25 Aug 2004

P, C & C find GT's five errors and Brainpool's long-running soap opera (VII): Junk - A Rock Opera - The Story

LJdM is impressed by Brainpool's Junk - A Rock Opera. You can follow the story of the opera here in some of the official videos and reading Junk - Lyrics.

Junk - Disc One

1. Overture
2. How to Find a Decent Sushi Bar
3. Here Comes the Man
4. Penthouse Party

5. Junkyard Commercial Spot

6. This is Junk
7. Metro Jets Premiere Concert

8. Working With My Hands
9. And the Wall
10. Designer Dream
11. Cottage Cheese
12. Orange Peel
13. Anybody Home
14. No Sunny Days

Junk - Disc Two

1. World Going Wrong
2. Hostile Takeover (2nd Overture)
3. What Have I Done And Why Did I Do It?
4. Metro Jets Premiere Concert Pt. 2
5. Do You Really Think That You Deserve All the Money That You Earn? (The making of the suit of armour)
6. All Free Agents
7. Skyscraper
8. Who's That Man?
9. Martina Says:
10. Junk

11. Keyboard Wizard
12. Glycemic Index (How To Find a Decent Sushi Bar - Reprise)
13. Here Comes the New Man
14. Los Reyes De La Musica Rock Progresiva

Our previous commercial success might be to our disadvantage since we keep comparing our present more moderate success to that, even though what we get to do now is absolutely amazing. We’ve been able to spend four years on recording a double album and do it exactly the way we wanted it, which is quite fantastic. And even more incredible is that we’ve been allowed to perform it on stage with an orchestra and one of the world’s best conductors! But at the end of the day, we’ve always tended to view all our achievements as major disasters!

We may only be a footnote in Swedish pop music but in that case we want to be a damn weird footnote! It sould be unpredictable and take a long time to read!
David Birde (Junk Musik)
David Birde - Junk Musik


Disc1-2. How to find a decent sushi bar said...
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Junk - Lyrics said...

You can find all the lyrics here:


LJdM said...

The words of Brainpool are taken from the documentary-film "JUNK", recorded in 2004 and directed by Hampus Linder.

28min - Good world, Malmö, 2006
Produced by: Anders and Helene Granquist.