27 Apr 2009

Martinique EuropeanTour - Concert Nr.7: Cologne

27.4 - Cologne, Gloria Theatre

Just got back to the hotel and feeling not as tired as yesterday. It is good to have a day off. It makes you come closer to your real fatigue. Let say you take a nap for 2h during the day, when you wake up you feel like you´ve been hit by a train and you get sad. But what the 2h actually does is getting you closer to your real fatigue and eating up a bit of it even though it doesn´t feel like it at first. Without these naps you never get rid of it. You just find a working mode that works with it and you´re always tired even though you think Aha!! today i´m not so tired…but yes you are. Take naps.

On to tonights gig then. To me it was the funniest gig so far. I was really happy on stage and I suddenly decided to try my German language skills with the audience and it worked out quite well i hope?? And then for some reason I shouted -You guys rock at the end of the show, very unplanned and very funny and very true. It happens to me when I get a kick out of something. My mind can´t control my mouth or my body so I just spinn loose and hope to land on my feet. Thank you guys that were there for putting me in this mode. I really like it myself and I left the stage with a big smile on my face =)

Cause even though you may not think I see what you are doing down there, I see everything, every little hand-wave (yes I saw you) to every lip sync I see gives me a boost and makes me better and better and more funny I think.

So thank you again for a funny evening in Cologne. You guys really ROCK!!
Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments by fans:

Hej! ))) I took some pics of you, and even a video, as well as Helena’s and will upload them and send to you as soon as I return back home by 4 May.

Martinique - I hear strange things at night

I’m in Berlin now and the laptop doesn’t seem to work good…))) Thank you for the performance!!!!!!! Will write you later.. sorry…)

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

Hi Martin! Two of my photos that I reworked a bit..they’re still big, so …think of that when you open them.

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Anonymous said...

Tonight I hear strange things at night: I was listening to Martinique's songs on Myspace. :P