all-seated-capacity of 43,000 and a total capacity of 60,000 for concerts. The record for the stadium after being partially rebuilt was set by Swedish rock band Gyllene Tider on 7 August 2004, with an attendance of 58,977.

Here is the info to the 20 online questions that I did with Sandy Mouche on the www.itsatrap.com website which talks about Scandinavian music in general. Published: 23.10.2005
It's a trap

Sandy Mouche is a breath of fresh air from the Swedish music scene. They've put out a few demos, a number of singles, an ep and an album called "White lucky dragon" which was one of my favourite albums of 2004. They just released a new French single called "Une histoire" ("A story") which will only available online at www.cdon.com. The single is a pop dream delight, filled with sweet hooks and beautiful melodies. It's taken from their forthcoming album called "…and poems for the unborn" which I can't wait to hear. Sandy Mouche sing in both English and French, sometimes even in the same song. I asked them 20 questions that will hopefully explain what makes Sandy Mouche tick... we'll see if they consider themselves more "pop" than "rock", why they sing in French and what inspires them.

a little side note: vocalist Helena has also worked on Per Gessle's (Roxette) new project.
another side note: these questions were answered in December 2004, but it was published on October 23rd, 2005.

01. Where does Sandy Mouche come from? name? concept? meaning if any?

The name was born on a Greek island when Martinique, Helena and Per were there on vacation. They decided to start a band. Per played with the sand and came up with Sandy and Helena saw that all three of them had Mouches (brown Madonna dots in the face). The result was the band's name Sandy Mouche. We have realised that it's not just a name but a person as well. A person who lives in every member of Sandy Mouche and who helps them when time seems pointless and grey. We're all together on a journey to make the world a better place. (See website for fairytale version).

02. Do you prefer to be described as pop or a rock band and why?

Pop. Our music is a bit softer than standard rock and it's not all based on loud guitars.

03. What Swedish bands have most influenced you?

None. Only Fairytale music for films of the Swedeish writer Astrid Lingren.

04. What band (outside of Sweden) would you all agree is a big influence on the band?

The French singer Joe Dassin, France Gall, Cindy Lauper, The Twin Peaks music, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Type o Negative.

05. Besides music, what influenced the band to start making music? movies? books? media? sex???

Some movie music is just great. We have all grown up with fairytales and music to the fairytale movies and that is very powerful. Besides that it's the fact that we just love to create music and play together. We have always had a dream about music being our daily job.

06. What movie would best describe Sandy Mouche if you had to pick one?

Astrid Lindgren's "Bröderna Lejonhjärta"

07. Why did you choose to sing in French and English? Is it popular in Sweden to sing in your native tongue nowadays? why not sing in Swedish? Did you make a conscious decision to sing this way?

We like both the English language and the French language so we do a combination of the two. French is beautiful. Martinique has relatives in France and he went there every summer when he was a little boy. So he has great memories and inspiration from that time. We want our music to fly over the borders of Sweden and reach the whole world so therefore we don't sing in Swedish. But if you want to break in Sweden, Swedish is probably the best way.

08. How has technology influenced the band?

We can do simple demos at home very easily thanks to computers, so that is great.

09. Do you prefer analog or digital? for recording, gear and aesthetics?

"White lucky dragon" was recorded in an analog studio. We liked it. But it's not a must for us. I think you can create magic digitally as well. When were playing live it's a mix of vintage and digital stuff.

10. How does Sandy Mouche fit into the Swedish music scene? Are you considered underground or outsiders?

Hmmm... We think we fit in perfectly but we need more money (for promotion) to break through the fog of all mainstream radio hits that torture the Swedes every day. At the moment we are somewere between underground and overground we think.

11. What are the other cool bands in Sweden these days?


12. Describe an average Sandy Mouche fan. What kind of person would dig Sandy Mouche?

Maybe a person who needs a little more love in life? Maybe a really macho guy with bad self-confidence. Or maybe the average person with a 9-5 workday that enjoys life. Hmmm, I think all kinds of people actually =)

14. How does art affect your daily lives if at all?

As in paintings it doesn't affect but maybe plays at the theatre or ballets. Everything that makes us react.

