16 Jun 2009

Sandy Mouche hides the head in the sand (IV): solo projects

2009.06 HJ by Sofia Josefsson
Helena Josefsson in Malmö - Picture by Sofia Josefsson, June 2009

I am not sure what the other Sandy Mouche band members do now, but myself I am having a vacation with my boys visiting cottages, combined with preparing music videos that I will do with the help from my friends. The first one I will do with my friend Cilihili (Cecilia Nordlund) whose music you can find on the internet, by the way. And I am preparing a show together with another friend, Malin Nilsson. Just trying to have fun in other words!

Unfortunately I have to finish the work with the videos and release of my soloalbum before I can move into the new Sandy Mouche album. I wasn´t prepared of that much more creative work with my solo album. It is great fun but I can´t do it at the same time as Sandy Mouche, because I want to use all of my capacity when doing something like that. So I just hope and pray that the Sandy Mouche guys will wait for me.

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

2009.06 Helena in Malmö - by Sofia Josefsson
Helena Josefsson in Malmö - Picture by Sofia Josefsson, June 2009

According to Helena Josefsson's words, there is no clear near future for Sandy Mouche. Meanwhile, Per Blomgren, the drummer of Sandy Mouche, has recorded a new Swedish EP in his own garage studio of Malmö. You can listen to it in myspace: Per Blomgren's myspace

Per Blomgren - Slätten (EP)
1. 190 (2:21)
2. Precis som nu ... (3:19)
3. Falla leva (3:15)
4. Vikten av ett liv (3:12)
5. Ge mig mod (4:09)

Hej Just nu lyssnar ni på Slätten, en EP som jag skrivit och spelat in under våren 2009. mvh Per
Hi! You are listening to Slätten, an EP that I produced and played during the spring 2009.


Alberto Fuente said...

Too much time for being on ice, Sandy Mouche! I am missing your music.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures of Helena!