2 Jul 2008

Christoffer Lundquist is mixing Helena's second solo album (VI): waiting and waiting

On two sundays, Martinique came over! Then I bought strawberries and other good things to celebrate it!

He loves being around cats and he recorded some bells with the kitten on his lap, but he also played football with the rabbit in the garden.

Christoffer's daughter Ingrid borrowed my big shoes and Christoffer´s guitar-she looks like candy! But her favourite instrument is the drums, but it´s not as interesting as horses.

Christoffer´s children finished this semester and their mother Ylva celebrated it with strawberry cake! And she came and gave me a piece too…!!!! The first strawberry cake for the summer :o) Jessica Nettelbladt who makes a documentary about female musicians of which I am one, was here that day and together with her, the cake tasted even better!

Now one week has passed since the recording was finished… And Christoffer is mixing it right now, he will be finished any minute now! And I feel so strange, one week apart from the music feels like one year! I miss it, and I can´t wait til an envelope with the mixes fall down from the hole in the door! Then I will take my bike to the beach and lie there listening over and over again :o) I remember the latest Sandy Mouche record, we did that and it was such a fantastic feeling! When you have been writing and writing and singing and singing and waiting and waiting, and finally- there it is! Now I just hope that the release date won´t be too delayed. It was said to be released this fall- let´s see what the record company has to say after they´ve heard the recording.

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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