15. If you would describe the band in only 3 words (no more no less) what three words would they be?

White lucky dragon (It has nothing to do with rasism I assure u =)

16. In your opinion, who is the most famous swedish person? (alive or dead, musical or non musical)

Abba or Alfred Nobel maybe?

17. What is the coolest places in Sweden that most Swedes don't know about?

An island called Valö with orange cliffs and a big bird.

18. What does the future hold for Sandy Mouche? (keep in mind these questions where answered in December 2004...)

We have just finished the video for the song "Papillon" and it will be out in Sweden in the beginning of January. In February we return to the studio to do our second album. We will try to get a deal with a major company here in Sweden so that they can help us reach other countries.

19. Since I'm from Canada... what do you think of when you think of Canada?

We think of a calm beautiful place where you can speak french and where there is snow. Calm in the sense of more calm then USA where it seems that everyone must own a gun to feel safe and so on. Maybe a place more down to earth. Icehockey! We like Canada =)

20. Since I'm French I have one last little question: What would be your favorite French word or phrase? (each member please list at least one)

Helena: Tarte au pomme

Martinique: Planche a voile

Per: Révolution

Ola: Amour

Marc Xavier Leblanc, DJ Bones

Lund Poker Tour is a friends poker club of Lund, including Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche).

Video by

11 Oct 2005

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (XVI): Mr. Johnson, your room is on fire

Andreas Johnson (born 22 March 1970, in Bjärred, near Lund in Sweden) is a Swedish pop musician and songwriter. He started his musical career as the singer in Planet Waves, a band which released only one album, Brutal Awakenings before splitting up due to internal conflicts. He then turned to a solo career, releasing the debut album, Cottonfish Tales.

In 1999, he had an international hit with the single "Glorious", which later featured on the album Liebling, and has been used in a number of advertisements from companies including Volvo, Nutella and Vauxhall. Deadly Happy, his third solo album, was released in 2002.

After three years traveling (Amsterdam, southern France, New York, ...) Andreas reconnected the producer Peter Kvint and recorded this new album, "Mr. Johnson, your room is on fire", out today.

Andreas and Peter started writing together last year. The resulting songs were simpler, more fragile ... Among the new material they started out working on was the lead single and radio friendly Show Me Love, the rootsy joyful Sunshine Of Mine and the heartfelt Nobody Told Me.

Andreas (vocals and guitar) and Peter Kvint (guitars, keyboards) joint a trio of exceptional players: Andreas Dahlbck (drums), Jerker Odelholm (bass) and Johan Lindstrm (the producer of Andreas first album). Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche) is also a guest star as background singer.

10 Oct 2005

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (XV): Stockfinster - All becomes music

stockfinster is from Malmö, Sweden and consists mainly of Sebastian Borg (a.k.a. Batti) who writes, plays, arranges and mixes everything and sometimes with a little help from his musical friends. stockfinster was some time ago a real band, with Jonas Hult (vocals and bass), Jens Jungmark (guitar) and Ola Strandh (drummer), but they decided disolve the project and Sebastian used the name for his bizarre own compositions. Batti himself is a sound-engineer/producer and co-owner of the recording studio Gula Studion in Malmö, where he has worked with Righteous Boy, Sans Plomb and Tom Levin. Batti is a good friend of the Swedish band the Mopeds and Helena Josefsson, singer in Sandy Mouche.
2005 Sebastian Borg ("Batti") - stockfinster

All Becomes Music, was released in October 2005 by Sutemos, an On-line label from Lithuania. Even though stockfinster has been around for quite some time, and has been rather productive, nothing has ever been released or even submitted to any labels. The album includes ten songs recorded during the last couple of years:

This is what Sebastian Borg himself tells about his first album:
"For many years my music was my own personal business - something which I shared only with my closest friends. I liked it this way, because it was a safe and easy way of making sure that my music was heard only by people that I knew shared my taste. Although people who heard it seemed to like it a lot, I didn't listen to them.

Now the time has come to release a full album (or whatever you'd like to call it) on Sutemos. Ten stockfinster-tracks that cover the last couple of years. I feel a bit strange about it all, because I am not used to having my music accessible to the general public. Each track is very much a labour of love, with many hours of nitpicking behind them. I hope whoever downloads them listens to them carefully at least once - preferably on headphones.

