4 Jan 2009

Helena's second album, waiting to be released (IV): still waiting for someone to release the album

Happy New Year! Just a little report on what I am up to now! I am a mother since 08.11.08 and it feels great!

Now christmas has passed and as always I am already longing for spring! But it feels like spring when I read all the love on my guest book- wow.

I want to thank you all for the congratulations we have received for the baby and also for the positive Party Crasher comments! It makes me happy!

2009 - it will be an exciting year! Making music, singing, but now with a child in my arms feels fantastic. No news about my new album, yet, but it is complete, just waiting for someone to release it.

My new album is finished just waiting to be released, but by who? I will soon find out. While I wait, Martinique and I are composing some new songs together, for Sandy Mouche.

Cyberhugs from me to you!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Hej Helena, I just want to wish you a very healthy and happy New Year for you, Martinique and the baby. I'm happy to hear that you're busy recodrding some songs for Sandy Mouche but can I ask you when your album will be released. Love always.
Kamila, from Poland

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