13 Apr 2008

Sandy Mouche, kept on ice (I): Per Blomgren is building a new studio

Hi there!

We´re on ice. Per Blomgren is building a new studio so the recordings are on a break.



Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

This means that we'll have to keep on waiting for the new album. I guess Helena's second album could be released in June 2008 and the new Sandy Mouche album maybe in 2009.

Anonymous mouche said...

On ice? Sandy should melt soon :(

Karl said...

Helena's album will be finished in June 2008 but it will be released in Autumn, I guess. That means Sandy Mouche in 2009.

Moucher said...

Karl, it's a shame you were not right. Waiting for Sandy Mouche in 2010?