15 Oct 2001

Sandy Mouche, born on a Greek beach, grown in Skåne (I): Swedish friends in Crete

After the end of Plastic Soul project, the good friends Helena Josefsson (vocals) and Per Blomgren (drums) have been on holidays in Crete (Greece) this fall with their sweethearts, Martin Nilsson and Hanna. On the sandy beach of Georgioupouli, Martinique, former singer in the band Scarlet, showed them a song (A year) recorded by himself and now Helena, Per and Martinique are thinking about starting a new band together.

Meanwhile, Sing, the substitute of Plastic Soul project, has also died. Johan Duncanson is now the leader of another project, The Radio Dept., with Per Blomgren as drummer.

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The Radio Dept was conceived in 1995 by schoolmates Elin Almered and Johan Duncanson, who named the group after a gas-stat ion-turned-radio-repair-shop called "Radioavdelningen" (The Radio Department in Swedish). However, Almered and Duncanson soon stopped playing music together, putting the band on hiatus. The group was reborn three years later, in 1998, when Duncanson started making music with Martin Larsson. This year 2001, Larsson's girlfriend Lisa Carlberg has joined the group on bass, followed by Per Blomgren on drums and Daniel Tjader on keyboards. They have been rehearsing in the way bands so often do, and have recorded some songs that could be published by the magazine Sonic very soon (The Radio Dept. has received a positive review by this magazine).