27 Apr 2009

The Party Crasher Tour - Concert Nr.7: Cologne

27.4 Cologne, Gloria Theatre

2009.04.27 PC Tour - Cologne

Hallelujah!! What have we done to deserve this??? What a gig! What a crowd! This reception is way beyond anything I can remember!!! My-gosh-almighty! Everything was purrfect from the first chord to the last. We've noticed so many familiar faces in the front row so we decided to rehearse "Sleeping in my car" at the soundcheck. It sounded OK so after "Steppin' stone" we thought we'd have a go for you guys upfront!!! Cheers, hope you liked it!!! Switz tomorrow (this tour has become a.... monster... fantastic!!!!) Tired but happy
Per Gessle

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Crazy videos! :D :D