17 Mar 2009

Sandy Mouche hides the head in the sand (I): Martinique, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog"

I am one of the lead singers of the band Sandy Mouche. Where Sandy Mouche flirts with the French Riviera, fairies & elves, Martinique's project embraces the Miami Vice 80s without compromise.

I love synth pad sounds and I often write songs by singing to a silky smooth pad that im playing. I love music that makes me want to drive a car fast, sit on a bus, dance or run. I guess you can say music that moves me. When I was a little boy I spent all summers in France with my relatives. I got quite a lot of French music flowing through my ears back then and I dig it up when I need to go back there for inspiration. When im writing music for myself as Martinique however I look elsewhere. Series on TV from the 80s is a big inspiration. Miami Vice (just love the beautiful sad melodies bathing in smooth synth pads. Anxiety is just around the corner.) Knight Rider, Air Wolf, V, Falcon Crest, North & South, The Persuaders. For me they are filled with memories and both happy and sad moments in my life. I use the feeling I get from them and their music when I write music as Martinique. Sometimes I try to do a whole different production but somehow I always end up with a beat and a pad =).

“Martinique” is my very new project and the music has never been played live before. The music is unsigned. I have used Mark Twain's words for the EP. You can also listen to Helena Josefsson's backing vocals.

It's not the size
of the dog in the fight,
it's the size of the fight in the dog

- EP - 2009-
1. The girl from Milan - 03:25
2. I hear strange things at night - 03:08
3. The meaning of haste - 03:48
4. I'm Spiderman - 03:08

I am going to be the opening act on Per Gessle's (the man from Roxette) european tour. Don't miss out on my first ever live performance with this music.

The exclusive 200 copies Ep will be sold on the tour along with 50 ultra rare t-shirts.

  • 16.4 Helsinki, Tavastia Club
  • 19.4 Oslo, Rockefeller
  • 20.4 Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
  • 22.4 Warsaw, Stodola
  • 23.4 Prague, Luccerna Hall
  • 25.4 Hamburg, Grunspan
  • 27.4 Cologne, Gloria Theatre
  • 28.4 Zürich, Kaufleuten
  • 29.4 München, Muffathalle
  • 2.5 Gent, Handelsbeurs
  • 4.5 London, Shepherds Bush Empire
  • 6.5 Amsterdam, Melkweg
  • 8.5 Halmstad, Sporthallen - NEW
  • 9.5 Stockholm, Cirkus
  • 10.5 Stockholm, Cirkus - EXTRA
Visit Martiniques tour blog where you can follow me through rehearsals, gigs and a whole lot of other stuff.

Comments by fans:

CD is so cute!!!!)))))) And Helena is a great photographer!) Thank you for the blog, Martinique, I’m looking forward to read it during the tour! See you in Germany!)))). Kind regards from the Sunny Mediterranean,

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

Good stuff!
And btw: It’s the size of the other dog in the fight.

Well, it could be the size of the wisdom in Twain’s words.
A long title, but very original.

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Moucher said...

Love the songs! When a full album? Or even better: when a Sandy Mouche new album?