Lastly, I have to send out some love to Helena Josefsson (for all the wonderful voices), Ola Strandh (for all the help with mastering), Jonas Hult (for all the basses and vocals), Markus (for the piano on Dismantled )and last but not least, the fold (for writing the melody for duel).

01. 'All Becomes Music' was originally intended as an ambient track with no drums at all. It was because of the wonderful vocal melody supplied by good friend Helena Josefsson that the song took off in another direction. Wonderful feelings above the heart. I did not expect her to come up with the part that she did. She is extraordinary in many ways.

02. 'Ergo' (from Red wood, 2004).

03. 'Dismantled'
(from Red wood, 2004).

04. 'Duel' is the only track that I have ever co-written. The main theme comes from a track that dear friend Magnus Hedberg (the fold) wrote many years ago.

05. 'Clark Kent' (from Sunset, 2005).

06. 'A crack in time' has a long history. The chords and lyrics were written back when stockfinster was still a band. We tried it a couple of times but it sounded quite bad, actually. After the band dissolved I discovered that the chords sounded better on the keyboard than the guitar. The rhodes in the intro is actually played by me (fair enough… programmed by me!) When the track kicks in, the rhodes is played by Andreas Kullberg, who is really good - unlike me. The arpeggio in the outro is played by Jens Jungmark . The vocals are by Jonas Hult. The garbled vocals in the outro was Jonas’ idea. It is not just a reversed vocal track – it is Jonas making sounds without any FX’s. Jonas Hult also put down the bass track. Marco Manieri helped me with the lead vocal sound. I asked him to copy the vocal sound on Radiohead’s track ”Knives Out” and although I don’t think he quite nailed it, I am still happy with the result. A lot of people have found it meaningful and profound but I think it's just a lot of nonsense I edited together.

07. 'Last Report'
(from Red wood, 2004).

08. 'Bystander' is another really old track. The drum loop was made in Fruity Loops. Jonas Hult put down the vocals in the same session as ”A Crack in Time”. The track was mixed by Ola Strandh who also masters all of my stuff. The outro features Andreas Kullberg on keyboard. He also played on ”A Crack in Time”. The weird drum loop in the outro is actually a snippet of a guy called Henrik Andersson playing the drums (without a click track). He was not aware that I was recording him. Oddly enough, Henrik and Andreas used to be in the same band (Hank).

09. "Verge" (from Sunset, 2005).

10. 'In transit' was something I came up with when I had just got the music software Reason. It literally took five minutes. I played the melodic part while reading a magazine because I wanted the notes to fall randomly and subconsciously. "
You can download and listen to stockfinster songs here . Helena Josefsson's voice features in tracks 01, 03, 05 and 09, but Le Journal des Mouches especially recommends the track "All becomes music". There is also a video of this song

Swan Lee is a trio based in Copenhagen (Denmark). The members are Pernille Rosendahl on vocals, guitarist Jonas Struck and Emil Jørgensen on drums. They have released two albums: Enter (2001) and Swan Lee (2004). Last 23th September they tell the press they are breaking up. No more Swan Lee ... Bad news! Remember that their second album was recorded at Tambourine Studios in Malmö, with Helena Josefsson as backing singer.

P, C & C lay down some harmony (V): Florian Horwath's Tour and New David sings Kraftwerk

Junk Musik grows and grows. Christoffer Lundquist & friends' record company is promoting two of their artists: Florian Horwath and New David.

Florian Horwath - When The Light Came Around

Florian Horwath - Golden Teeth

Florian Horwath with Jens Jansson and David Birde

Florian Horwath @ Chelsea, Vienna AT 29th September 2005
Video by Annika & Jens Jansson

As you may know, Brainpoolians David Birde & Jens Jansson are on a German tour with our friend Florian Horwath. Now, Florian sends us this pic with this text:
"jens & david in full effect.. or this is what happens when you meet a sofa late at night in lustenau, a funny town, very far on the eastern outskirts of austria and very close to switzerland. we were guided to a bizarre övergiven former goa hideout, with a huge “anything goes” playground yard, circus tents, an enormous wood carved phallus & a massive soundsystem. our tour-soundmaestro jeff playing hardcore old skool techno house tunes from his hometown chicago. by the way. we were the only people there. feature dance craze movie to come"

We wonder: do we need to worry? Anything goes? Fire? Sofa? Dance craze movie? Bizarre övergiven former goa hideout? Any guesses?

