15 Jun 2009

P, C & C and their rox-prom nights (I): Lundquist is back to the school and new plans for Roxette

According to Sydsvenskan’s article and web report, Christoffer Lundqvist, the man behind Per Gessle’s latest albums, is currently working on a new CD with Östra Torns Montessoriförskola kindergarten’s children’s choir from Lund in Scania, Sweden. All lyrics were written by children themselves and the album will be released just before Christmas. All profits will be transferred to help “Sponsor a child” organisation in Peru. By the way, the Swedish rapper Timbuktu was born and raised in Östra Torn, the eastern district in the town of Lund.

Per Gessle's latest solo album "Party Crasher" finally sees the light of day in the UK today. The UK edition will be the standard 12 track album. However, it would appear that the album is not being sold in shops. As far as The Daily Roxette has heard you can only order from online sites.

Per Gessle has revealed on Twitter that his forthcoming live album will be titled "Gessle Over Europe," resembling Paul McCartney's tour name from 1972, "Wings Over America." There are "no further comparisons," says Per in his tweet. Per's live album will be released as a double-LP as well as a CD included with the DVD. Per seems to be very excited about it. "I received the album masters the other day and they sound terrific" Per says.

Per has also written on Twitter that the live recordings included on the album are from Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm (day 2), Warsaw, Halmstad and Munich concerts. The LP will contain three, possibly four, bonus tracks, while the DVD will contain the full Stockholm #1 concert. EMI is working full time to get the material done before the vacations start and Per mentions the albums preliminary will be released early September.

UIT Magazine, a local Dutch lifestyle and entertainment magazine publishes an exclusive interview with Roxette in their June issue. The full page article deals with Roxette’s comeback and performance as headliner at the Night of the Proms concert later this year. Marie mentions that during the Christmas tour in Sweden she discovered she felt great again on stage. She loved being on stage again and decided it was time to continue with Roxette. Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist will play again with the band. It seems Helena Josefsson won't be with them this time.

2009.05.10 Roxette 2009

Per and Marie are reuniting and will perform again as Roxette in Latva this summer. The duo is set to perform for the opening of New Wave 2009 on July 28 in Jurmala. Sirius XM has put up two videos with Per Gessle being interviewed on Nordic Rox on YouTube. One where he talks about the Roxette reunion and one where he talks about the concert with Marie Fredriksson in Amsterdam.

When Marie indicated she was completely ready, we could start talking about a reunion. A lot has happened in seven years; we both have changed. Roxette used to be a part of the music industry, trying to be successful. That’s not our goal anymore, we now focus on the things that satisfy us. We will enter the studio this summer. We will not record an entire album, but we will release something new. I hope we can release this to the public before the end of the year. Btw, I have been in NYC in May. Found some great 80's shoes!! And bought a donut and a hat! And "In search of the lost chord" on vinyl. Moody Blues, anyone?

