15 Dec 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Malmö's studios (VIII): Fredo - Remack

Fredo is the solo project by Mitsunori Matsuno from Tokyo. He's the resident DJ and the organizer of one of the highly popular party in Tokyo "Freaky!" at Shinjuku Oto. His first full length album, Smack which was produced by Tatsuki Hasimoto (Strauss) was out in June 2005. This album features Bastian (Dutch track maker/producer) and Helena Josefsson (Swedish singer from Sandy Mouche). Helena sings in the song Teenage Monster.

Now he releases a remix album, Remack, with eight track. The Teenage Monster remix is made by his friend Yoshitaka Morino (Handsomeboy Technique), from Kyoto. You can listen to a snippet here.

Panora, in Malmö, is one of the few places in all Sweden where you can listen to this song. Sometimes Panora becomes oo-e j-club for Japanese parties with DJs Iensu, MyMelody and Neo-Toyota. "DJ Neo-Toyota blood type A" played Teenage Monster last 18 March at Panora. By the way, Handsomeboy Technique and Halfby were also at KB club in Malmö on 22 March 2006. Is there a Japanese music fever in Malmö?

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