28 Dec 2007

The DollyCamp (IV): A night with Dusty Springfield

Debaser, Malmö 2007/12/28 - www.debaser.nu
En afton med: Dusty Springfield!

Debaser Malmö has payed homage to Dusty Springfield.

Dusty Springfield (April 16, 1939–March 2, 1999) was a popular British singer whose career spanned four decades (1959-1995). She achieved her most notable success during the 1960s, with a successful comeback in the late 1980s. Her most famous hits are:
"I only want to be with you" (1959), "Wishin' and Hopin'" (1964), "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" (1964), "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (1966), "Son of a Preacher Man" (1969) and "What have I done to deserve this?" (1987).

Titiyo, Niclas Frisk (from Atomism Swing), Nina Persson (from The Cardigans), Per Sunding (from Eggstone), Motoboy and Helena Josefsson have taken part in the concert. It also features Magnus Sveningsson
(Righteous Boy, The Cardigans) on bass, Nathan Larson on guitar, Patrik Bartosch (Eggstone) on keyboards and the strings of Aftonorkesten.

2007.12.28 EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - Debaser, Malmö - 3

"En afton med ..." is a project by Debaser Malmö, SVT and Monbio. www.enafton.com

Before the concert, people could watch Definitely Dusty, a documentary that includes the duo Dusty Springfield + Aretha Franklin in Stockholm gig (1968). And after the show the DJs Magnus Sveningsson and Johan Tholson played some dance music inspired in Dusty's hits.

2007.12.28 EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - Debaser, Malmö - 1

Sara Berg, from Sydsvenskan, interviewed Helena Josefsson about being Dusty for a night. Helena Josefsson chose "Look of love", the notable Bacharach-David composition, for the 1967 spoof Bond movie Casino Royale. Helena also loves another Dusty's cover: Breakfast in bed (1969). Helena says that she would like to cover Nick Drake, Kate Bush and Michael Jackson too. According to herself, an hypothetic "night with Helena Josefsson" would include music covers (like bizarre rap versions of her songs played by Timbuktu), coloured scenography, dance improvisation and ... many cakes!.

2007.12.28 EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - Debaser, Malmö - by Martin Lindeborg

LJdM has found a video from the show. Titiyo introduces Moto boy, that plays "You don't have to say you love me". After the song, you can see all the artists that have taken part. Helena wears a beautiful red dress.

Ola, a nice fan of the Cardigans, wrote a very interesting review in his blog.

Probably few music is so wonderful as old recordings by Dusty Springfield. Once a month Debaser, a night club in Malmö, dedicates a night to a famous artist: in October, we had "A night with Velvet Underground" and in November it was "A night with Joni Mitchell". Tonight it is a night with Dusty. I went with Emma and Kristian. Debaser was full with approx. 500 persons as audience. The film about Dusty's life was nice. After it, the concert began. The Aftonorkestern ( with Particle Bartosch from Eggstone on keyboards), the Duncankvartetten , musicians from the band Damm! and four backgroundsingers appeared on scene. Then all the artists played. I would mention Moto Boy's and Nina Persson's versions. Nina was especially handsome tonight. The DJs session with music by Donny Hathaway, Sammy Davis Jr or Ronettes was a good ending for an intense concert. In February we'll have "A night with Blondie".

Moto Boy - If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

Nina Persson - The Windmills Of Your Mind

Niklas Frisk - Just A Little Lovin'

Per Sunding - Anyone Who Had a Heart

Moto Boy - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Go to En afton med Dusty to hear the different songs from the Dusty Springfield tribute! (28.12.2007). You will find all the performances under "videos".
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

The Look of Love - En afton med Dusty

Breakfast in bed - En afton med Dusty

Have you ever tried Dusty Springfield? She has one of the very few feminine voices that I could listen to all day long. So emotional, so sensual, so heavy. With "Anyone Who Had a Heart", "You Don't Own Me","Yesterday When I Was Young", "In Private", and, of course, the splendid "The Look of Love" I have good reason to rely on her.

Adela Toplean - A_T_ blog

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Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

Thank you for your article, Ola. I have tried to read and translate it. It would have been marvelous to be able to be there. At least, we can read your words and watch the videos at Ola's blog.