14 Apr 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (V): Hooray things are being done!

First I want to send you a big hug! Thank you for remembering my birthday!

It feels great to be an adult. Now I know even more that it is up to me how childish I want to be!

That night, when I turned 30, I woke up from the regular intimate noises from the couple in the flat above... She has such a loud voice, she should do something creative about it not always sing the same tune like she does at 5.30 in the weekend mornings, when her postman boyfriend´s natural clock wakes him up and then he always wakes her up and then... The concert begins! But he never makes any sound though! Only the whole wall is shaking :o)

Well this night I felt, I had had enough, now I am a grown up for real, and I don´t have to listen to this all the time, and I went up to their door and talked with a soft but firm voice, through the mailbox: " Can you please please keep it down! Please!" My neighbours could never be real indians, living a whole family in a tipi, caring about each other not only about themselves.

It felt really good that I stood up for myself! Like a proud indian :o) I´m not so used to that. I have to practice in small situations, like this, to listen to what I really need to feel comfortable, and then act by it.

I hope you also get great birthdays, I wish I knew when they are but I congratulate you in advance now :o)

Just some thoughts from me here in the studio, I am waiting for Christoffer Lundquist who is at a cat-funeral. One of the five kittens, born a week ago, didn´t survive and now he is out with his family mourning.

Then we will keep working with the new songs, and tomorrow it is time to sing...!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
- Video:
Päron the studio cat at Aerosol Grey Machine Studio in Skåne. Video by Alistair Campbell, from Australia. August, 2007


Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

Poor cat :(

Päron said...

The video of the cat was recorded in 2007 by the producer Alistair Campbell during the recordings of the new album by the Australian singer Dean Stevenson.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Helena!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitty!

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitty!