7 Apr 2009

Martinique Tour rehearsals (VI): WEEEEESC

So there have been many positive encounters here in the big city…until yesterday. First When Helena was going home by train from a friend in Nyköping there was a man on the train that was very disturbing. Drunk and maybe drugged that kept spatting out ugly words about women and stuff like this. He was very aggressive and loud so Helena and Mr X had to change wagon. This was only the tip of the ice berg….

When we later the same evening went out to buy som snacks and cider we were stunned when we got outside the building door where we live. A guy had just urinated on the door and when we got out he continued to urinate on the building wall. This is how the conversation went:
  • Me -Now that wasn´t very nice
  • Helena -Disgusting
  • The guy -It is not meant for you, it´s for the administrator of the house. Leave.
  • Me -But we live here too you know.
  • The guy -Leave if you don´t want an encounter. Go on swischh swischhh (waving his hand)
  • The guy´s girlfriend -Dogs pee on buildings too you know! (stupid girl, comparing her boyfriend to a dog)
  • Helena -I thought there was a difference between dogs and humans?
  • The guy -Go back to Malmö!
Not a very pleasant experience. Our guess is that he was slightly drugged or had been drinking loads of beer cans with beer in them. Lucky for him there was no clash and we think that he couldn´t see my red knuckles so he had no clue that i´ve been training boxing for a few years now. Or maybe he saw it in my eyes and bailed. Hope to post some more positive Stockholm encounters as time goes.

As you know i´ve been trying to get sposered by a few brands for the tour but with no luck. But yesterday Per said that we could get sponsered by the brand WESC where Per is one of the owners. So today the whole band including me went to the WESC shop at Kungsgatan to see if there was anything we could use on the tour. We found quite a few things.

I will not wear them on stage (maybe the underwear) but if you spot me outside the venues you will definitly see some WESC clothing. It was a strange feeling walking into the shop and choosing whatever I liked. But I needed some new clothes so the timing was great. Thanks Per!

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