8 Apr 2009

Martinique Tour rehearsals (VII): Helena heaven

Went very well and i´m starting to get a little more feeling now when I sing and play which gives me more courage. The 5th song that i´m doing may vary from gig to gig. It´s nice to be able to choose and test different songs. Today will be my 3rd rehersal so things are looking good for next week when we are going to production rehers in another place.

I´m testing out some dance moves. What do you think, should I move or stand still?

Maybe i´ll add some hip hop to my set? Or something else….hehe

And finally some basic Yngwie techniques (if you come to a show you will hear it for real, how I hear it in my headphones):

Today we stopped by a Café called Vete Katten. It was like entering a forbidden area but still having the guts to take advantage of the broken rule..or something.

There were cakes all over the place and little chocolate tarts and newly baked bread and so on so we just had to sit down and try something.

And finally the big question: Which is your all time favourite cake? Go crazy and comment.

Dear readers, I need your help. The visitor count is dropping on my blog and it´s terribly sad to see. It peeked at 178 visitors one day but is now dropping fast. I reach out to you now with a message dear closest readers:

Help me! Spread the word about this blog to everyone you know and say to them that they have to follow it daily. Spread the word on Roxette forums and other forums. Make banners and go for a stroll in your city and talk to peolple about it. Make stickers and stick them everywhere. Be creative, there´s no limit, no no, no no, no0 no, no nå there´s no limit. This blog needs to grow so that I eventually can make a large sum of money from it. It has the potential of becoming one of Europe´s biggest blogs with your help friends. So go out there and do your magic and give me some carrots to chase. I know you are doing your best and I thank you deeply for it. This blog takes a lot of my time to maintain but if the visitor count is zero, i´m thinking of killing it…


Comments by fans:
You shouldn’t kill it, imagine that Per’s sites have under 500 visitors per day, so what you need to do is to create a page about you, your music, like a professional page, that explains you, your music, etc. This site is just like a fun site, to read during break time. Myspace page for your music is not professional and will not make you famous through the night…

By the way I read your page daily and it’s like a study for me, because i want to come to Sweden sometime in the next years and maybe settle down there. And bear in mind that the internet is full of blogs, so , to make it more interesting you need to be more interesting, so draw some of the attention on yourself. Make a piercing, dye your hair. Do something crazy to be noticeable…. Anyway, just thoughts.

P.S. Be aggresive.

You should move… don’t stay still! ;) Good luck!!! ;)

I adore this little baby how is sleeping there ^^ oh!.. and Helena is looking so fine with this hip hop cap :D

Well, we’ve published your link on Polish Roxette forum: http://www.roxette.pl/forum. Hope it helps. Anyway, do zobaczenia w Warszawie.

Tomas Wysocki, from Warsaw, Poland
tomos85 MySpace

Funny to see that there are still people out there who think that “we fans” are mainly Roxette fans. I guess in the meantime – especially the last years – we headed on and prefer Marie’s and Per’s solo music over Roxette, at least a LOT OF people. About your blog: I like it, I visit it regularly and I enjoy your postings, pictures and videos. Keep going! Looking forward to hear and see you in Cologne and Stockholm!

You’re a sadist monster!!!!! How dare you post such tasty pics during the working afternoon? %)))))))))))))))) God only knows what I’m thinking about..)))))Anyway, I like the last one, the chololade with nuts cake!)

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

Wow, you really took your time to photograph all the cakes and chocolates…and now I want some too, thanks for that! My all time favourite cake is this kladkaka: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahdenrara/389491037/. You can get it at Kaffekoppen @Stortorget in G:la Stan, or at Chokladkoppen which is nextdoor. Touristy places but the cake is just the BEST, can’t wait to get it again when we’re in Stockholm in may! A good morotskaka makes me a happy bunny too btw.

Saar Plunkett (aka Sarah den Rara),
from Alkmaar, Netherlands

I’d rather you didn’t post such photos as I’m on a diet at the moment, trying to eat only healthy things. Anyway, I can at least feast my eyes on such goodies.

Noooo, don’t kill the blog, Martinique!! This blog is too great for that, I love it! I’m gonna spread it as much as I can.

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