12 Apr 2009

Martinique Tour rehearsals (IX): And back in Stockholm ...

April 9 2009. Remember this date. It´s the day 280 people visited Martiniquemusic. Speechless ...
When i´m not on tour I work at The Concept Factory. It´s a great communications agency with lovely colleagues. And I even get to be in the news section at tcf.se. Ses snart vänner och tack för stödet!

The easter weekend was good to us. We all got a late morning sleep so it feels like our batteries have been charged, a little bit anyway. It´s always nice to come home after being away for more than a week. Everything feels so easy and new especially if you cleaned the apartment before leaving.

Have you all had a nice easter? Did anyone of you compete in an egg-picking contest? You know the one where you first paint your egg to look like a winner and ready for a fight and then you hit the other´s eggs and try to destroy their shells with your egg. My father always has this competition at his house when it´s easter. I think I have won once over the last ten years. It´s both creative and wakes your fighter instincts. You should try it.

It feels good to be back in Stockholm and in the taxi I felt the nervousness being present for the first time. Helsinki is close. I will play 5 songs alone, we´ll see if someone will assist.

Comments by fans:
Easter was quiet here for me! The weather however has been so beautiful so warm and sunny I only hope it stays this way! I have Easter Eggs in the fridge but can’t face chocolate at the moment, guilty of too much Absolut! Really looking forward to seeing you on tour! A little bit of promotion for you, I linked you on my blog and also on Facebook, I have 44,000 hits on WordPress since last March! Let’s get the fans here to read your blog, I love what you write! Have you thought about getting onto Twitter and follow Per idea, it really get’s everyone into the mood about the tour!

Hej, it’s nice to hear that you’re back. It’s been a very short holiday for you. How are you feeling before the first concert? I’m so excited and nervous at the same time before the Warsaw gig. I hope everything will go fine and I’ll have only nice memories when I come back home. Last time in Malmo during EHM tour I fainted because of a stomachache and the paramedics took me to an ambulance to check whether I’m fine. I was. It was scary but it gave me a chance to see you and Helena. No sign of Per though. Maybe this time. My Easter was fine and still is! It’s the second day and I’m afraid to go out as today we have Smingus-dyngus? Do you know this Polish tradition of drenching people with water? Later on the news you hear about people who were caught by some teenagers or children and drenched with buckets of water. Not a pleasent experience. Tomorrow, the same time I’ll be right after work (I have only two lessons on Wednesdays, I’m a teacher) getting ready for one of the greatest journeys of my life – the concert. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Love, Kamila.

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