1 Apr 2009

Martinique Tour rehearsals (III): The first rehearsal

Went very well. It was a different experience than i am used to. It was me alone with Oskar (the monitor tech) and Micke (the guitar tech). Could it be more luxurious?

I tried a few songs and Oskar gave me a really good mix in the In-ear system that´s also totally new for me. It´s two ear phones you have in your ears =) and through them you hear the music and the singing. And you can decide the volume yourself through a little knob on the unit. Very exciting for me to try this out.

Micke helped me get the guitar sounds right and we stayed a few hours fine tuning them.

My friend Johnny Bull once said: “It would be cool if you posted some videos on your blog”. Johnny, here you go, the first video (from the first rehersal) on this blog:

WARNING! This post is for serious gear geeks (like myself) so all of you other dear readers out there, bear with me on this one ok?

Here is a more detailed post about the gear I will be using on stage:

I made some guitar sounds that I like in my Pocket POD (a little guitar amp simulator that you can plug directly into the PA system. Micke took the sounds I hade created and put them (after many tries since the software wasn´t compatible) into a "monster machine". The signal from the xt Pro goes to Oskar´s mixing table and he delivers the sound to the Shure wireless guitar unit. But wait a minute, some of you might say, -Martinique, but what if you want to change the guitar sound in the middle of a song? -Good question my friend. The answer? A little bugger.

So if you suddenly se me tap dancing on stage i´m just trying to change the sound of the guitar. The guitar sound along with my vocals and backing tracks are then delivered into the Shure In-ear system (also wireless). Oskar then mixes everything to your taste and you are able to get a really nice atmosphere in your head.

Finally for the backing tracks I use my ipod which also is connected to Oskar.

What are these mutants doing in my ipod?

Comments by fans:
I miss the “mutants”. I have read about a new album by Sandy Mouche and I wonder if it is still on ice. Helena’s solo, Martinique’s solo, Sandy Mouche, … It is not easy to follow you ;) Very interesting to know all the process with the machines. Good luck and enjoy all the rehearsals.

Nice blog Martinique! And even though I’m no gear freak, it’s interesting to see all the gear anyway. Good luck with rehearsals, I’ll be coming back to check how things are going. And others have said it before; hur söt är Mr X?! Greetings from sunny Holland!

Saar Plunkett (aka Sarah den Rara),
from Alkmaar, Netherlands

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