18 Jun 2003

Mazarinerna is the band (II): Mazarin released ... and a Summer Tour coming soon

Sarah, from D&D Management, confirmed that Mazarinerna will tour this summer. Read her words:
It was never expected in the studio in Völlsjö this winter that Per Gessle's 'Mazarin' would get such a huge reception. The album came out a few days ago on 16 June 2003 and did only get positive reviews. With 45,000 copies being pre-ordered, already 60,000 copies have been sold (the limit for gold being 30,000, for platinum 40,000). Already at the presentation of the first single Här kommer alla känslorna [på en och samma gång]', an overwhelmed Per Gessle was requested to go on tour. And at the release party for the album in Halmstad, the urge and hang for a tour was obvious among Per and his band. Inquiries began about the possibility to get together a band, a crew and so on.

We can proudly inform you that Per can and will, the band can and will and when the summer hopefully reaches it's climax, Per takes his 'Mazarin' out for a late-summer tour. At the moment dates and venues are being checked and we will be back with a complete tour plan. The premiere will be anyway on 29 July 2003 at Brottet in Halmstad, Sweden.

Along with Per Gessle on stage will be his very own touring band Mazarinerna, formed especially for this tour.

* Anders Herrlin (bass).
* Christoffer Lundquist (guitars and backing vocals).
* Clarence Öfwerman (keyboards).
* Helena Josefsson (backing vocals).
* Jens Jansson (drums).
* Jonas Isacsson (guitar).
As far as LJdM is concerned, all the feelings came all together, so to say, when Per Gessle rehearsed the new songs for the first time with his newly formed band Mazarinerna for the Mazarin sommarturné 2003.

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If you’ve worked internationally as long as I have you naturally have to compromise. Those are the rules that Robbie Williams and Madonna play by as well, and in a way I can be attracted to that game. But this album has come to life as an emotional insurrection against all that. We have made the album without any involvement from record companies, no deadline. Just done fun things.

As a 25-year old I was rather insecure, didn’t know how to act. With Roxette I came straight into battle, so to speak, but that didn’t enhance my self esteem. I had no clue; I guessed my way ahead all the time. But today I don’t have to prove anything to myself any longer. The calmness that that gives lies as a foundation. Maybe that’s why I dare being personal on the new album, I can open up and be myself.

I could never have imagined this reception for my little cupcake, and a tour was never part of the plan. But we had so much fun in Halmstad and I couldn't resist the possibility to take these songs out into summer-Sweden. It's as it was made for the parks and pick-nick and I hope that the audience will agree and wants to end the summer in a green park with cupcakes. Weird how hip one becomes in his old days (laughs). I haven't actually experienced anything alike since in 1991. It feels very special. It will be a greatest hits tour of my Swedish solo records, so to speak. And perhaps also of a few Gyllene Tider songs. Nothing in English. It's indeed a dream holiday. Think about being able to travel around Sweden in August with your family and 200,000 of your closest friends. I would love to continue until it starts snowing.
Per Gessle

11 Jun 2003

Mazarinerna is the band (I): Mazarin release party

According to Evensson, from The Daily Roxette, Per Gessle threw a release party for friends, select media and competition winners Tuesday night to promote his new album “Mazarin”. About 600 people attended the club gig at Leif’s Lounge, the night club located in the lower level of Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad. Per and his band performed ten songs at the mini concert. Joining Per onstage were Jonas Isacsson (celebrating his 23rd birthday, according to Per), Anders Herrlin (of Gyllene Tider), Christoffer Lundquist and Jens Jansson (of Brainpool), and Helena Josefsson (of Sandy Mouche and soon to be married).

