10 Apr 2009

Helena's new single in Swedish (II): lya Volkov interviews Helena in helenajosefsson.com

Ilya Volkov: Do you like reading or watching movies? What kind of books or movies do you prefer? Some sad ones or thrillers or may be adventure stories? Comedies, dramas or biographies?
Helena Josefsson: Oh yes. I love Tim Burton movies and movies with women fighting with swords and movies that are very realistic like "After the Wedding" by Susann Bier and movies that are very far from our time, like Bram Stoker´s Dracula!

I.V.: Do you like travelling? How do you prefer - by ferry or by plane? I've read about you rode bike when you were a kid, right? Or may be just by car, bus or train?
H.J.: I prefer bus and bike, you see more, you get the wind in your face, you can rest, you can sing or talk to yourself a lot! I love making small trips to the sea or the woods around here.

I.V.: What is your favourite music? Which music influences your oeuvre - music and singing? What kind of music do you like to create?
H.J.: I have sung in a girl´s choir since the age of 7 and that is still the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I want to create music from my heart something that warms myself and the listener, makes us feel better.

I.V.: How do you prefer to perform live - in big venues or in small pubs or clubs with only 200-300 listeners when everyone sing along?
H.J.: I am not picky, as long as the music is the main thing, no breakfast eating and listening in between the chewing.

I.V.: How do you usually spare weekends? Do you go to the country-side, some small rides around Sweden or Danmark?
H.J.: Yes I want to go out of the city. It is much nicer in the countryside if you want to get new energy, a lot more baby-lambs, a lot more flowers, a lot more picnics, a lot more space, a lot more snow, and so on, all of which I love!

I.V: Did you have any of your relative a musisian, who could have influenced your music? Do you have a hero? Like Per's father was for him. Do you have a man or a woman, whom you want to act like?
H.J.: I look for new heroes. Michael Jackson is my house god. Kate Bush is my godess. My mother let me sing in a choir and dance, play the piano. She could be a great jazz singer I believe. Her parents were musically talented- her mother had a record store and her father was a painter who still plays the violin. My father influenced me too, even though he sings a bit out of tune :o) He grew up by the woods in a village called Virserum. Nature is my hero.

I.V.: Do you like cooking? What's your favourite dish? ;)))))))
H.J.: I do! But only simple things. My mother makes salmon on a bed of sea salt with peas, potato mash and a cold sauce. I like to make chicken stuffed with lemon and plums in a claypot! Blueberries and raspberries.... I would like that for breakfast, dinner and supper!

Interview by Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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