26 Dec 2006

Sandy Mouche's poems grow up abroad (VII): Belgium and Paris Record Shops this Christmas

First single in Belgium
( 2006 · 12 )

“"...and poems" will be released in Belgium February 15th. First single "Evening Wake, Morning Flake" is on radio rotation now!”

So "... and poems for the unborn" is now in the record shops in Paris. Oui!

We are on the record shop shelves in Paris, jihaa!My cousin sent me pictures of two known record shops in Paris: Gilbert and Fnac. To my joy they had put our record on the shelves and not behind a pile of other records! Thank you good people =) See for yourself!

J'adore Sandy Mouche! vous faite de la super belle musique. continuez à nous enchanter avec votre superbe musique!

Saar (a.k.a. Sarah den Rara), from Alkmaar, Netherlands, has made a top 10 of her favourite songs of 2006.

1. Sandy Mouche 'Spiderweb Suit'
2. Laleh 'Invisible (my song)'
3. Pete Murray 'Opportunity'
4. Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks 'Dreams'
5. Kleerup feat. Robyn 'With Every Heartbeat'
6. Scissor Sisters 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing'
7. Snow Patrol 'Chasing Cars'
8. Helena Josefsson 'By Your Side'
9. Lisa Miskovsky 'Mary'
10. Jenny Wilson 'Let My Shoes Lead me Forward'

My mother tongue is French and i'm from Canada... when i discovered Sandy Mouche's music back in 2003 i think... i totally fell in love with their mixture of French and English in their music cause our province here in Canada is officially bi-lingual (French and English) and a lot of people here mix French and English quite regularly. I heart Sandy Mouche.
I told them that their music would be very well received in Canada cause we are a bi-lingual country ... i've been a fan of theirs for quite some years and have been playing them on my radio show here in the east coast as well as a few times on national radio where I do freelance work! I'd be one of the first ones to buy their album if it was released in Canada... that's for sure.

I am the host of (((la photo sonore))) radio show, that is every thursday nights from 7 to 9pm (Atlantic Standard time) - CKUM Radio J 93.5fm - and available online. On 23rd November 2006, I have played 28 songs. Number 13 was "Cloette", by Sandy Mouche.
Marc Xavier Leblanc, DJ Bones

Martinique´s mother is Polish and she moved to Sweden as a young woman. His aunt moved to France, so Martinique´s summers were spent there, playing with his French cousin and his sister. And I read French in school .

It is a very beautiful language and we know some of it so the language gives us a lot of inspiration when we sing it!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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