19 Mar 2008

2008 World According to P, C & C (III): Junk Musik web, deleted? - The World gets updated

In the spring of 2005, a new records company was created in Sweden. The members of the project were well-known by LJdM: Christoffer Lundquist, David Birde, Jens Jansson (Brainpool), Magnus Börjeson and Anders Mildner (Beagle). Junk Musik released digital music for 2 years with at least some success. We also enjoyed the blog of Anders (with some articles from the others).

Exactly one year ago (on March 19th, 2007), Anders Mildner gave up the blog and the company. Le Journal des Mouches decided to compilate many articles from this marvelous blog. One year later, the blog and almost all the Junk Musik website have been deleted.

What about Brainpool? Metro Jets? Mom & Dad? AGM? We have no news about the "Junkies" but we missed them every day.

Meanwhile, Per Gessle has been working in the new edition of The World according to Gessle, the first album with the P, C & C team (Per, Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist. Read about it.

Just came home from a swell mastering afternoon at Cutting Room. To my surprise EMI have managed to locate the rejected Battery studios-mixes, made by Michael Ilbert in London in December 1996. Can hardly remember this…. but… I recall that Michael was very ill with a bad stomach throughout the week and I thought the studio was way too far away from my hotel in the posh areas so I didn't pay attention that much….. anyway… as you might know we only used the "There is my baby"-mix on the record. However, listening to the Battery mixes today both Clarence and I found them superior to the Mono Studio-mixes (made in January 1997) that we did use on the album… so…. we decided to change for this re-release. Which means you'll get "new" mixes on three tracks; "Elvis in Germany", "I'll be alright" & "T-t-t-take it!". Surprise.

This is the story about my record-companies:

I have two publishing companies: JIMMY FUN MUSIC & HIP HAPPY. SHOCK THE MUSIC is a publishing company owned by Marie Fredriksson.

INHOUSE MUSIC was EMI Sweden’s publishing company, nowadays it is merged into the big balloon called EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING.

MUSIC FOR MONEY has never been a publishing company (a publishing company owns the rights to the songs, not to the actual recordings!!!). MUSIC FOR MONEY has changed name and become ELEVATOR ENTERTAINMENT and owns for instance the master tapes (the recordings) of Mazarin and Finn 5 fel! and Son of a Plumber and The World According to... and En händig man and Helena Josefsson’s first solo album etc. etc. EMI has licensed these rights to be able to release the records officially.

GESSLE MUSIC was a publishing company but it doesn’t exist any more. All these songs (for instance Gå & fiska!) are nowadays published by JIMMY FUN.

ROXETTE RECORDINGS, owned jointly by Marie & myself, is a company who controls the rights to Roxette’s master tapes & recordings. EMI (and other record companies) license these rights to release the records and downloads.

FUNDAMENTAL couldn’t be called FUNDAMENTAL because there’s an English record company called just that (I wasn’t aware of this in time for printing the sleeve or creating the sperm logo...). FUNDAMENTAL became GESSLE RECORDS which doesn’t exist anymore. Nowadays these rights belong to ELEVATOR.

ROXETTE PRODUCTIONS is responsible for tours, merchandise etc.

HAPPY ACCIDENT was another publishing company (R.I.P.). Its catalogue is now controlled by the ever glowing JIMMY FUN.
TOM BONE is a publishing company partly owned by me. TB works with other artists, The Sounds etc and is run by small town genius Lars Ewald. Check out their thrilling website.

That’s the deal.

Another day, another record!

Spent the afternoon, sipping coffee and eating English muffins at Cutting Room meanwhile mastering the demo-CD. What does it sound like, someone asked on the bus? Well, it sounds like… hmmm… like a demo-CD!

We’ve managed to squeeze in three additional tracks so now the entire album can be enjoyed in its early glory! This is the final running order:

The Demos according to Gessle

1. There is my baby (June 27, 1994)
2. I’ll be alright (July 16, 1994)
3. June afternoon (July 17, 1994)
4. Writer (July 17, 1994)
5. T-t-t-take it! (Sep 12, 1994)
6. Elvis in Germany (Nov 2, 1994)
7. Every day outside my window (Dec 28, 1995)
8. Love doesn’t live here (Feb 25, 1996)
9. Detective Jones (Feb 29, 1996)
10. Beautiful things, terrible things (Apr 7, 1996)
11. Elvis in Deutschland (Apr 26, 1996)
12. Makin’ love to you (acoustic version) (June 9, 1996)
13. Lay down your arms (June 23, 1996)
14. Do you wanna be my baby? (Aug 12, 1996)
15. B-Any-1-U-Wanna-B (Oct 24, 1996)
16. Stupid (Oct 28, 1996)
17. Saturday (Nov 2, 1996)
18. Wish you the best (Nov 3, 1996)
19. I want you to know (Dec 28, 1996)
20. Kix (Jan 2, 1997)

Cheers, P.

Update: technical issues (the damn record is too long!!!) we have had to delete the kix (lovely pair remix) from the cd… shit happens. you'll have to do the twist to reporter instead!

Per Gessle


Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

It was one of my favourite websites. I felt sad when I deleted the link in LJdM.

Anonymous said...

The web with the old posts is online again but there is nothing new there.

Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

The Junkies' web has finally died ... :(