6 May 2009

Martinique European Tour - Concert Nr.12: Amsterdam

6.5 - Amsterdam, Melkweg

Ok, posting from Hotel Tylösand actually after being home for one day and resting. And after a nice hour of spa treatment I almost feel like a Duracell bunny again (almost). The show in Amsterdam was for me a good show. Not great but good. Mr X had a tough flight this day and he wasn´t feeling good at all, with fever and throw-ups. So my voice was present during the performance but my mind was with him.

The Amsterdam audience seemed a bit shy but very listening which to me is great. The front row was a usual very supportive and I thank you all. I had some trouble with my in-ear system on the first song. Suddenly I couldn´t hear a thing so I had to take one of them out. Micke fixed it right away and I was safe. These guys are pros.

Tonight Marie joined Per on two songs. I didn´t see it but I was told it was a really fine moment.

The stuard on the plane back to Sweden was a good one. –The flight time today is 1 hour and 20 seconds. And when we were heading for the runway the plain bumbed a little once. – We hope you will Ohh enjoy flying with us today. A smart way of getting everyone´s attention.

The crowd in Amsterdam:

A short video recorded by Cynthia Deruiter from Amsterdam:

Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments by fans:

Amsterdam was fantastic last night! Your performance was great, you even laughed through the error with the battery pack… at least I think they were changing your batteries at the start of your performance! ;)

I’ve noted with each show I have watched your confidence has grown on the stage.

Oh, there’s me jumping in yellow coat! Great! I’m on the Net!!! Martinique – champion! =) SPA at Hotel Tylo:sand is really best of all I ever visited. Nice to read you also liked it!

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Anonymous said...

From Lund to Amsterdam! It's a dream come true!