2 May 2009

The Party Crasher Tour - Concert Nr.10: Gent

2.5 Gent, Handelsbeurs

Per Gessle had a doorbuster of a concert here in Gent last night. And we mean that literally. According to TDR, "It was difficult for the staff to get people intent on proceeding forward to move backwards, so when they did manage to get one door open, there was enough pressure placed on the other door as it was opening to cause the unmistakable sound of cracking wood to be heard throughout the lounge."

The show started with support-act Martinique, who performed (singing, playing the guitar and even doing the elecric-boogie) a number of his songs. Also worth noting is that, in TDR's opinion, the selection of music played before the show and during the intermission was excellent. And then suddenly the music stops and all hear the sound of birds, soon to realise they were listening to an excerpt from the title theme to 'The Sound of Music'. The globe on stage turned a bright orange and then Per and the Kids mount the stage.

In a surprise addition to the set list, "Hey, Mr. DJ" was added just after Per had introduced the band. Helena, with a huge smile on her face, looked out at the audience, then over at Per, and began the song's now-familiar introduction. The crowd of "crazy fans" cheered wildly!

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