This is my Twitter-Radio of May and June:
  • June 15: I love the nu Jonas Akerlund-video. Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. www.raf.se is where it’s at. Don’t know what’s happening but I like the song too. And “Goin’ back”, by The Byrds.
  • June 14: Sunshine on the westcoast! BBQ and old Jethro Tull. The Sounds new album sounds very good.
  • June 13: Saturday in the park. Chicago. Ha ha ha ha ……
  • June 12: Playing “Hold me” from Russell Smith’s first solo album (on vinyl!!!). Produced by Barry Beckett & Co. Brilliant! Barry Beckett dies. Such a shame. Extraordinary musician. Muscle Shoals. Check out, f i, Paul Simon’s There goes rhymin’ Simon. A treat. The Friday Take-Off: Believe I’ve found/Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Reading a most fab book: “Bob Dylan – The songs he didn’t write”. About the covers he’s recorded & performed. A thrill.
  • June 11: Can’thelpbutthinkin that Basse Wickman’s Son of Cathy’s Clown is the best Swedish single ever! Such a great voice (nevermindtheKnopflergtr) Anders F. Rönnblom “Jag kysste henne våldsamt”. Pump up the volume!!!!
  • June 10:Walking out on love” Paul Collins’ Beat + “Supersonic” Oasis. It’s one of those mornings…
  • June 9: Just like a woman. Bob Dylan. Live 1966 Royal Albert Hall. Some of the most beautiful music ever made.
  • June 8: Song of the afternoon: Harley-Davidson, sung with love & affection by Brigitte B. Cry baby cry from The White Album. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up.
  • June 7: Never gonna give you up – Rick Astley. The 80’s are underrated!
  • June 6: BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU The Dandy Warhols. Should be played every Saturday morning!
  • June 5: Dizzy” Tommy Roe. Makes you wanna dance with the cornflakes.
  • June 4: Just came back from Sthlm Stadion. Bruce sounded terrific, he even played Who’ll stop the rain but Gabriel & me were freezing our asses off! “Feel like makin’ love”. Roberta Flack. Awesome.
  • June 3: Someone is playing “Broken down angel” by Nazareth. Haven’t heard that one for years. Must be this crazy neighbourhood…. Ain’t it strange/Patti Smith Group. Fantastic. Can you believe Gyllene Tider played this -78? I made a Swedish translation. And we played John Cale’s “Helen of Troy”. “Flicka av guld” was the Swedish title if I remember it right… Got it on cassette somewhere..
  • June 2:Snow angel” by Ron Sexsmith. Just what we need for summer!
  • June 1: Peter Bruntnell’s version of “Waterloo sunset”. Just dandy!
  • May 31: Additonal suggestion: Whatever happened to my rock’n roll. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Makes you wake up. Mothers’ Day. Song of the day: Take your mama for a ride. Lulu. 1976. Swell.
  • May 30:Dreams are ten a penny” by Kincade. Great production, great song!
  • May 29: I just listened to Washington County by Arlo Guthrie. i loved that album as a kid, it still sounds like I remember it. Great sleeve too! Almost song of the day: Dick Mixon’s wonderful remix of “Silly really”. He’s so talented, folks, you wouldn’t believe it! “Everybody’s got to learn sometime” by the Korgis. Beautiful.
  • May 28: Bo Diddley on the iPod. Oh yea. Forgot about how overwhelming and ass-kicking Bowies’ Ziggy Stardust is! Oh man, play it again, please!
  • May 27: More Steve M! Check this out & get blown away: http://bit.ly/10KsPJ OUTSTANDING!!!!
  • May 26: No, haven’t seen Madonna since Paris 200?. However, got tcts to the Gbg show! She was at our gig at the Beacon, NYC 1992!
  • May 25: Checking out Small Faces on youtube. “Tin soldier” is on my Top 10 best-song- ever-list. There will never be another Steve Marriott!! Mama said by Nick Lowe is from “E.P.” Pretty hard to find these days. Good luck with it. B-fast in the sun, Josh Rouse & Little Richard on the iPod, great Indy race last nite. Awopbopaloo.
  • May 22: Meetings are up. Headin’ for New Jersey and Springsteen’s hometown-show. Sean Penn in the hotel lobby. We all love him. Brooze in New Jersey last nite was a mesmerizing experience. I like Radio Nowhere for some reason. The crowd was the best I’ve seen. I like Brooze when he’s showing off his pop side. Cover me, Hungry heart, Wauting on a sunny day, I don’t like Rosalita & Jungleland. Sorry.
  • May 17: Someone next door is playing Dr Hook’s version of “Only sixteen”. What a great idea!!! Xllent choice of music, Gabriel! Kim Fowley’s behind B. Bumble & Co! Kool kat indeed! Keith Urban on the iPod? I met him in the gym at the Bev Hills Hotel a couple of weeks ago. Nice guy, b-ful wife!
Per Gessle

About the Roxette recordings, I don´t know but I do not believe I will participate there. But it was a great moment to sing with Marie Fredriksson in the live situation during the Party Crasher Tour. Actually, the most stunning thing was to witness the love from the audience, amazing. I took my earplugs out when she entered stage so I could hear it well! It was kind of scary to enter the stage after her performance to sing "Hey Mr Dj", and the band was hesitating backstage, just before, wondering if we should do it. But I just felt like, it is a wonderful song so why not? And I think it went well even though it could be a great down fall to enter after a living miracle like she is, Marie getting well from such a serious condition, being able to sing again.

Martin says hi to you and we wish you a lovely summer!!!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)


Alberto Fuente said...

I like to listen to Helena with Gessle, but it is time to listen to her own music. Many fans are waiting for Helena's new album.

Roxie said...

And much more fans are waiting for an album of Roxette. :D

Östra Torns Montessoriförskola said...

"De kanske är lite för små", säger Christoffer Lundqvist. - Yes, maybe they are a little bit small. But they are so lovely!