Florian Horwath Tour
  • 20.09.05 AUT – Vienna, Chelsea
  • 21.09.05 AUT – Graz, PPC
  • 22.09.05 AUT – Klagenfurt, Kamot
  • 23.09.05 AUT – Lustenau, Carini Saal
  • 24.09.05 AUT – Weyer, Bertold Saal
  • 27.09.05 GER – Karlsruhe, Die Stadtmitte
  • 28.09.05 GER – München, Zerwirk
  • 29.09.05 GER – Konstanz, Kulturladen
  • 30.09.05 GER – Würzburg, Pleierhof
  • 01.10.05 SWZ – Zürich, tba.
  • 02.10.05 GER – Neu-Ulm, Salon Hansen
  • 03.10.05 GER – Köln, Blue Shell
  • 04.10.05 GER – Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
  • 06.10.05 GER – Jena, Kassablanca
  • 07.10.05 GER – Berlin, 103
  • 08.10.05 GER – Halle, Objekt 5
  • 09.10.05 GER – Hamburg, Schilleroper
PS: Ok, it’s time to get really worried. THIS VIDEO CLIP came from Florian, Jens & David: lost somewhere in Germany, only communicating by sending us strange messages. What IS this? What’s happening? What drugs are they on? WHERE ARE THEY? WHAT ARE THEY DOING??
Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner - Junk Musik

It’s Sunday night; I’m in Hamburg for the grand finale of Florian Horwaths autumn tour. Schilleroper, the club for the evening, is situated a few blocks north of Reeperbahn and it’s crowded with people hanging out in a large number of old sofas. We are all expecting something extraordinary, and after 28gigs in 28 days.
Florian, Jens Jansson and David Birde are up for it. The stage is bathing in red light when the trio, enters, clapping a rhythm with their hands. Suddenly the band explodes in the loudest noise just to, the next second, play so silent that you could hear the bartender whisper. At some point David even unplugs his electric guitar to play it like an acoustic.

The crowd is focused; no one moves no one breathe. Florian is singing like an angel. Jens is making strange sounds with his cymbals and it’s all just beautiful. After the gig Sunday is Monday and the cabdriver who is driving me back to the hotel looks confused when I sing “When the light came around” loud in his car.

Vielen dank for a great evening in Hamburg, I’m stoked for life!
Daniel Bexell (University of Jens)
Daniel Bexell - bexell.se

Finally, it’s here! New David’s much talked about EP, “NEW DAVID SINGS KRAFTWERK”, is now released. Go HERE to listen & buy. We are proud to present New David, alone with a piano, Ida Sandlund & a whistling Titiyo! This is SIX CLASSIC KRAFTWERK SONGS given a whole new rendering that will make you play this EP over and over again. NEW DAVID SINGS KRAFTWERK contains the songs Autobahn, Computer Love, Expo 2000, Neon Lights, Radioland & The Model. It will let you hear these songs the way Kraftwerk n-e-v-e-r intended.

Funny enough, New David was signed to Junk after playing his “Lazybird” on an acoustic guitar just moments before he went on stage to play with Magnus Börjeson, Jens Jansson & David Birde. This EP was the result of New David playing Kraftwerk songs on a piano AFTER a gig. It sounded so great that we said: Let’s make an EP – NOW. Here it is. We think you will enjoy this one as much as we do.

New David has recorded SIX CLASSIC KRAFTWERK SONGS, with only a piano, a girl playing glockenspiel, and a famous singer standing next to him, whistling. In this podcast, New David explains all about the idea & the new EP. You will also hear excerpts from the songs Autobahn, Computer Love, Expo 2000, Neon Lights, Radioland & The Model. Listen to the podcast HERE

Love, Junk staff

Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner - Junk Musik

New Davids Kraftwerk interpretations must conquer the world sooner or later. I can’t wait to hear his new stuff.

Chris Lundquist (Junk Musik)
Christoffer Lundquist - Junk Musik