14 Apr 2009

Martinique Tour Rehearsals (X); production (I)

It was at a place called Tyrol in Djurgården so we went there by boat.

It was a hectic day but it felt great to finally be on a stage. Wow, look at the time! It just flies, too late for poems but I hope you like videos:

I will try to report during the tour. It depends if the hotels have wlan but I think most of them have. Don´t know if there will be videos though since i´m taking Mr X to the hotel directly after my performance so we´ll see. Maybe I can stay a while on some of the shows I don´t really know. Per & Co…don´t know but there is certainly a chance.

Comments by fans:
Wicked!!!!!! ))))))))))))) You indeed sound good!)) And Mr. X is soooooooooo cute, in that ear-phones and a cap on the head…))) So sweeeet!)))) Thank you for posting. I appreciate it a lot….))) Keep going!)

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

Great videos! You sound f**king great and slowly I am really getting excited about the whole tour thing. Glad I got tickets for three shows!

That was great Martinique! Thanks so much for the videos. Thanks to them we can be so close to the whole crew throughout the whole tour. I absolutely adore the idea of the blog! You sound great live. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the first performance. Everything will be fine.

Watching the videos on the boat and around Djurgården remind me so much of Stockholm… *sigh* can’t wait to be back there again in a few weeks time! You do sound fantastic… I look forward to hearing you on stage!

Great videos! Can´t wait to see you all on dvd! Sadly, i can´t join a show! Would be great to get more of your videos. Don´t foregt the people who can´t see Per live on stage (yes like me)! Images are also very welcome. I will check your blog every day for more infos about the tour! Now it´s my frontpage here. Have fun with Gessle. Sabi.

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