28 Apr 2009

Martinique EuropeanTour - Concert Nr.8: Zürich

28.4 Zürich, Kaufleuten

Metallica played here. The Red Hot Chili Peppers several times. A beautiful venue perfect for Sandy Mouche.
Maybe next time. Miss you guys. Tired.
Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments by fans:

Miss Sandy Mouche, hope there’ll be a European clubtour for you guys one day…you can ask Per to babysit Mr. X backstage.

Saar Plunkett (aka Sarah den Rara),
from Alkmaar, Netherlands

Miss Sandy Mouche too. Don’t forget to play together again someday. You are a great band.

Zurich was great, a fantastic performance from all of you as always… we were all laughing at the crew at the end of the evening loading Mr X’s pram in the van… we knew you had taken Mr X back to the hotel but the crew were rocking the pram pretending he was in there… not sure how many of the fans actually stood outside the back entrance last night actually there was a baby being loading into a van like that!

I took some photos of you in Zurich!

Martinique Josefsson - I'm Spiderman

I have a video as well.

Till London! Thank Helena for signing the banner… I got everyone’s signature on there now except yours! x

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