6 May 2009

The Party Crasher Tour - Concert Nr.12: Amsterdam

6.5 Amsterdam, Melkweg

2009.05.06 PC Tour - Amsterdam

Marie Fredriksson joint Per Gessle on stage at the “Party Crasher” concert in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Before the show, at an official Night of the Proms press conference in Belgium, it was announced that Marie has recovered from the illness that forced them to cancel their scheduled appearance in 2002. Seven years later, Roxette will finally make good on that previous commitment and perform at this year’s series of concerts to be held in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands beginning at the end of October and running through December.

According to TDR: "In Amsterdam, there were screams, wolf whistles, shouts of "Marie!," cheers, hoots, hollers, and just about every other loud sound of jubiliation you could possibly imagine when Per Gessle invited Marie Fredriksson to join him on stage this evening. And yet, if one paused for a moment to look at the people around them, it was rather easy to spot people with tears in their eyes. It was, by all accounts, an extremely emotional moment… and many in attendance at the Melkweg Arena felt they were witnessing pop music history being made." Marie sang lead vocals on "It Must Have Been Love" (view mobile phone video posted by Expressen) and "The Look" (view video from same source).

What a nite!!! The show felt fab from the start. Had a tiny technical problem with my earphones but hey... who needs ears when you got Amsterdam at your feet! Great crowd; loud, curious, receptive. Joyride was superb. Christoffer's solo on Doesn't make sense was mind blowing. Then, of course, Marie joined us for IMHBL and The Look. What can I say? She was in terrific shape and it felt like central Europe went nuts!!!! Thanx everyone for your support, we all had a blast. People were holding their cameras and taking photos with one hand, while blowing their noses (from crying) with the other when Marie took the stage in Amsterdam. We are thrilled to finally be able to attend 'Night of the Proms'. It's gonna be the first time we share a live stage together since 2001 and it certainly feels most exciting to do so in front of the huge 'Night of the Proms' audience. We look forward to performing some of our greatest hits and working together with the big Night of the Proms orchestra, which should fit our music very well. We will play our four U.S. #1 hits ("The Look," "Listen to Your Heart," "It Must Have Been Love," and "Joyride" ) along with "Wish I Could Fly." Now we fly back home to greet the Swedish soil. Dinner with mother.
Per Gessle

Marie Fredriksson is an artist extremely loved in Sweden. She is surrounded by a lot of love. On the stage she feels at home. She is fantastic live. It is great to be on the same stage as Marie, because no matter what you do , nobody is watching you, everybody is looking at her. She has a lot of charisma.

Helena Josefsson is so sweet. I don't think she is nervous to sing with Marie on the same stage. It's not about a competition. She is a big fan of Marie Fredriksson. She has all her albums and she is listening them. “

Comments by fans:
Sweet Helena, thanks so much for a wonderful evening in Amsterdam, May 6th! And thanks a whole lot for making my evening even better when you threw me that guitar pick from Per :) Dunno if you remember me, the gall in the front row with the lime green t-shirt and green cap (also the one who was waiting inside when you passed us before going to eat pasta :) ). The whole evening was amazing! I am uploading some vids to YouTube and writing a blog about it. Much love and thanks again for a delightful evening. I was sad that I did not had the chance to see you and thank you in person after the gig, but I guess you had a little one to cuddle with :)

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Anonymous said...

I tried to go to this concert but I had to work. :( I could have seen Marie Fredriksson and Helena Josefsson together! :( :( :(