26 Jun 2007

P, C & C ... Who's the "Händig Man"? (V): En Händig Man på Turné 2007

We are ready for the new tour of Per Gessle and his band.

10 July Halmstad (preview) Leif's Lounge
11 July Halmstad Örjans Vall
13 July Linköping Stångebrofältet
14 July Sandviken Högbo Bruk
15 July Leksand Sammilsdal
17 July Borgholm Idrottsplatsen
19 July Helsingborg Sofiero Slott
20 July Västervik Gränsö Slott
21 July Göteborg Slottsskogsvallen
22 July Strömstad Strömsvallen
24 July Visby Östergravar
27 July Skövde Bolougnersskogen
28 July Christinehof Christinehof Slott
29 July Varberg Sa Fästningshörnan

1 August Jönköping Elmiafältet
3 August Karlstad Mariebergsskogen
4 August Växjö Evedal
5 August Malmö Mölleplatsen
10 August Västerås Lögarängen
11 August Örebro Behrn Arena
12 August Stockholm Sjöhistoriska

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According to the new Favorita Myspace:

Popsicle Webshop is the website/record label behind the release of Favorita’s album in North America and it’s owned and operated by Favorita’s fan Luke Jackson who is currently recording an album of his own featuring Favorita’s Magnus on bass, Jens Jansson on drums and producer/multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Lundqvist both of whom play in the band Brainpool whose last record, the sprawling double album rock opera “Junk” was recently staged for the first time in Los Angeles.
Favorita was the band of Magnus Börjeson in the middle 90s. The only album by this band from Lund, Sweden, was released last year by Junk Musik. Magnus has worked with Christoffer Lundquist, Brainpool and Per Gessle. Metro Jets (Magnus' duo with David Birde from Brainpool) has released some singles in Sweden.


In Mazarin, Per Gessle added the dates of when each song was written and also wrote who played what on each song and then he got tired of it. So on the last record there has been nothing of that. Americans have lists of names in the songwriting credits. Sometimes I think it’s politics. All those people haven’t written the songs but they have contributed in some other ways so you credit them on a song and give them a little piece of money to even things out. I think it’s rare that so many people write a song. I think it’s often an economical, political thing.

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LJdM said...

We took Christoffer Lundquist's words from a marvelous interview in roxetteblog.com (December, 2009). Thank you, Judith and Kirsten.