17 Feb 2010

Sandy Mouche is back (I): rehearsing for a new concert on March 4th!!!

2010 Sandy Mouche - Facebook

According to Helena Josefsson, Sandy Mouche will perform for the very first time in three years on the club Kick-Start-Banco de la Musica festival on Stortorget in Malmö on March 4th. They have been rehearsing since Christmas and prepared new songs that they would like to perform. Please, become fan of official Sandy Mouche’s page on Facebook – join here.

2010.03.04 SM - Banco de la Música - Malmö

We have tried to translate the official add of Kick-Start club (read the original one in Swedish in the comments of this article):

March 4th, 2010.
Club Opens: 20:30; On Stage: 21:30; Club Closes: When everybody is happy .
Admission: SEK 60, SEK 40 (Kick-Starts members).
On Stage: Sandy Mouche; Since Our First Guitar; The Luxe.
Evening DJ: Magnus Sveningsson (The Cardigans)

The concept is just as before. We are presenting the best local live bands interspersed with the occasional interesting live bands from outside. When the Kick-Start was started later (1997-2002) won the live music venue Nöjesguidens Malmö / Lund price and was also named to the 'Net live club " in both the Evening Post and the process.

Sandy Mouche is a pop band based on the joy of music and friendship. The music is a combination of realized and shattered dreams, things that happened and things they hope will happen, hope and a solitary walk in Twin Peaks' wet air. Band consists of two dear brothers (Per & Ola Blomgren) and lovebirds (Martin and Helena Josefsson), resulting in a very dynamic and responsive style of play. Two albums, three children, three-four years since they last test new material before an audience of Kick-Start. Much has been made with their personal development that affects how their music sounds. But the fun is at least as great as when they first started nine years ago! -http://www.myspace.com/sandymouche

Since Our First Guitar is a band with one foot in Malmö and the other in Seattle's Indie-swamp. They are in an old barn in the countryside, where they recorded their debut album, The Sound of Trees. -http://www.myspace.com/sinceourfirstguitar

The Luxe: Once born a child. His childhood consisted of porridge and joy. At his first love taught it to write poems and letters with rhyme and rhetoric. Farther ahead drank champagne and made mistakes, jumping from ledges in hopes of capturing something significant. Eventually realized that it all takes time. Sometimes an entire lifetime. In the end it was no more than skin, bones and scars. Recommended for those who appreciate The Killers, Coldplay and Kent. -http://www.myspace.com/theluxeband

Le Journal des Mouches has not confirmed it, but maybe the concert will be streamed alive through Kick-Start Media website.

Sandy Mouche concert! Welcome to Banco del Musica 4/3 2010, Stortorget, Malmö. After 3 years of silence and 3 children richer- Sandy Mouche is back! Since christmas we have been rehearsing and we have a handful of new songs that we would like to try together with an audience! Be Sandy Mouche´s friend on facebook!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)


15 Feb 2010

HJ: "Kyss mig" - "One song from the new album"

The new song of Helena Josefsson is called “Kyss mig” (Kiss me). The video was directed by Cecilia Nordlund (Cilihili) and you can spot Helena’s husband Martin in one of the main roles.

According to Helena herself, there will be more informations on the song and even English translation of the lyrics. It could be the beginning of an album in Swedish. This is the crew of the video featuring in the credits:

  • "Director: Cecilia Nordlund; Photography: Thomas Busk, Thomas Romlöv; Costume designer / Stylist: Dyvecke Berg; Make up: Sasha Panic, Dyvecke Berg, Johanna Knutsson; Rekvisita: Linda Ceccon; Grip: Pelle Bevmo, Jonas ?
  • Actors - Sagonymf: Helena Josefsson; Prince: Martin Josefsson; Nymphs: Emelie Persson, Johanna Knutsson, Monica ?; Dancers: Carola Guilheim, Anja Berndin; Catering: Lina ?
  • Thanks to: Thomas Bekker; Gunnar Berg i Rörum; Gustav Nilsson"

Everything is fine! Just a bit baggy under the eyes but having as much fun as possible! I would really like to sing a lot more and have a lot more concerts and I hope one day I will have a break-thru so it can happen! I do my best anyway :o) In the meantime I try to follow my heart and do music and videos that give me and hopefully someone else some joy or inspiration.

I am no good at keeping secrets :o) If I have a surprise I just get so happy and I tell about it too early :o)

One song from the new album! This song is called Kyss Mej! (Kiss me!) The video is directed by Cecilia Nordlund (Cilihili). I was having a lot of fun, both writing the song and making the video, actually it was one of the funniest experiences I´ve had. More info and translation soon :o) I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great time!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments by fans:
It’s quite unusual for Helena – she’s rapping there. I’m not a fan of her as a person, but as the artist I give her my big wow and take a bow. I find this what she’s been doing through the last few years as the amazing example of good music. In other words – would love to be on this concert, but don’t feel like meeting her afterwards.

Tomasz Wysocki, from Warsaw, Poland

Very nice song and amazing video!! You sing as brilliant as always, but the music is too much pop.... Can't wait to listen to the whole album, I believe you'd do it perfectly!!!! Thanks a lot and have a splendid Spring!!)))

Ilya Volkov -(a.k.a. Kreecher)