29 Jun 2007

Ludde, Hella & Göken

According to Mikael Gökinan Myspace, Mikael Gökinan Trio, that played in Jazz i Malmö ( musikhuset Jericho, Malmö) last February 2006, has got a new name: Ludde, Hella & Göken.

Mikael Gökinan Trio (now Ludde, Hella & Göken) are:
  • Mikael Gökinan - acoustic guitar and backing vocals
  • Helena Josefsson - vocals
  • Ludde Wennström - contrabass and backing vocals.
Mikael Gökinan plays the guitar in many bands from Malmö: The Red, Oomaigoosh Tailfeathers, Markus Murevärn band, Evangelyn, Adrian ....

Ludde Wennström has been playing bass and contrabass with many bands too: HepCat Daddies, Ågrens Orkester, Max Magiska Cirkusvarieté, Stilleben, ...

Helena Josefsson has played with Sandy Mouche and Son of a Plumber.

They play soul and jazz, influenced by Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush and Kent.

We can listen to some of their songs and covers in Mikael Gökinan Myspace.

The producer is Christoffer Lundquist.

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