8 Jan 2009

Sandy Mouche, kept on ice (IV): composing some new songs

Writing new music for Sandy Mouche together with Martinique now. I sing with Per Gessle on his new album and cross my fingers- hopefully there will be a tour!

No news about my new album, yet, but it is complete, just waiting for someone to release it. While I wait, Martinique and I are composing some new songs together, for Sandy Mouche.

We were playing yesterday in our drummer´s new built studio in his garage. And I wish to continue doing that soon, it felt great!

Just need to focus a bit more, and sleep some more to speed it up a bit!

Now I will take a little nap, or not! My little boy just woke up :o)

Cyberhugs from me to you!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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