30 Mar 2009

Martinique Tour rehearsals (II): Getting to know Stockholm

Well i´ve never been in Stockholm this long before but now when we are living here for three weeks i´m starting to see the things i missed out on when passing through all these years. I made a list:
  • 1. People are kind and helpful
  • 2. Taxi drivers are really helpful
  • 3. It´s fun to be a “Latte father” in Stockholm (many coffee places here even though I don´t drink it that much)
  • 4. Two of my closest friends live here and (one of them just got a baby girl and the other takes me to the gym)
  • 5. The Pizzerias are great (not the average “Svenne fettplatta” here no. Nice thin and crispy bottoms)
  • 6. You ride free of charge on the buses if you have a pram with you. (with a child in it)
I´m sure I will add to this list as we proceed. Curious to see if there will be any negative impressions, so far so good.

I will have my first real rehersal tomorrow, can´t wait. You will get a closer look at the gear I will be using. In the mean time check out some rehersal pics at Gessle.com

We have borrowed a flat in “Söder” in Stockholm from our friend Danyal Taylan. It´s a lovely newly renovated flat and it is starting to feel like home. There weren´t any furniture there though so we had to improvise.

What the flat does have is a cool gas stove that we´ve been playing around with. We went to our friends Bartek and Joanna and their two weeks old Maja. Mr X´s future wife? You never know…..but there is another girl out there too..

I have to go, Mr X will soon wake up and demand his milk.

Comments by fans:

I wonder if Helena can play drums?
What instruments can you play, Martinique, and what instruments does Helena play? Not to mention her enchanting voice of course..)) Thanks..

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

Hi Ilya! Nice to have you as a reader. She can play one pattern and one fill. She plays the piano, flute, a tiny bit guitar and she is a hell of a tambourine player, as you may have seen + some other strange instruments I do not know the name of *)

As for me I mostly play the guitar and piano when im writing songs. But I love the drums and if I were to have a new band I would battle for the task. Im also fond of the electric bass. (strange keyboard here, cant make smileys, they come out like this *) *))

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