The concert opened with Gyllene Tider’s “Kung av sand”, continued with the new song “Vilket håll du än går”, the album opener. After that “Om du bara vill”, “Gungar”, “Tycker om när du tar på mej”, “Födelsedag” (dedicated to Jonas), and “Här kommer alla känslorna”… all from the new album. After leaving the stage, the band returned almost immediately and played “På promenad genom stan” (alas without Marie), John Holm’s “Den öde stranden” (that Per claims he always has to play whenever he does something in Swedish), and finally the old Gyllene Tider rocker “Vill ha ett svar!” from “Swing & Sweet” (“Covers are fun,” says Per). “Billy” was, according to TDR information, mysteriously cut from the playlist.

Per Gessle and the band are thinking about a Tour. The big problems are that Per’s key players, as he calls them, are partly booked with other artists. Jens will do a Japanese tour for instance. This is what they are trying to solve at the moment.

All in all, a nice evening with lots of happy fans. Prominent guests spotted by TDR included MP Persson, Micke Syd, Göran Fritzson, Peter Jöback, Frida Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus to mention a few.

Read the experience of a Dutch fan and Per Gessle's words to TDR below.

This was the day of the concert! In the afternoon we tried to find the old "Tits and Ass"-studio. We could not find it, because the road next to it had changed. We thought the studio was on the righthand-side of the road, afterwards we found out it had to be on the left side. At around 18.00 we could pick up our vouchers from the fanclub (Eugene). Marie-Claire, Marc and Jaap got a voucher; Harrie was as guest of Marie-Claire also allowed to enter. A little bit later we could pick up our entrance-tickets. After some waiting, the doors were opened at 20.30 and after showing the entrance tickets, we could enter "Leif's Lounge".

The stage was already filled with the equipment of the band, so we only had to wait for the band to show up. Then finally at around 21:25 the band came up and started playing. It really was a great concert! The next pictures have been taken during the concert.

2003.06.10 Mazarin Releasee Party, Tylösan - by Harrie Jansma 1

2003.06.10 Mazarin Releasee Party, Tylösan - by Harrie Jansma 2

2003.06.10 Mazarin Releasee Party, Tylösan - by Harrie Jansma 3

2003.06.10 Mazarin Releasee Party, Tylösan - by Harrie Jansma 4

2003.06.10 Mazarin Releasee Party, Tylösan - by Harrie Jansma 6

2003.06.10 Mazarin Releasee Party, Tylösan - by Harrie Jansma 5

We’ve only rehearsed together for three days, and just forty minutes yesterday. So, the funniest thing with this album is the aura surrounding it. Everyone's so enormously positive. The thing that is so special with the band Mazarinerna is the mix of all voices. Helena and Christoffer are enormously active and give the songs a new dimension. That is weird. This is my first record in eternities without pushes and plans for a specific number of single-outtakes. I only follow my own heart and do that what comes at the hour. And just that song, that I myself did not believe in as a single, is becoming the quickest hit that I have ever written! Of course, it's quite easy to take this here on tour. It's wonderful band, and we have a splendid time together. I'm indeed attracted to tour, but all depends on if I can get free som key people for such a tour. We have logistic problems but we will see. The problem is to find employees that are not already fully booked, to solve everything purely logistic and practical. Because we're out so late, many of those that I wanted to have with me are already booked by other artists. We will talk it through but a few key people are already booked. We have a meeting tomorrow and then we will see if all pieces fall together. Otherwise we will put it aside. We will make a decision this week.
Per Gessle

Sandy Mouche EP (III): Matador

Aftonbladet has chosen Sandy Mouche's Matador as one of the best songs by new Swedish bands. Its lyrics, written by Martinique (Martin Nilsson), are againgst bullfighting.

2003.06 Sandy Mouche, by Aftonbladet

Matador: He sleeps alone.
He can´t see right from wrong.

Matador: He thinks he's strong.
He thinks he's number one.

He killed the bull. He killed the bull.
Matador: He sees the crowd.
Their cheeings make him proud.

Matador: Why can´t you see
your pride´s a dirty deed

He killed the bull. He killed the bullBulls running by but you can´t run away this time.
Bulls running by
but you can´t hide yourself this time.

It reveals your crime