29 Jun 2008

Sandy Mouche, kept on ice (II): Helena, Martin and Chris are ... "Sommardis"

Martinique from Sandy Mouche, pianist Christoffer Andersson and Helena Josefsson have started a new project - "Sommardis" (= Summer Haze ). The repertoire goes from Taube to Metallica, with classic duets and even some samples of their own original music.

The project was started because there are many beautiful songs Martinique and Helena would like to sing, but never got the chance to, and they wish to sing in the helpful acoustics and atmosphere of a church.

Christoffer Andersson (aka Chris the Triss) is a pianist and keyboards-player from Malmö, Sweden. He is a good poker friend of Martinique Josefsson and has been playing, touring and recording with Sandy Mouche since 2005. After the "... and poems for the unborn" 2006 Tour, he has played with Martinique and Helena as Sandy Mouche in Paris. He has also been playing with Helena Josefsson's solo band and with MaryJet (Mariette Hansson's band).

Today they played in a church in Kärvlinge. If you are in Sweden this summer, don't hesitate to visit these churches.

Korsbackakyrkan 29th June2008
Barsebäcks kyrka, 19th August 2008

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