9 May 2009

Martinique European Tour - Concert Nr.14: Stockholm, Cirkus (I)

9.5 - Stockholm, Cirkus

Pew, the two last shows are over and the last bit of energy I had is gone. I´m in zombie-mode waiting to wake up. Maybe in a week or so.

The shows went great I think. The first one was a little more nervous because they were filming for a DVD. I don´t know if my performance will be included but still the cameras were there and it effected my playing a little. The good thing is that after 14 shows your fingers work by themselves so although I had a million thoughts running through my head as I performed I managed to pull it off.
Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments by fans:

Thanks for a fantastic six shows and for appearing last night, I refused to go and get the bus till I had my photo with you, much to the annoyance of my friends! Lol ;) Still it worked… thanks for the photo!

I have some photos from both Stockholm shows that can be found here…

Take care and enjoy the much deserved rest now… love to you, Helena and Mr X!

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