8 Oct 2002

Sandy Mouche Autumn and Winter gigs (I): Sandy Autumn in Malmö (I)

Sandy Mouche was almost complete. They made a music demo in a studio where they met Danyal Taylan, a peasant with ears made to discover pop classics. He fell in love with the tunes and the four members fell in love with him.

The band was now complete although a few changes were made. Danyal took the bass in his hands and held it like it was his own child. Ola did the same thing but with the electric guitar. A natural switch and the circle was closed.
  • Helena Josefsson: Vocals and keyboards
  • Martin Nilsson (aka Martinique Josefsson): Vocals and guitar
  • Ola Blomgren: Guitars
  • Danyal Taylan: Bass
  • Per Blomgren: Drums
Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche

Today Sandy Mouche have played in Malmö.

* Malmöfestivalen 2002 · 10 · 08
Malmöfestivalen, Malmö 2005 · 08 · 20
A culinary festival? A music festival? A culture festival? A folk festival? Lots of people try to categorise the Malmö festival, but who’s right? The answer is… everyone. The truth is that since 1985 the Malmö Festival is all of these things, and a little more besides.

* Inkonst, Malmö 2002 · 10 · 08
MALMÖ - Inkonst
Situated at Bergsgatan 29, in a retrofitted warehouse in central Malmö, Inkonst is a hub for all sorts of culture (club, theater, bar, restaurant, and office)